Hiding the truth

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The type A norm had arrived in front of the research lab the place where Angelica and Michael tried to enter previously but they never managed to enter there. It was tracing the door. Then Angelica and David arrived. '' There you are the norm, what are you doing here?'' Daniel yelled at the norm. The norm hearing their noise faced them. But Daniel could feel that something was wrong with it. It seemed angry now as if they did something offensive to him. Daniel looked at the enemy for a while now. '' What's wrong?'' Angelica asked him. '' Wait, something happened to it,'' he replied trying to understand his words. It was at this time the big Class S norm came there. It walked past Angelica and arrived in front of them with the Class A norm. They both looked at each other. Then the class A norm is about to fight them now. It turned his hands into shields as it comes towards their Angel. Daniel attacks it with the sword but the shield protects them with the sword of theirs. Then came Gabriel's team. '' Show us the footage from there,'' Professor says. '' Here it is,'' replied Chris. All of them were shocked to stare at the screen. When the Class A norm was keeping all of them busy the S class norm is about to break down the door. '' Professor, I can understand it's trying to do,'' Chris comments trembling in fear now. '' Am I thinking the same?'' Nora thoughts. That big norm was trying to break down the door by using its hands as swords but that was not happening there. '' What's that norm trying to do?'' Gabriel asks Azrael. '' To break the door, but what does it want to achieve by going inside? I can't understand,'' he replied. '' Everyone listens I have something to say,'' Ernest says to all the kids over the mic. '' Don't let that S class norm go inside the room at any cost. That's an order from me,'' stated Ernest. '' But we are busy here,'' replied Daniel. '' Others go to the research lab stop the class S norm at any cost. Your objective is the Class S norm from getting inside the research lab,'' Chris comments. '' Yes ma'am,'' replied Dina. They all head towards there now. But the big norm was now more than desperate to open the door. But others get here in time now. '' You damn norm,'' yells Seraphina as they go towards the big norm to attack it as it was trying to break the door there. But when they go towards the big Norm the A class norm blocks their way. '' Why's it trying to protect the big norm?'' Daniel yelled. '' Something seems to be off here'' Azrael thought. When class A Norm realized that there are too many people he needs to take care of he has another plan in mind. Ariel was trying to go past it, then what happened before them was even more shocking than ever. Daniel's eyes went wide seeing that as the class A norm divided itself into two bodies. All the scientists there could not believe what they are seeing now. '' It divided itself? Is this even possible to do so?'' Chris asked Ernest who seemed to be too amazed to see that. '' I can't seem to understand what's happening here. Can anyone explain?'' Nora shouts out of frustration. '' Don't worry no one knows that,'' Chris says placing her hand on her shoulder. The big norm's attempt to break down the door is still intact. The class A norm is now two norms. Both are blocking the way so they won't be able to reach the big norm. '' Hey, is this even possible for them to do?'' Angelica asked Daniel. '' I have checked all the records there was no sign of these norms, Then from where did they came that they can even do such tricks?'' Daniel stutters as he looks at the screen helplessly. '' Even he doesn't know anything about it? Then how will we defeat it?'' Angelica thoughts as she bites her lips out of frustration. '' Why are you standing still? No need to stand around. They are the same thing as before. They are still the same norm. No need to fear them,'' yelling that Seraphina goes to attack the Class A norm. It blocks her both swords with both hands. Seraphina could understand something. '' Everyone this norm is weaker than the other norm. Their strengths are divided so they are weak, come help me out,'' Seraphina yelled. '' As you say,'' Cannon replied as she fires at the norm. All the bullets went past its head. They could see the inner flesh still there. When its hands were blocked by Seraphina's sword Ariel attacks it on the chest to see that the core was now half. Seeing that the norm acts violently. As it starts attacking randomly. AT this time the other norm the other part of it was starting to attack Daniel and others. '' Gabriel, shoot,'' calls Angelic as they hold the norm down pressing it on the ground. Gabriel nods and shoots on the chest. The core was coming out now. When Dina tried to take it out their hands were again crystalized. But this time Michael said,'' The same trick is not gonna work on me twice, I have learned defeat.'' Then he took out the core with all of his strength. But the norm was still alive as of yet. That's why Daniel kept chopping it into small little pieces. Dina got away with the core seeing that the other norm tries to attack them but they are unable to do so because of Seraphina. '' Why leaving? Are you afraid?'' she asks with a chuckle. '' You seem to be like a badass heroine,'' Abel comments with a smile. '' Well, maybe I am, now here we go,'' she shouts as it chops off the other hand of the norm. '' Ariel now,'' Abel says. Ariel takes out the laser sword attacks it on the chest several times. But they didn't manage to get inside the chest. '' I need something strong and sharp to pass through the norm's body,'' Ariel shouts. But at this time the norm gets angry it's out of control now. It starts attacking them with its hands and legs as its face was full of bullets. He used the bullets they fired at him by throwing back on them. Dina came to their rescue as they managed to hold down their shield with only one hand. Seeing that Ariel comes to their aid she holds the other part of the shield now. It fires the bullets now but the shield was strong enough to protect them. '' Thank you both,'' Ariel says. But the other norm which was battling Seraphina was still alive even though they took