The new form of the enemy

1548 Words

Angelica speaks up,'' No matter what it is like we have to kill it or else others will be in danger. We are the only ones who can save the others. We have the resistance to it.'' '' Don't be a fool, this is not like the ones we have seen in the reports. The norms here are different; We don't know whether we can kill it the same way that we want to, Why can't you understand that ?'' yelled Daniel. '' Then do you know how will we be able to do that?'' asked Enoch over the call. '' Answer Daniel.'' After a moment of a long pause, he replied, '' All of you should stop relying on me, I am no genius whom you can rely on.'' '' Professor how do we kill it? This has grown in size?'' Dina asked with her crying voice. She was about to break out in tears now. Professor remained silent. '' Prof

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