The intimidating fear

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After that, They were back to training again. All of them went back to the land of the Nod. They had to ride the Angels again. '' I know that you had too much fun last night. But you are back to training again today. So there won't be any training lacking in here I hope, '' Chris cleared this thing to them who were standing beside each other now. '' Where's my response?'' she asked crossing her arms in front of her chest. '' Yes Ma'am, '' Angelica replied. '' What about others?'' She asked again. '' Stop this already, yes yes,'' saying this Daniel walks out of there. Angelica runs after him. '' Loosen up, it's the first day only,'' said Dina patting her on the shoulder. They all head towards the Angels now. When they were inside the machine the hatch closed. When this happened, Ariel felt something when she held the controls. She recalled the scene when the Norms had attacked them. How they managed to escape on the verge of death. She recalled that some of the crystals were appearing on the machine and some onto her body. When she thought that she felt afraid of the dark. Raphael could feel that something was wrong with her. She was trembling in fear. '' Hey, what's wrong? what are you?'' he asked her but he could feel the same when he recalled all of that fighting he was also feeling fear. The same thing was happening with Dina. '' I can't do this, I can't there's no way I can....norm...norm's killing me eat up,'' she shouts. '' Hey, Dina calm down what's happening with you? Don't do this calm down,'' Michael tried to console her with words. '' I need to get out of here, I need to,'' Cannon also says the same she was panting. '' Is there anything wrong with you?'' Enoch asked. '' Azrael, stay with me I am feeling afraid,'' Gabriel said as she was looking at the screen. '' Cain are you fine?'' Cassiel asked. He was not alright he was sweating a lot in fear. Seraphina and Abel also had the same situation. '' What's wrong with you? Why aren't you starting up the engine?'' asked Nora to others. '' Wait, call them,'' said Ernest calling over the mic. '' Hey, can you hear me? Respond please,'' called Ernest to them. Then Daniel responds, '' I am not fine.'' '' I want to leave, I want to,'' yelled Dina. All of them were screaming. '' Professor what's happening to them? '' asked Nora. '' It seems to be what I had feared. The side effects of the battle have taken over their minds, This will take a while to recover. I wonder how will we deal with this,'' Ernest sighs saying that. All of a sudden. The alarm rings. '' Professor it's an enemy, it's heading towards the oxygen plant. It will reach there in five minutes after digging underground,'' reported the other scientist there. '' This may be the most difficult situation which we will be facing now. How many of them are there? '' Ernest asked. '' It seems to be a big one most probably a class S. And also with two other A or plus A A type norms. In total three of them.'' '' This seems like the big three how will we deal with this? '' Nora asked walking over to his side. Ernest remained silent. Then replied,'' Dispatch them onto the battlefield but before that let me talk with them.'' '' Call is ongoing,'' replied Chris. '' Keep watch on the enemy till then,'' he commands. Then he faced the screen. '' You can see me right?'' he asked others. '' Yes, we can,'' replied Angelica. '' Look at me everyone, I know that you are having a hard time now trying to pilot the Angels but don't worry I can understand your situation now. I have important news to give you,'' said Ernest. '' Try to calm down, the enemy has again come today and they are in three numbers. If you aren't able to fight against them then who will do it? You are the ones who can save us in this situation you can't become so weak.'' '' It's easy to say so, you are not the ones who are doing all the fighting,'' yelled Dina. '' Yes, we can't we are shameful adults who can't do anything. You kids have the power to save us. So taking over your fear can you fight against them and fight for us?'' Ernest pleads. '' But what if we did this time? If we don't manage to fight them off what will happen?'' shouts Gabriel. '' Don't be a fool,'' shouts Cain. '' We all are fighting knowing the result that we may die someday, then how can you talk about the risk now?'' yelled Daniel making them all shut up. '' He's right, I am also feeling afraid but we have to fight that's the only purpose of our life now. To save the one who needs help and to save them. We have to do it no matter what,'' stated Angelica through her shaking voice. '' She used up all of her courage to say that will you still stay like this?'' Daniel asked them. No one could say anything. '' Professor, the enemy's coming into our direction what should we do?'' asked Nora. He stayed silent too. System boot-up engine starting. Angel number 002 is starting up. Ready to move now. '' Dina?'' Angelica called. '' In truth, I am moved by your words so we will try our best on the battlefield,'' Michael said over the call. Angel 003, 004,005,006,007 all starting up engine. '' Everyone thanks you for this,'' said Angelica to them. '' Dispatch everyone it will reach the oxygen plant in some minutes,'' Nora warned them. '' Do your best everyone,'' Ernest said to them. '' Have faith we will win,'' Daniel said to encourage her. ''I have faith,'' she replied staring at the screen. All the Angels arrived in front of the Oxygen plant. '' Norm reaching the place in five seconds, four, three, two, one, zero, '' then the celling bursts open to reveal the group of three norms. Landing confirmed. Angelica's