The victory after the hard work

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'' How will we collect them?'' asked Dina. '' They are looking so creepy.'' '' Yeah I also think so too,'' Michael agreed. '' So do I, '' Cannon replied. '' Use your hatch in the backside there's a place to store things,'' Nora replied.

Then they gathered all the particles there along with the core. Daniel looked at the sky through the Angel. '' It's so blue and beautiful,'' he thoughts. '' What are you thinking?'' Angelica asked. '' Can't you see this scenery that we don't see usually? This is so much beautiful, '' he comments.

'' True,'' she also looks at the sky. '' This has been here all along but we hadn't seen it or noticed it.'' '' Even such trivial things give us pleasure huh?'' he said. '' I like even these small things,'' said Angelica hugging him from the back.

'' We hadn't seen the humans or humanity so we are the only ones on this earth,'' he crouches down to touch the soil. '' This is the place where plants grow. Why do we live underground when we have such a great place to live?'' Angelica asked.

'' That's because the norms may come attacking us anytime that's why we have to live like this,'' replied Daniel. '' But they are attacking us underground too then?''. '' Why are you bothering about these things? Do your work,'' said Dina over the call.

'' Yes yes we are doing it,'' replied Daniel. All the other kids carried the remaining parts of that big Norm. They went underground again.

"If I may want to live on the surface rather than underground," Angelica said to Daniel.

"Me too I guess everyone wants to but we can't do it unless the professors want it, won't stay here until it's not safe to stay so. We have to make use of all the things that we learned today to go forward in life. That's the thing that the norm had taught us as we are too green," Daniel explained to her.

"We won't be able to survive all the time with luck only. I know that we have to be strong enough so that we won't have to rely on luck. Luck won't always favor us. We have to grow even stronger and experienced in battles so they won't be able to kill us," she said.

"Guess you can understand what I am saying. By the way, I forgot to say it in all of this though," he was scratching the back of his head hesitating about something.

Angelica was able to understand that he wants to say something."What is it ?" she asked facing him.

"Well, it's our birthday so I want to wish you. Happy birthday," he said with flushed cheeks. She smiles back at him. "Happy birthday too," she wished him back.

"Come to think of it since when has he been so caring? He was trying to cheer me up wasn't he?" she thought blushing to herself. "Oh, Daniel you are so funny."

When they reached downstairs the one who gets out of the Angel was none other than Dina and Michael.

"I was about to suffocate if I stayed there any moment," She comments as she lands onto the ground with the help of Michael." You should watch out or you will trip,'' he warned her.

''No, I won't-" but she could not hold her balance as she had a cramp in the other leg so she was about to trio but then Michael held her down.

"Listen to what I say it's for your good," he asserts. "Alright," she nodded.

Ernest and others were waiting for them."Good work you all," he said to them. "Congrats on your first ever victory won together. I bet you must be shocked right?" asked Chris walking from the other side.

"We are happy," Ariel replied. "I am stinking of that Norm-like smell why did you let us collect that?"

"I need to have a bath quickly or else I won't be able to stand it any further now," Ariel whined. "You can't go anywhere until the physical check-up so head towards the lab. Nora prepare the dose," Ernest commands to her.

Nora nodded and went away. "I am going to take a rest in my room," said Daniel leaving towards his room.

"Wait Where are you going now?"Chris asked as she held the back of his suit dragging him in his original position.

"To my room what else?". "Didn't you hear what others said?" she said gritting her teeth.

"Nah I am too tired to take that injection again today leave me out of this," Daniel insisted as he was about to leave.

"You are not going anywhere," Angelica said standing in his way.

"What should we do about the core?" asked Seraphina getting out of the Angel. "Keep it Where it is we will remove the core along with the remaining parts too," Ernest replied.

'' Let me go I don't want to take injections,'' Daniel yelled. '' We have to take it you can't complain,'' Angelica replied. '' No, why's this happening with me?'' he yelled out of frustration.

Then others had to go through check-ups. After examining Ernest said, '' You need to take the injections to resist the assimilation phenomenon. Come by one by one first the girls.'' Then one by one they took the injections.

'' Hey, Gab, come here,'' Azrael called her. Gabriel looked at him and walked towards him to the corner of the room. He grabbed her hand. ''Hey, what are you?'' he pressed her in the wall there. '' Your eyes are looking serious what's wrong?'' she asked, feeling her heart skip a beat.

He touched her face on the head. '' What are-''. She closed her eyes thinking that he was about to kiss her. '' There was a wound on your head, right? It seems to be all healed now,'' he pointed out. She opened her eyes in response.

'' Ah that wound, yes it was there but it's not there anymore,'' she replied. '' How's this possible?''. '' Even I want to know, is this part of our ability?'' he murmured. But the way they were standing from other people's view it looked like they were kissing.

Dina and Ariel were the first ones who saw them like that. They were peeking from the other direction at them. '' What do you think they are doing there?'' Dina asked Ariel with her flushed cheeks all bright red.

'' It seems like they are kissing. I have read it in one book, this is called kissing from lip to lip,'' explained Ariel her cheeks were blushing red too. '' Lip to..'' Dina touched her lips in response. '' If I did this with Michael...'' she was imagining something.

'' Well, there's no way that Raphael will do...or..he....'' Ariel was fantasizing on her own too. ''Oh no, what am I thinking there's no way that he will do this. What are we all thinking? I need to get these thoughts out of my mind,'' she thought.

It was at that moment Chris came looking for them. '' Hey, kids what are you-'' her leg cramped as she cried out in pain making Ariel and Dina looking in her direction. '' What's wrong Chris?'' Dina asked running to her aid.

'' My leg, you come inside your time to take the injections,'' she said as Ariel helped her to sit down. In a while, Azrael and Gabriel came inside. All of them took their injections only Daniel was the last one left.

It was around afternoon now. Daniel always hated taking these things so is he today. '' Hurry up I don't like the pain,'' he said to Ernest as he closed his eyes in response. '' This is for your good, tell me if there are any side effects,'' Ernest said. '' Good luck on your first battle like this you will have to win many more battles for our sake and for your sake too.''

'' I will continue to fight for our survival. For all of our survival, l it doesn't sound easy but still, I will do it. I am a coward but I can be courageous enough for you all,'' he stated with a smile. '' I have faith in you, I think of all of you just like our own children. I had seen you grow up, you are more than my children to me. It pains me to send all of you kids to protect us adults but That's the choice we are left with. Forgive me, '' Ernest said placing his hand on his shoulder.

'' I think of it as my duty so I don't mind,'' said Daniel. '' Happy birthday I could not manage to say that back then in the morning. We should all celebrate the first victory right? Let's go out with all the gifts and foods then,'' Ernest said loudly.

'' What? Are we doing a party?'' Dina asked from behind the curtains. '' Yes, we are today's celebration. We have to celebrate,'' said Ernest making them feel so hyper about it. '' Yay today's the birthday party, we must celebrate,'' yelled Michael.

'' We will all gather at the Garden of Eden in the evening and have fun and enjoyment together,'' Nora said arriving there. '' You must take care of the decorations then can you all do it?''.

'' Of course,'' Gabriel added seeming all pumped up about it. Azrael seemed happy about it too but the cloud of worry was clouding over his mind because of something. He was not able to tell others about it.

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