The new form of the enemy

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Angelica speaks up,'' No matter what it is like we have to kill it or else others will be in danger. We are the only ones who can save the others. We have the resistance to it.'' '' Don't be a fool, this is not like the ones we have seen in the reports. The norms here are different; We don't know whether we can kill it the same way that we want to, Why can't you understand that ?'' yelled Daniel. '' Then do you know how will we be able to do that?'' asked Enoch over the call. '' Answer Daniel.'' After a moment of a long pause, he replied, '' All of you should stop relying on me, I am no genius whom you can rely on.'' '' Professor how do we kill it? This has grown in size?'' Dina asked with her crying voice. She was about to break out in tears now. Professor remained silent. '' Professor?'' Nora called walking up to his side. '' Please make something up, please. I don't know how we can defeat this thing. I am truly helpless now,'' he confessed. '' If he can't help then we have to take this up ourselves friends,'' Azrael said. '' Az, can you defeat it ?'' Gabriel. '' Yes we can try at least nothing more than that,'' he asserts. '' I agree with him we tried so hard to defeat them but now they have become one. If we put out strength together we may be able to defeat them right?'' suggests Ariel. '' I agree with her,'' replied Raphael. '' You all, I agree with you too,'' Cannon said. '' Me too,'' said Seraphina. '' Then attack it together shall we?'' Cassiel asked. '' Yeah,'' they shout as they all fly towards that Norm. They surround the norm then attack it from all different directions. Seeing that Angelica said, '' Don't you think that we should join them too?''. '' They are doing futile things they can't kill it like this, '' he replied as he watched them doing those futile things. '' It won't hurt if we help them right?'' she suggested. '' Fine then don't tell me what happens afterward then,'' he lets out a sigh saying that. '' I won't,''. '' You sure know how to make everyone agree with your decision,'' he remarks flying over to the big norm there. All of them try to hurt it from other different directions. Team one comes in front of it as it looks at them with all the eyes in its body. '' Don't worry you can't eat us up as we don't taste good just like your friends,'' Daniel comments at the norm. '' Don't gobble us down,'' Angelica warned it. '' Try to hold it down into the ground I will slice it up nicely enough for us to eat it,'' Daniel said over the call. '' I don't like norm meat though, '' complained Dina. '' But I will eat it for one day.'' '' Slay it I want to play with its intestines,'' said Michael playfully. '' Me too,''. Hearing all of that comments the norm gets afraid as he moves his eyes wandering around them here and there. '' You can hear us can't you?'' Daniel asked the norm. '' If you can understand our language then you can understand that we are going to kill you now. To move from here or else we will eat you up as our meal,'' he pointed the sword at the norm. '' Yeah,'' Angelica added. '' It can understand our language too??'' Chris asked. '' Don't know must be the new skill they have learned all these years of staying here,'' replied Ernest looking at the screen. Daniel got no reply to his question. He became irritated and said,'' If you are not going to answer then I should chop you up for real good.'' He hops over it then slices it up from all the other directions. He slew it into more than thirty pieces. '' Now kill them or else they will regenerate again,'' Daniel said to them. Daniel looks for the core of it inside the head of it. With its eyes, it was looking at Daniel intently. '' Stop looking at me like that,'' Daniel yelled poking theirs with his sword. Blood was starting to drip from there or it looked like blood but it was green. '' Use the special technique of it, this can send electrical waves down the head,'' said Ernest as he looked at the screen. '' Which one?'' Angelica asked. '' Use the switch in the rear hatch it can give you the permission to use the special skill of the sword in it,'' replied Chris. '' Noted,'' Daniel replied. '' Here it is,'' Angelica said pressing the button. '' Go for it,'' shouts Daniel as the sword is filled with electricity now. He used it to s***h the head of the norm into two different parts. They were finally able to see the core there. They took it away from the head. But what happened after it was that all the remaining pieces gathered themselves again to survive this time into a more different being more of like their Angels but it looked like an insect with horns and arms. Angelica and Daniel stepped away from there with the crystal in it. The norm was looking at its core. '' Give it back to me,'' the norm says. '' Give it back or die, '' he said again. '' Hey, is it trying to say something? can you understand?'' Angelica asked Daniel. '' It's saying if we don't give back the core then it will kill us,'' replied Daniel looking at the norm intently. '' It's going to kill us? how? We took the core it's supposed to die right?'' Angelica was not so wrong after all but it's the fault of the enemy that the fight was becoming nonsensical. '' Professor the norm is not dying even though we took the core how's that supposed to happen?'' asked Chris to the professor. '' I can't understand wait can you tell me how many minutes has it been since the core has been retracted ?'' asked the professor. '' Wait, I will tell you about it,'' Nora said going over to the help desk. '' It's been over five minutes since the core has been extracted. Ten seconds now'' replied Nora. '' Keep track of the time I will tell you to stop,'' he commands. '' Daniel team one here?'' '' Yes, professor, what is it ?'' asked Angelica. '' Keep the core away and make it exhausted then you might be able to kill it. It may die on its own if it's left alone, '' said the professor. '' Are you sure about it? how much time should we keep it tired?'' Daniel asked. '' Around ten to twenty minutes, that will be the best,'' said the professor. '' Alright, everyone we have to make it exhausted it will die on its own. So anyone holds onto the core, we will beat it up,'' Daniel said over the mic. '' Got it,'' they replied. '' I will hold the core,'' Seraphina said. Team one gave the core to team seven. '' We will attack all together then it won't be able to moe so much,'' Daniel commands. '' Alright,'' said others. All of them attack together. '' Die away,'' Daniel yelled along with Angelica. With the joint forces of the Angels, they managed to hold it down. Team seven watched as they held the core in their hands. '' Hey, can you feel it?'' Seraphina asked. '' Feel what?'' asked Abel. '' It's beating like a heart, is there a living person inside?'' asked Seraphina. '' That's not possible, there's no living person inside, it's nothing but a core,'' replied Abel laughing off the matter. '' But it's the core or the soul of the norm. It may be, that's why it's feeling like a heart,'' Seraphina asserts. '' Everyone, give it your best, we have to defeat it no matter what,'' said Daniel to encourage others about it. They used all of their strength to hold it down. Then Daniel used his sword to tear it apart into some pieces. All of them tried to hold it down. After that the huge body of the norm was starting to die out one by one. It was dissolving into the air as if there's no life in it. '' How many minutes has it been?'' asked Ernest to Nora. '' Around fifty minutes, '' replied Nora. '' Is the core alive?'' Ernest asked Team seven.'' It's alive and fine in our hands,'' Abel replied. '' We won,'' said Cassiel. '' We won we won,'' yelled Dina. Daniel lets out a sigh of relief. '' We won,'' Angelica hugged him saying that. '' No we hadn't yet,'' said Cain. Cause they saw that the hands were still moving. Ariel used the laser to put it down. '' Everyone collect the particles that's the mission you have now,'' commands Ernest to them. '' If you collect them we can use them for research.''
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