Birthday celebrations

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All Throughout the afternoon they arranged and decorated the whole Garden of Eden. The aunties who cook for them usually is preparing a huge feast for them. All of them were happy about it. After all that exhaustion they went to take some rest in the evening in the living room. At this time Angelica and Daniel were watering the plants outside. The one watering was only Angelica and Daniel was reading his book there. ''Hey, help me out a little here,'' she said to the boy beside her reading something intensely. '' I don't feel like doing that boring work don't force me this, I will rather read a book than doing that,'' he complained as he was doing what he wanted to. '' Man you lazy bum it doesn't hurt to help me out right?'' she yelled making the hose water in his direction. '' Hey I am getting wet don't tell me to do that, See even my book is a little bit wet too. What will you do about it huh?'' he asked her. '' It was you who brought this upon yourself not me, ''she said as she was giggling. '' Why you, now I am mad,'' he said as he took the hose away from her. '' Now take this,'' he said, as he was making the water go in her direction. '' Hey stop with this, don't do this,'' she yelled. But at this time both of them were a little bit wet. Daniel's book was now lying on the ground there. '' Hey, I am getting wet,'' Angelica called out. '' You made me wet too you deserve this,'' he said. '' I am taking my revenge no matter what.'' '' Take this,'' he yelled. '' Hey my hair is all wet don't do this,'' she yelled out as her whole dress was now wet making her inner clothes all visible now. '' My cloth is wet too,'' he said looking at his clothes. Meanwhile, listening to their shouts and laughter the other people who were now sleeping woke up. They were all looking in their direction peeking from the corner. '' What are they doing there? '' asked Dina with curious eyes. '' Seems fun,'' Ariel added. '' What are you girls doing here?'' Enoch asked them. '' What are you doing here Enoch?'' Michael asked him. '' I am here to watch over them,'' replied Enoch. ''Will you shut up? let, I see a little,'' Cassiel said as she was trying to keep watch on them. Raphael at this time noticed the book that was there lying on the ground. '' Hey, don't push let me see,'' said Cain. '' Don't do this,'' Ariel said. Seraphina came and saw them standing at the corner peeping at someone. '' What are you all doing?'' she asked loudly. When she looked she saw Daniel and Angelica there playing with water. '' What are you both doing?'' asked She walking towards them. Abel followed behind her. '' Nothing that much,'' replied Angelica feeling self-conscious about it. '' You will catch a cold like that though,'' she comments pointing towards Daniel. '' Ah, hmm yes I will go changing right away,'' replied Daniel. Then they saw that others were standing there blocking the way. '' What are you people doing here?'' Angelica asked them. '' What? We ? nothing we just came out to see the source of the noise,'' replied Dina.''Right, Ariel?''. Ariel nodded back at her. '' Now you should get going inside and get changed, that's for the best,'' Azrael comments beside them. Angelica and Daniel go past them. '' Seriously, Seraphina, you know how to ruin the mood,'' comments Dina. '' For good's sake,'' Cannon sighs. '' I am leaving party pooper,'' Cassiel said to her. '' Why everyone thinks that it's our fault every time?''Seraphina grunts. '' Not our, it should be your,'' added Abel turning away from there. '' That guy....'' she grits her teeth. All among this Raphael had taken away that book there to his room without anyone noticing. After that, was finally evening now. They had changed into some good attire for themselves. Then all the scientists there start arriving one by one. The last one to arrive is none other than Ernest and Chris following behind Steven and Nora. '' Welcome professor,'' said Cain greeting them. '' Thank you, where's the party start?'' '' They're in the middle,'' Cain pointed at the crowd there. They went to Angelica and Daniel who had dressed as the main star of the party. Angelica was wearing a pretty red dress this made Seraphina very much jealous of her. Then Ernest gave them the gifts he brought for them both. '' Happy birthday once again,'' said Ernest and Nora together. '' Thank you,'' Angelica said. Daniel hugs Ernest in response. '' Open the boxes,'' Chris said to them. '' What's in there?'' Daniel asked. Ernest smiled at him. Angelica opened hers and he the one Chris gave. There were some seeds and some more books for Daniel. '' I am so happy,'' said Daniel dancing around in joy. '' Are these for me?'' Angelica asked. '' Yes, we managed to find these flower seeds while researching. I bet you will be able to grow them in less sun and less water,'' she said patting her on the head. '' I guess they are the only ones who can get happy with these things,'' Ariel looked at them in wonder. '' True I agree with you,'' added Cain. ''They are a weird pair,'' Michael said with a smile of sympathy. '' They can get happiness even from these little things, that's great,' remarks Abel walking towards them. '' Where is your partner?'' asked Enoch referring to Seraphina. '' She's living in her world, she doesn't need me. Joking she's there enjoying the foods on her own,'' replied Abel pointing in her direction. Seraphina was eating by herself. '' Guess she's a glutton just like me,'' asserts Cain. '' You should not eat too much you