The strong Enemy

1675 Words
Then the norm looked at Daniel and Angelica and smiled at them. Daniel was freaked out to see that smile there. Then it used the assimilation phenomenon to produce crystals out of its body which was slowly covering the sword in Daniel's hands little by little. "Oh no," Daniel tried to move his hands or the sword but none of it was moving then."Let go of the sword," Angelica said to him. " Hurry up," she said. He lets go of that sword right away and jumps from there. That sword was now stuck in the chest of that Norm. "How do we get it out of there now?"Daniel asked her. Michael was still attacking that Norm but the norm used the sword it produces from the bodies to fend them off from his body. In an attempt, Michael and Dina got away from them. That norm took that sword out of its body now. He took it in his hands and looked at it as if it was his new toy now. Then came towards Daniel and Angelica with that sword of theirs. They got away as they don't have anything to attack with now. But they couldn't block the attacks also. It attacked the Angel onto the chest but could not penetrate it as Daniel stopped it even before it reached him. '' Want to kill us? It's not going to be so easy, I am not letting you do that,'' he yelled as he used all of his strength to stop the sword from entering the chest where the hatch is. If it had entered then Angelica might have been hurt. Taking this opportunity Ariel came to attack the norm from behind. But their laser was also stopped by the crystals from his back. Then Enoch came from the left side but the same thing happened with them too. Cassiel took this opportunity to attack it with the bullets. She fired at the center part of his chest where's the core. It was still visible for them to see. '' Professor I don't think that they will be able to win like this. You should think of a strategy or something,'' says Chris. She wasn't able to think clearly. '' Professor type plus A are now attacking the oxygen plant,'' warns the other professor. '' Team four-block the norm attacking the oxygen plant,'' Ernest commands. Seraphina heads over to that place. She tries to stop that double-A norm attacking the oxygen plant by using its sword. Seraphina stands in its way to attack the oxygen tank. '' I won't let you attack it, '' Seraphina said. Then the norm made a face as if it could not understand her words. Then turns its hands into blades and came towards her. Seraphina became afraid but then Able stopped the attacks with his sword. '' What are you doing? Look in front of you. At this rate you are going to get killed, '' he shouts. Seraphina bites her lips. '' I know that already,'' she yelled attacking that norm with both of its swords at the enemy. '' Take that take that,'' she shouts attacking the norm several times. She managed to cut off one of its hands as a result. Then chopped it into such little pieces that it won't be able to get back to the main body again. '' Now dare to come close to me,'' she called the norm glaring at it. The norm was angry now it was trying to yell but it wasn't able to do it. Then cuts off the other arm also. Then eats it all up. '' What is this thing doing Abel?'' Seraphina asked her partner who seems to be amazed at it. When he did that it changed its form. Into a big norm this time its whole body was full of crystals now. Seraphina didn't dare to attack it this time now. But then she ignored others and glanced back at the oxygen plant. Then went to attack it with both of its swords. Instead of attacking both in different directions, she decided to use them both together at the same spot. 'It was stuck because of the crystals. '' Are you with me?'' Seraphina asked Abel. '' Yes of course but what you are planning to do will it work out?'' he asked back. '' It's strong you know?''. '' Don't underestimate me,'' yelled Seraphina as she used all the power of the Angel onto the single spot now. '' Go away.'' Then the Norm used its hand to hold the Angel down. '' That's not gonna stop me,'' she yelled. Then used the enemy's power against it attacking it on the chest. Soon she managed to find the core there. She took it away from it. But the norm was not leaving them now. Seraphina used her one sword to cut off the arm of the Norm making it leave them. Then Cassiel fires at it making him unable to move now. Ariel used the laser cutting off all of its hands and legs. Then Seraphina forced it down onto the ground using their sword they attacked it on the chest. They took the core away but still held him down there as it won't die right now even without its core. '' Ariel keeps attacking it,'' Seraphina said over the mic. '' Got it.'' Even though they managed to somehow hold down the other norm While the other type A was fighting with Dina and Michael now. Daniel was dealing with the big one now. All through this fight, they didn't even manage to land a scratch on the big norm itself. No matter how many times they attacked it they didn't manage to do something about it. '' Angelica, we can't do a thing to it, What should we do?'' asked Dina as they were on standby now. '' We need a way to hold it and remove the core else we won't be able to scratch them,'' Daniel replied. At this time Ariel and Cannon were now dealing with the other norm. Seraphina and Cassiel were now defeating the other norm. But the big one was acting very much care now. Daniel was planning on how to defeat it. '' I need to be careful '' I need to be calm, we can't hurt it anyhow. The skin is too thick for us to penetrate with the sword, I need to find out away. But our weapons can't seem to be able to defeat it, Think Daniel think,'' he was leaning onto the seat now as sweat was rolling down his forehead. Angelica looked at him now with a worried look on her face. '' Daniel, Can you do something about this enemy? '' she asked. '' I thinking let me think,'' replied Daniel lost in thoughts. The big norm attacked Dina now they were pushed by the sheer strength of the norm as a result they collided with the oxygen tank. Seeing that the norm went to them. Then stands in front of them. Dina and Michael get afraid seeing that. '' Michael, look,'' Dina shouts. Then the norm smiles at them. Then attacks their left arm. Dina shouts in fear. '' Noo,''. Like that, in front of them, their left arm was cut off now. Seeing that the norm leaped up in joy now. Then Ariel attacks it from behind. Their laser had made a hole inside its chest. The norm touched the place. Then he became angry now. He grabbed hold of the laser now. Then pushed their Angel away. At this time Cannon helped them get away from there. '' Come with me Dina,'' she said. Taking this chance the other norm who was well escaped from the hands of Cassiel and walked past the oxygen plant. '' Professor, it's going into that room,'' reported Chris. '' Someone gets to that norm don't let it go inside the research lab,'' yelled Ernest to them. '' I will get to that,'' Angelica said running to that norm. This time the big norm was fighting with Ariel now. It took the spear away and now Ariel was unguarded. The S class norm was now backing them into a corner. Cannon and Dina attacked it from behind. Seeing that Dina took the core away. '' Damn norm, you took my arm away, you have to pay the price for that,'' shouts Michael. Their one hand was not there anymore leaving them with one hand. When it was about to take away the core from the norm the crystalization begins. The core was producing the crystals. It was now covering Their hand with crystals. '' What's happening?'' Michael asked. '' Michael, my hands,'' Dina's looked back at him. Her hands were now filled with crystals. They were growing even more trying to cover her whole body. '' Dina,'' he yelled. But then he noticed the same thing was happening on his hands also. '' Let me go,'' he yelled trying to remove his hand away from the core. But he was not able to release it as a result. Gabriel's team also runs after the oxygen plant because the big norm was also heading that way. Seraphina's team managed to beat the other norm. Seraphina had the core in their hands now. '' What do you think the class S norm is trying to do? '' asked Chris to Professor. The professor remained silent. '' I hope it won't find out the truth that we are hiding from the kids. It can't come back to life or else everything will be ruined. We had been trying to hide it from them for so long. Our dark past can't come back to life no matter what. But the way it's trying to break open the door it's proved now. We have to stop it from breaking the door no matter what, '' Ernest thoughts as he looks at the fight between the humans and the norms.
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