No one knows the true identity

2523 Words

Till then everyone has been keeping quiet. But then Angelica speaks up,'' Who's this thing professor?''. Ernest was keeping silent for a while as he lifts his face downwards. '' Can anyone tell us? I also wanted to know about it for a while,'' Seraphina added. '' Who's this professor? Tell us?'' asks Gabriel. '' Yes tell us,'' Cannon says. '' Yes we want to know,'' says Cain. '' Please tell us,'' Michael says. '' Please tell us,'' Ariel says. Among all of this Chris and other professors look at the face of Ernest. When all of them were telling him to speak up he could not speak up. '' Why are you a silent professor?'' Daniel asked. Ernest had to speak up now. '' Guess now everything is clear to you so I don't have to hide it anymore now,'' Ernest begins to say. '' You don't have to e

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