can't handle it,'' added Cassiel tugging onto his sleeves. '' Let's dance,'' Enoch said to Cannon taking her hand in there. They were moving without any song or rhythm. Seeing them others were doing the same. '' Guess we all needed this dance and enjoyment to get over the loss of our beloved ones,'' Ernest comments looking at the young people dancing by themselves. '' Then we should do it too,'' Chris said taking his hand. '' May I have this dance?'' Steven managed to say those words to Nora who was standing there by the corner on her own. '' Of course,'' she replied taking his hand. Seeing others, Daniel said to Angelica too,'' Would you...'' he looked at her then moved closer to her. '' Would you, want to dance with me?'' he asked her. '' What? Did you say something? '' she asked turning to him. He took her by the hand and was dancing with her without her permission. She was surprised to see this stubborn Daniel. She looked at him in awe as they were dancing. ''May, I have your attention?'' said a woman among the crowd. '' I am a scientist here, I had been working there for more than ten years. So during the apocalypse, I have lost my family. So there is a song That I had prepared for them. I want all of you to listen to it,'' All of them stopped their dance and looked in her direction. '' May the wind may speak, delivering this song to you, These feelings in my heart I want to reach you, hope I will be able to reach you someday, But you are gone now and lost forever, But I will try my best to reach the place where you are. Till then goodbye and goodnight may you be able to meet the god whom you wanted to meet all along,..'' like that the woman bursts out crying saying that. Then Chris pats her on the back to console her. '' I have lost my family here so did others. I hope as long as you kids are here no one will lose their families anymore, you are the beacon of hope for us,'' said the woman while sobbing. '' Forgive me I am crying on such a happy day but I can't control myself you see. Whenever I recall their faces I can't...''. '' Now now we all are missing our dear ones. But you should try to control yourself,'' said Chris. '' Hey, pa professor who's the God that she was speaking about in her song?'' asked Dina out of plain curiosity '' That's the one whom we revere and pray to when we need any help. He helps us in everything, that's the belief and faith of us humans,'' replied Ernest patting her on her head. '' Where does he live'' asked Enoch. '' That' the heaven,'' he replied. '' Heaven? Where's that?'' Azrael surrounding Ernest. '' That's in the place above our heads, that's all I know,'' asserts Ernest for running his mouth without thinking. '' How can any human live there without any food or water? Or without any kind of Oxygen? Is her human? I don't believe so,'' comments Azrael. '' He's not a human he's ga od. He doesn't need anything to live. You kids don't have any imagination at all, '' Ernest lets out a sign saying that. '' Professor, they are the kids of this century they believe in science rather than god whom they haven't seen yet. Stop trying to make them believe in God he doesn't exist,'' Nora comments. '' If he had existed then we didn't have to create these kids to save us. If he had existed then we could not have lost so many people, he's a fraud.'' Nora bursts out crying also. Steven consoles her. '' Now now don't cry, you have cried enough,'' said Steven. '' Why's everyone crying? I don't like this at all,'' said Angelica, she was on the verge of crying now. '' Now will you stop crying too? I can't stand this at all,'' yelled Daniel. '' At this rate, I will cry too.'' '' What? '' Everyone starts laughing hearing that. '' Hey, I want to sing too,'' said Dina attracting all of their attention. ''Can you sing?'' asked Michael walking beside her. '' Yes I will try to make up the lyrics,'' said Dina taking a deep breath. Everyone was looking at her with expectation. '' Tasty jelly, tasty rice, we will all enjoy together eating. I love the one that's an omelet with meat, the only thing that I haven't eaten is fish, wish I will be able to eat them too~....'' Hearing that everyone was laughing their hearts off. '' I am in love with your recipe,'' remarks Cannon. '' It's the best.'' '' Why's everyone laughing? This is not a joke this is a song that I made myself. Why's everyone laughing?'' yelled Dina bursting out crying. After that, they were eating. Raphael seemed too much preoccupied with himself. Ariel placed her hand on his shoulder from behind. This surprised him. '' What are you doing?'' she asked him. He looked at him with flushed cheeks. He was eating the little meat on his plate. '' Are you enjoying your meal?'' she asked glaring at him. '' Yes, You should eat too,'' he said. '' Yes I will,'' saying this she took a bite of the meat in his hands. While munching down she said,'' It's good to give me another one.'' Like that he was giving her all the food but he could not continue looking at her face. He runs away from there hiding behind Enoch. '' What's wrong with you?'' Ariel asked. '' He's acting weird a little.'' After that, they all went to sleep. They were now back to their party. All the girls gathered in the room of Dina as Daniel's room was filled with the boys there. In the girl's room, they were chatting up. Angelica was talking about the seeds then Ariel comments,'' You and Daniel seem to have grown close to each other. I am envious of you.'' food but Angelica was blushing red now hearing that.
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