The troublemaker kid

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During the check-up, Ernest found out that their healing ability has enhanced so much that it seems quite abnormal. He shows the results to Chris. She also seemed surprised to see that. Then she brings a small knife with her. She goes up to Daniel. Then takes his hands and cuts one of the fingers. Blood was starting to fall from there. '' Ouch, why did you do that for?'' Daniel cried out in pain. ''Are you fine?'' Angelica asked. Then Chris brought a band-aid and wraps it up quickly. '' Show it to me when it has healed completely,'' says Chris to him. '' You didn't have to cut me up and heal me too,'' he grunts. '' I need another sample as well, who wants to?'' Chris asked them. Then Gabriel comes forward. '' Take it,'' she said forwarding her hand to Chris. '' What a brave girl you are,'' Nora says complimenting her. '' Are you sure about it?'' Azrael asked. Gabriel nods. Then she cuts her fingers then wraps it up. '' Was there any reason for this?'' Azrael pouts. '' Yes, stop being a worrywart,'' says Ariel making fun of him. '' No no Ariel is so courageous that she doesn't mind if her hand gets cut,'' Raphael says to mock her. '' Why you-'' Ariel glares at her partner. Nora was checking through the reports. Then says,'' The crystallization effect has reduced a lot. You seem to be creating antibodies against them. It's good news.'' '' It was worth creating them,'' Ernest says. '' The Angels will keep the assimilation at bay. You all can fight them without any kinds of problems at all.'' '' But the norm this time was quite big, it would be hard for us to defeat them if they are so strong. An S class norm is strong,'' remarks Daniel looking at their faces. '' As you say, I agree with you,'' says Cannon. '' Listen carefully, many difficulties will come your way but you have to get over them. Class S or even more strong enemy might come in future so we have to be prepared,'' Ernest said to them. '' He's right,'' says Steven. '' None of you will understand how many difficulties we may have to face in the future. Only the ones who are fighting on the battlefield will know,'' Seraphina comments. '' You are wrong, we understand what you have to face,'' Chris replied. '' No, you don't-'' saying this Seraphina asserts. '' It will take time for you to adapt yourself to this. But you will surely succeed I know,'' says Ernest. Everyone remains silent. '' Now everyone takes the injections,'' Nora says interrupting in between them. '' I don't feel like it, can you excuse me from here please miss? '' Dina pleads to Chris. '' That's not going to happen everyone takes it,'' Nora replied with a grin. After they were done changing, they went to the Garden of Eden. '' Where's that Hope?'' Daniel comments roaming around his eyes throughout the whole living room. '' Is he taking control of our rooms?'' Michael asked. '' No way he can do that,'' Raphael says getting angry. '' What are you overreacting for?'' Ariel asked glaring at him. '' Ah nothing,'' he stutters looking away from her. Then he goes up to Daniel. '' Hey, can Hope read also?'' asked Raphael whispering in his ears. '' I don't...think so but it may be able to read. Why?''. Then Rapahel's face turns pale. '' I have the book which you gave to me in my room. If he finds that,'' mutters Raphael looking at them. Then Dina takes a seat on the couch. Seraphina goes to the table. '' I want to take a shower,'' Angelica says walking towards the stairs. Daniel didn't saw her back then. ''Come here sit,'' Azrael says to Gabriel. '' It's just a wound don't worry, '' she says. '' Don't worry so much.'' Angelica went to her room as she saw feeling quite sweaty. '' I need to bath,'' while thinking that she took off her clothes to take a bath wrapping a towel around herself. Opens the door and locked it. Then she walks over to the shower but then she felt like soaking her body into the hot water. So she walked over to the bathtub. But what she saw that made her so shocked that she screamed. '' What are you doing here?''. She shouted so loudly that everyone from downstairs could hear that. '' Whose voice is that?'' Ariel remarks. '' It's Angelica, something must have happened to her,'' Daniel said while running towards the stairs. '' It is the crystallization? '' Gabriel mentions making them all worry about it. '' I am going also,'' Raphael said as he followed Daniel. Like that everyone goes behind him. Daniel hurriedly comes and looks for Angelica but she was not in the room. He saw that her clothes were on the bed so she must be in the bath. When he felt hesitant about entering there or not thinking how she screamed he went to the bathroom door. '' I am coming in,'' saying this he opened the door. Only to see that there was Hope there in the bath tup popping his head out of there with Angelica standing beside him. '' What are you both doing?'' he asked looking at their faces. '' Look, Daniel-'' Angelica begins to say but the towel around her body somehow came loose and it falls in front