The strong Enemy

1675 Words

Then the norm looked at Daniel and Angelica and smiled at them. Daniel was freaked out to see that smile there. Then it used the assimilation phenomenon to produce crystals out of its body which was slowly covering the sword in Daniel's hands little by little. "Oh no," Daniel tried to move his hands or the sword but none of it was moving then."Let go of the sword," Angelica said to him. " Hurry up," she said. He lets go of that sword right away and jumps from there. That sword was now stuck in the chest of that Norm. "How do we get it out of there now?"Daniel asked her. Michael was still attacking that Norm but the norm used the sword it produces from the bodies to fend them off from his body. In an attempt, Michael and Dina got away from them. That norm took that sword out of its bo

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