Stuck with each other

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'' Isn't Michael the same?'' asked Ariel looking at her face. '' Well,....'' Dina was blushing a little. ''Well, he's caring a lot, that's the good thing about him,'' she said. '' What about you all? How're your partners like?'' asked Ariel looking at them. They looked at each other's faces. Then Gabriel said, '' Azrael is kind and helpful and sometimes serious also,'' she asserts. Ariel was looking at Angelica who was looking down at her hands. '' Ah, I am so tired I want to sleep. Let's go to sleep,'' Cassiel said lying down on the bed. '' I want to sleep too,'' Cannon said. '' But we were going to party right? Talk all the night then?'' Cassiel said. '' Come on we had lots of fun in the evening. Let's go to sleep,'' said Seraphina. '' Yeah I think so too,'' said Ariel. '' I will prepare beds for all of you then,'' Dina said. '' Yeah please,'' said Dina. '' I will help you out,'' said Angelica. Then they all went to sleep. But Angelica was the only one who could not sleep. She didn't felt like sleeping without Daniel after all she's used to having him around that she can't sleep without him. She was tossing back in forth on the bed. Then she decided to get up then walk out of the room. At this time, the boys were also gossiping among themselves. Daniel was lying on the bed reading his book as others were talking. '' Why are you Daniel leaving us out and reading by yourself?'' asked Michael as she was sitting on the chair. '' I don't feel like joining you,'' he grunts. '' Come on he's too boring,'' said Enoch sitting on the ground. '' Don't call me boring I am interested too,'' Daniel shouts getting up on the bed. '' We know how much interesting you are. You read so many interesting books, ''Raphael comments. '' What do you mean?''. '' I mean this,'' Raphael said bringing out the book underneath his clothes. '' Is this your book Daniel?'' asked Cain out of excitement. Daniel looks closely and realized. '' Yeah how do you have this?'' he asked trying to reach his hand. '' I took this during the evening when you were enjoying playing with water. You left it there and forgot about it,'' explained Raphael as if he has done a proud deed. '' How can you take that book without telling me about it? Give it back,'' Daniel said trying to take that away from him. '' No, you can't have it until you tell them what this book contains. I was not able to understand what it was saying, '' said Raphael with a pout. Daniel gave him a dumbfound look back at him. He was not able to understand what was written there? Well, that's common as no one explained this to him before. '' Why do I have to explain about it to them?'' asked Daniel looking at their faces. '' Cain and Abel help me.'' Abel looked away from him. Cain was sitting beside him. All of them were pressing him to say something. Daniel had to give up now. '' Fine I will tell you, but I don't want to read them myself. One of you read it then I will explain,'' said Daniel. '' Then I may read it as I had this with me for a while,'' Raphael said taking the book in his hands. Then he started reading the book out loud in front of others. '' The way he held me by the hand, then brought our bodies closer to each other. I felt just as if something was ripping me apart from my insides,...'' '' What is it saying?'' asked Enoch. Daniel tried to explain. As he was saying that Angelica was coming towards his room. She stands in front of the door and noticed all the lights and all. She decided to knock at the door. When they heard the noise they were shocked. '' Are you awake?'' she called from behind the door. Daniel gets up and opened the door for her. He looked at her she looked puzzled or something. '' What's wrong? Is there anything you need now?'' he asked. '' No, it's just...'' she averts her gaze away from him. He was able to somehow understand what was wrong with her. '' Everyone you all go back to sleep. I will be back in a while, '' said Daniel closing the door behind them. '' Let's take a little walk shall we?'' he suggested for her. She nodded then they started walking inside the Garden of Eden. They went to the living room he went inside the kitchen to bring juice or something for her. Then they both sit down on the couch beside each other. She took a sip. Then he speaks up, '' What are you girls doing there? Are they still talking ?'' asked Daniel. '' No, they already went back to sleep. They must be tired so they went to sleep,'' she replied lifting her face downwards. '' I see,'' he replied taking a sip. Then they were silent for a while then they glance at each other and blush a little. '' I don't know what to say now, We were talking about such things and now she came. I can't face her seriously,'' he thoughts inside his mind. His face palms letting out a sigh. '' Whenever I think about that scene and now if I face her I feel like....No I have to control myself. I can't let it control me like this. Need to think about something else other than