eyes went wider to see the one in the middle it was just like the big one from yesterday along with different types of both on its side. '' What is this thing? Is this the same one from yesterday?'' asked Dina staring at the enemy before her. '' Everyone, I should inform you. Your most important priority now is not to let the enemy take over the oxygen plant. Do it properly, If we lose this then none of us will be able to breathe and besides it is the researching facility we can't let it be attacked by any kind of Norm got it, Is that clear to you?'' Nora asked. '' Yes Ma'am,'' replied others. '' So divide your teams into parts so it will make it easier for you to fight and defend. The one in the middle is the S type, the other two are AA-plus meaning they are stronger than type A be careful about it,'' Ernest suggests. '' I will do it,'' Daniel said. '' Team one and team two will take care of the one in the middle. Team three and four and five will take care of the one plus A types. Then the remaining ones will attack the other. As long as we keep them busy even if we don't have someone to defend it will be alright,'' He suggests for them. '' What if one still manages to attack the oxygen plant?'' asked Azrael. '' Then the last team will defend it, let the other two attack the norm and let the last one defend it,'' Angelica says. '' Now scatter,'' shouts Daniel. When they head towards the enemy to attack it they stopped in the middle. It was because spotting them in their vision something was happening with their bodies. All of a sudden the big one turned into a human-like figure with hands and legs. It also had a face without real eyes or anything. It was still as big as the Angels though. The other two also went through the same thing. They turned into two other human-like figures but they were still the same norm as before. They smiled at them creepily. Daniel gulped then geared up shouting, '' Don't laugh at me.'' He hurled down on the enemy with his full strength. Then did the first counterattack. But his sword stopped in the midway. '' How's this possible? This thing?'' he thought as the enemy also produced the same weapon like him. Ernest was shocked to see that. Nora and other scientists could not believe what they were seeing now. '' How's this possible? They are using the knowledge and intelligence from the humans to copy them and use them as their own? Ernest could not comprehend what he was seeing. '' Are they also taking in intelligence along with the lifeforms? No wonder they managed to destroy more than half of humanity leaving us only in these, but if that's happening then they will have a hard time defeating that. They are trying to be human. To learn and make use of their battle strategies to win wars. This is not going to be good if they learn all of our tactics,'' he thoughts. '' Daniel did you see what they have turned into?'' Cain asked over the call. '' If we don't do anything then everyone's going to die in their hands, '' Dina cried out. '' They are becoming like us so they can rule the planet as their own. They will kill us,'' remarks Enoch. '' Shut up,'' yelled Daniel making them stop talking. The norm was also trying to understand what he was saying. '' If we panic before the enemy then they will take advantage of us. How can you do this? Don't let them find out that you fear them. Remember this coward die many times before their deaths. If you are a coward then you are fated to die,'' he snarled as he used the sword to attack the norm again and again. But it managed to get away most of the time. The norm produced one more sword to wield onto both of his hands to block the attack on Daniel. As a result, none of Daniel's attacks was going through. Then the Norm spoke up,'' Words.'' Daniel heard that as he could listen to their voices. '' Are you trying to learn our words too? Damn Norm,.'' he shouts attacking him with the sword several times but the Norm managed to block it again. '' Daniel what are you saying? It's trying to learn our words?'' Angelica heard. '' As you heard it's learning our language understanding what we are trying to say,'' Daniel replied. '' What? this thing?'' Angelica was watching the norm closely how it was smiling at them. '' This is more beyond what you can call creepy,'' she asserts. '' No more than that also persistent,'' replied Daniel. '' Let's help them,'' said Michael over to Dina. '' Did you see that? There's no way we can defeat that let's give up, we should surrender to that,'' she was horrified by this. '' No, we are not going to give up. We will try that's why we decided to take the shield right? To protect others with this? '' he asked. She looked at him then nodded. '' Then we have to use it properly,'' he advised her. '' Fine then already attack it,'' she said taking control over the steering heading straight into the enemy's territory. They took the norm by surprise this time. He was not able to protect himself. Dina's shield collided with its back. But it was blocked by the assimilation crystals inside the body of the norm. Their shield was stuck there. '' It's not going to be a smooth win this time,'' Michael comments watching it. Daniel took the chance and he again attacked the enemy on the chest this time revealing a little bit of the core on the inside. '' Or the enemy showed it to them intentionally,'' Ernest thoughts as he looks at the screen as they fight. '' Keep our eyes on them along with the oxygen tank. We have to make sure no one finds out about the thing that we have at the lab beside it. It has to be a secret forever.'' '' Yes professor,'' replied Chris.
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