the core away. It was attacking them without looking at the person. At this time one of Cassiel's legs was now severed from its body. As a result, their Angel lost its balance. Gabriel holds them down now. While they were fighting the class S norm was still trying to break down the door but it was locked with a password. It was thinking about how to break it. He kept banging on it, but it was not helping him as it was probably the strongest durable door in the whole underground place. He thought of various ways to encode the door. But could not manage to do that. '' What should we do?'' Chris asked Ernest. '' If it comes to that we need to go out there,'' he replied. That norm made his hands steel but still didn't manage to do anything to that. He remained there for a while. At this time the norm whose core was taken away was still trying to survive. But Seraphina ended its life by cutting it into little small pieces. Then Cassiel fires at it. Then they grab hold of the pieces till it stops moving. Seeing that the other norm gets angry. He comes to attack Seraphina when he does that Gabriel attacks it with their spear-like weapon. The chop off the head from the norm's body. Angelica cuts the head in half. The norm was acting as if it could not see anything. He moves his hands in the air. Then Seraphina's team takes out the core from its body. Then Daniel's team takes out the whole body severing it into pieces. Then that norm tries to reach towards the big norm but it was not even looking in its direction. Like that all of them had now managed to defeat both of the class A norms. Now only the big one remained. '' The battle is not over yet, you have the last boss to defeat yet for now,'' Ernest reminds them. Taking this chance that norm is trying to blow up the door. He used his hands to stick themselves with the door then used something all of a sudden there was an explosion. All of their attention shifts to the door now. But nothing happened to the door. '' What are you doing?'' Daniel asked the norm. '' Hey, why are you trying to talk with the norm?'' asked Raphael. Then the norm faced Daniel. It speaks up something. Daniel could not believe what he said. '' That's not true,'' he yells back at the norm. '' Daniel, what's it saying?'' Gabriel asked. '' It's...saying that we should give back their comrade or else he will kill everyone here,'' Daniel replied. '' There's no comrade here, kill it no matter what, that's final,'' says Ernest over the mic. '' As we thought it's after the...'' Chris looks at Ernest. '' Why you, we are not going to let you get inside the room no matter what it takes for me to sacrifice,'' Ernest thoughts as it looks at the norm. As Cassiel's leg was injured and Dina's hands were broken too they stepped back. Dina gave their shield to Cannon. Angelica goes to attack the norm with their sword. This time without blocking it he makes thorns appear on his body. Daniel steps away as a result. '' It can change its form too?'' Angelica asked with a surprised face. '' It's a lot powerful,'' Cassiel yelled shooting at it. It absorbed the bullets. Then threw it back at them. They used Dina's shields to block the bullets. '' This has been going on for a while I can't take it anymore,'' yelled Seraphina going head-on the head at it. Their swords colliding with the norms hands and legs. '' Anything is possible for them? Not fair,'' Raphael comments. '' You said it,'' Ariel added. This time this norm divided itself into seven parts. All of them were now fighting against the Angels. During this time one of the norms still went to the door again. Angelica saw this so they went to attack it. Seraphina was feeling irritated dealing with them now. '' Ahh will you die already?'' she yelled pushing it away with sheer strength only. It flew towards the other norm then collided with the door. The door was half broken now. Taking this opportunity the norms gets up and attacks them again. Ariel and Cannon now work together to fight one norm. They manage to take away the core. Angelica and Daniel cut off all of their heads now so they won't have a sense of direction. But then the other norm which was not hurt at all starts shouting making all of them look in his direction. Then it used his legs and arms to cover a little bit part of their body. Then it smiled at them. '' What is it doing?'' Ariel asked. '' Everyone gets them off they are explosives,'' Daniel yelled but before they could say anything there was a big explosion in there. '' Everyone report what happened? Are you alright?'' asked Ernest but took a while for the smoke to clear up. All of their angels were damaged now. Team one's left hand was damaged they can't use it now. Team two's legs were broken. Team three's hands were damaged. Team fours a little part of the right hand was broken. Seraphina managed to sustain little damage as they managed to get off the Norm's hands. '' It's becoming a little bit irritating now,'' comments Gabriel. Their Angel was safe because of Dina's shield. '' We have to defeat it at any cost,'' yells Daniel. The only remaining Norm was the Class S norm, it managed to put together its pieces and it's now only one body. The norm smiled at them. Then there was another big explosion. This time the norm blew up its body. But the impact was so strong they hadn't expected. '' It had explosives with them?'' Nora asked the other scientists. '' There was nothing like that with him. It's something they got from here. There was no gunpowder reaction with him till now,'' replied the other scientist. '' Did it got from our bullet power?'' Chris thoughts. '' I can't see anything at all,'' Angelica complained. '' Be glad that you are inside Angel or something might have happened to you too,'' Daniel replied. '' You are right,'' Angelica sighs. '' The smoke has gotten inside,'' complained Dina while coughing. '' Are you alright?'' Michael asks her. '' Fine.'' When they wait for the smoke to clear up again all of them were shocked. '' What the heck it is?'' Daniel thoughts as all of them look at it in dismay. '' Professor, it's not possible, right? '' Chris asked as she was shaking. The overwhelming fear was making her freeze on the spot.
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