that,'' he thought. Then she comes closer to him then holds his hands. He was alarmed now. He looks at her she had flushed cheeks. '' Weren't you going to sleep like them? Aren' tired?'' he stuttered. '' Yes I am but I ....could not sleep without you. I mean we used to sleep together. But now I could not sleep with them. I mean something felt odd about it that's why.....I came to look for you..'' she explained. '' Did I disturbed you or something?'' she asked. '' Then I am sorry.'' '' No, it's alright I was just talking about the books I got today with them nothing else. But I guess we should go to sleep I mean it's late. Don't we have to practice tomorrow?'' he suggested. '' I was trying to forget about that,'' she stated. His eyes went wide. '' Why did she say that?'' he thought. When she kept holding onto him he could feel that she was shaking a lot. Trembling in fear she was gripping his hands tightly. '' What's wrong?'' he asked her. '' Whenever I think about the fight earlier with the Norms I get afraid. The way it held onto us I feel like it's coming to choke me to death. Whenever I think about it, I get afraid. I feel so afraid that I feel like hiding away in some other place. But whenever you are with me, I feel courage overflowing within me. That's why I feel peaceful. Will you stay with me always?'' she pleads. '' Of course, I don't mind staying with you. I also feel better whenever I am with you. Maybe we both feel at peace with each other,'' he pats her on the head to calm her down. '' You should stay closer to me then I will be able to fall asleep. Stay by my side till then,'' she begs. When he looks at her he could not refuse her. '' Fine,'' he replied. He was able to understand that she needed some sort of support now. He lies her down on the couch and sleeps beside her. She holds onto her then she closed her eyes. '' Goodnight Daniel, '' she said. '' Goodnight, Angelica,'' saying this he kissed the top of her forehead. She fell asleep in no time but he could not sleep. '' Here I was acting all and mighty but now what to do? The way she's holding onto me like this is uncomfortable for me. I can feel something growing there. What should I do now? I can't leave her can I?'' he tries to get But she was not leaving him now. '' Great I can't get away also. What should I do now?'' he thought. '' I should calm down my mind and try to distract it into some other place, yes I should think about Norms, the norm we fought. I should think about some battle strategies,'' while thinking about it he also fell asleep. But in the morning she woke up before him. Opening her eyes she saw him sleeping there in front of her. But what she felt after it was something pressing between her legs. She could not understand what it was. Then she looked down to see him there. Her cheeks were burning red now to see that. '' Daniel.....he' am I imagining?'' she thought trying to get away from his grab. But she was not able to do that because he was gripping her tightly so that her breasts were pressing onto his chest. She could feel the cold wind pass by her from the window across her. This made her whole body freeze up. As he was not leaving her then she also fell asleep. Then he woke up to see that something hard was pressing him on the chest. '' What is this soft feeling under something hard?'' he thought. He looks down at her face then he could see the place between her cleavage. This made him feel something. '' I need to leave now. I can't control myself any further she's grabbing me like that, '' but he was stuck there now. '' Why am I being tortured like this?'' he thought. Like that he also fell asleep. After that, all the other people got up and they all came downstairs to see that they were sleeping on the couch. Everyone gathered themselves there to see them. When they opened both of their eyes they saw them looking at them both. They were giggling by themselves. '' What's happening here?'' she asked them. They ignored them went back to their work. Daniel and Angelica both looked at each other. Then they get up. '' I am leaving for my room,'' he said leaving towards the room. '' Daniel,'' she called. '' Good morning.'' He glanced back at her. '' Good morning to you too,'' he leaves for his room. '' Hey, Angelica you were with us last night, right? When did you come here to sleep with Daniel?'' Dina asked while rubbing her eyes. '' I...don't recall myself...'' she replied leaving there. '' Eh? Did she ignored me or something?'' Dina thought. '' Dina we have to go practice brush up already,'' Michael said to her. '' Where were you yesterday?'' she asked him. '' Daniel's room why?''. '' What were you all doing there? Tell me about it?'' she insisted. '' don't need to know that,'' he blushed running away from there. All the boys there were now acting all strange. Ariel was the first one who suspected something. She was glaring at Raphael now. He was behaving even more suspicious which made her suspect him more than ever.
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