The revelation

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When the door of the research lab was broken down by the norm everyone was shocked to see the thing inside it. What they saw was the body inside the big jar. There were all the wires and all inside it to keep it alive inside the test cube. It looked like the mixture of a norm and a human. Daniel went inside trying to see what it was clearly. The norm is trying to work towards it. It was as if this is the reason he came here. He came here to look for this thing this creature inside the test tube. Gabriele went inside. Raphael was the one who told her to go inside. Ernest walks out of the control room now. Chris called behind him, "where are you going professor? are you going to them ? will you be able to answer all of their questions? ". " I don't know but I have to try to stop them from finding out the truth. that's the only thing I can do for now,'' he replied leaving there. Nora and Steven also after him. Chris also does the same. But by the time they reach there all of them have gone inside. What Angelica and others saw was the body of a norm inside the test cube. None of them was able to identify what kind of a thing that is. The class S norm went near the big test cube then touched the glass. It was looking at in amazement. Daniel was looking at the norm. He was trying to comprehend its words now. '' Friend? My family, comrade....'' Daniel murmurs. '' What? Are you saying something?'' Angelica asked. '' Is this thing his friend?'' Daniel asked. '' Daniel, you....'' Angelica looks at him who seemed to be too much shocked to talk now. '' Raphael what kind of thing is this?'' Ariel asked. '' I don't know, this is the research lab, did the scientists here researched s thing or something ?'' Raphael asked back. '' Michael I can't seem to understand what's happening here, What is this thing?'' Dina asked. '' I don't know, can anyone tell me?'' Michale asked over the call. '' No answer,'' Cain replied. '' No,'' Cannon replied. Azrael gave no response as he was still trying to figure out what this thing is. Gabriel looks at her partner who seemed to be lost in thought. '' This thing? What is it? '' he thoughts. The norm or whatever it is looked like the body of a boy or girl along with the norm like body color. Its hairs were consisting of the silicon-based substance of the norms. It was of gold color. It was standing there with closed eyes. When the norm was trying to touch it over the flask came Ernest there with a gun in his hand. He shoots at the norm making his hand cut off from his body. The norm looks at him with anger now. '' Professor,'' Daniel calls looking at the man in front of them with fiery eyes. '' Get away from their norm, don't make me angry any further,'' Ernest yelled at the thing before him. The norm roars at him now. When it was about to attack the professor Ernest fires at him again. '' Don't come closer and get away from there,'' he yelled again. '' Professor, Are you alright?'' Chris asked also arriving there with a gun in hand. Nora and others also arrive there with guns in their hands. All of the fire at the norm now. It passes through its body making holes inside it. '' Professor you can't defeat it,'' Daniel warns him stepping forward. '' If you won't do anything then I have to do it,'' saying this he fires at the norm again its left arm falls onto the ground now. All of the fire at the norm again. But he was not moving from the spot now. Then it was looking at the ceiling and doing something. '' It's laughing? Why?'' Daniel asked. '' Professor, Daniel's saying it's laughing, but why?'' Angelica asked over the call. Then stopping its laughter it turns to Seraphina and Abel. Then used its hands to reach them itself without him moving from the spot. He grabbed hold of the Angel. '' Hey, what?'' Seraphina shouts as they were taken in by the Norm now. He took the weapons from them and threw them away from his side. Then it turned itself into a ball now a big one. Then started firing the same bullets that the professor had fired at him. But instead of firing it at the Professor, it was aiming at the flask now. When he fired them at one single spot there was a small crack there. '' It's no use you can't break it down, it's made with a durable substance,'' Ernest said to the norm. '' You can understand our language, can't you? So stop down now.'' '' Can we even put a sense into a norm?'' Nora comments pointing at the norm. '' We have to,'' Chris added. Despite this, the norm had something else in mind, It was not going to accept defeat so easily now. He used the swords he took away from Seraphina and was using them to break open the crack made by the bullets. '' Everyone stops him or else he's going to break that,'' Daniel says to others. '' Yeah stop that thing it's your mission,'' Ernest says to them. Cannon and others try to attack it but most of their Angels were now damaged. At this time Gabriel steps forward as their Angel was not so damaged as them. '' Everyone, You can step away me and Azrael will take care of this,'' Gabriel says to others. '' I am going to beat it up too give me a sword,'' Seraphina yells. '' Here you go,'' Ariel said throwing its lance at them. Seraphina caught it right away. '' Damn you, Norm,'' Seraphina yelled as they attack the norm with the lance. The norm again splits itself now. Then Gabriel tries to attack the other half seeing that it again splits itself. The last one was left Angelica attacked it from behind. The core was stuck in their swords now. '' Don't resist or it will be painful,'' he says to the norm. What happened at the moment was that the norm grabbed hold of that sword now. Then took it away from them. '' What are you?'' Daniel was not able to understand its actions. Then the norm gathered its split-up bodies. Then It became a big norm now. The color was changing slowly little by little becoming a shed of red now. '' Everyone it's about to explode run away now,'' shouts Daniel getting away from it. ''No, it can't explode,'' shouts Ernest still standing at the spot. '' Professor move or else we will be caught with the crystallization effect,'' Chris says. '' But...''. Before the others managed to move away from there the blast happened. Taking this chance the norm used the sword to crack down the flask. After that when they regained their consciousness they saw that the whole place was crystallized now. Everywhere was nothing but crystals now. The scientists managed to survive by hiding behind the shield of Dina. '' Thank you for saving us,'' Ernest said to them. '' You are welcome,'' Michael replied. '' We will have to make it stronger than now,'' Nora said taking a closer look at the shield. ''Daniel, what's happening here?'' Angelica asked as she looked at the thing before her. The norm is still there in a short form than before. It had lost most of its power from the explosion. It looked even paler than before. But what was most frightening for the scientist was the thing that got out as a result of the explosion in the room. There stood the boy or girl they were not able to understand its gender. The norm was looking at it as if that's the reason he did all of that. When the norm was about to go towards him his feet were stuck to the ground because of the crystals. Thus he could not move forward now. Everyone was shocked there to see that. The norm-like creature was there and its eyes were closed now. When the norm was trying to get close to it Daniel said, '' You are not going anywhere.'' After that, he runs to the norms at full speed. Then attacks with the sword of his at the norm. As it could not leave from the spot he could only evade it with its hands. But its powers had gone weak. So it could not repel the attacks of the sword. '' Die,'' Daniel shouts as it sliced off the head of the norm from its body. Then again he attacked it on the chest. Then they managed to take out the core. Then came Seraphina with both swords and sliced off all of its bodies. They kept hold onto the pieces till they could not move anymore. When the battle was over now Daniel kept hold of the core. It was shining. Others came out too. The scientists there also came out with them. All of them looked at the norm like creatures there. All of a sudden that norm-like creature opened its eyes. But the whole room was full of crystals now. The norm-like creature had silver-white hair shoulder-length hair with a straight one. Its eyes were green ones. The crystal in their hands Daniel all of a sudden breaks down into pieces. All of their faces were shocked now. It was destroyed by the worm-like creature.
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