of their eyes. Seeing that Hope was staring at her with sparkling eyes. '' So this is what a female without clothes looks like. I see, '' he comments. Daniel who saw all of that his face was burning red to witness that scene there. '' I didn't mean to see that sorry,'' he stutters not being able to hide his embarrassment he used his hands to hide his face. Angelica could not hold down her anger now. She was fisting her hands in anger as she yelled while trembling, '' Get out of here you both.'' '' Ah yes ma'am right away,'' Daniel stutters as he walks up to hope. '' Come with me,'' he said. '' Why? I want to see a little,'' it whined. '' Will you take it away or not?'' asked Angelica showing her fists to Daniel. '' Come with me,'' Daniel shouts as he abducts Hope away from there closing the door behind her. Daniel sits down on the bed panting a little. Hope stood in front of him with a puzzled face. '' Why did you take me away from there? '' it asked Daniel. Daniel lifts his face. '' Listen to you-'' when he was about to say anything the door opened to see others standing at the door. '' Is everything alright?'' Dina asked peeking from the door. '' Ah yes, come in,'' says Hope smiling at them. All of them come inside looking for Angelica. '' Where's she?'' Ariel asked. '' In the bath,'' Hope replied. '' Bath? Then why was she shouting?'' Cannon asked. '' You can see the cause standing in front of you,'' Daniel said pointing at Hope. '' She shouted seeing me,'' Hope said sitting down on the bed. '' What are you doing in this room anyway?'' Cain asked. Seraphina stood beside Daniel patting him on the shoulders. '' Didn't I said I will be living with you? I came to search for a room and after looking through all of them I found this room which I liked. Then while searching inside I went to that room then sat down on the white thing and then she came inside and yelled,'' Hope explained. ''' It was then when I came inside, then,'' Daniel recalled seeing Angelica naked like that and his cheeks were burning red now. Hope noticed his expression then he begins to say, '' When he came inside the cloth covering her body fell and. I was able to witness seeing a female without clothes for the first time.'' '' I have to admit, that scene was good. I was able to see so much,'' said Hope with a pleasing look on his face. All the other girls gave a disgusted look back to him. '' Wait that means Daniel you saw her like that too?'' Dina asked staring at him. Daniel lifts his face downwards, then nods a little. '' I am so jealous,'' shouts all the boys together. Seeing that all the girls there give them a disgusted look back. '' Why did you all had to say that ?'' Azrael sighs commenting. '' Get out of here,'' says Dina and others girls to the boys. They push them out of the room along with Daniel. '' You don't have to throw me out do you?'' Azrael complained. '' No boys are not allowed for now,'' Cassiel said to them closing the door behind them. '' It's all because of you that's happening,'' Daniel points at Hope who seemed not to be able to understand anything. '' You brat,'' Raphael said punching it on the head. '' Hey, you are not allowed to punch me,'' pouts Hope. '' I am going back to my room,'' said Azrael walking away from there. But then Michael stopped him. '' Wait why are you in so hurry?'' he asked him. '' Why? I am tired that's why. Let me go,'' said Azrael but Michael was not leaving him. He had something else in his mind. '' May I know what are you all doing in my room?'' asked Azrael with a grunt. Hope was looking around his room. It was a fairly large room compared to others. His room is quite tidy rather than other people's. It was filled with papers written by himself on the table. Hope went to the table looking through them. He picked them up and read them. After a pause, he comments, '' You were planning of counter ways to defeat the enemy huh?'' '' Quite impressive you are.'' Azrael looks at him strangely. '' I am not as impressive as you think I am,'' he says with a frown. '' But still, these strategies which you planned out, These are pretty much good. You can probably kill a class S norm easily like this,'' Hope says. '' Forget about norms. We should think about the reason why we all gathered here now,'' Michael says clearing his throat. '' Yeah I agree,'' Enoch says. '' What reason may I know?'' Daniel asked, he was sitting in the bed with a displeased look on his face. '' That's because....'' Michael walks up to Hope. '' Of this,'' he faced him in front of them. Hope looked at them with a puzzled face. '' Say it clearly,'' says Cain. '' Hope, you went to Angelica's room, right? '' Michael asked. He nods. '' And you were able to see her right? ''. He nods again. '' Yes, I was able to see a female human for the first time. It was quite a good experience, I have to say,'' remarks Hope. '' Are you a boy or girl saying it like that?'' Daniel retorted. '' Why did she shouted seeing you there anyway?'' '' I am not a boy or girl. I can change my gender anytime I like. After all, I am the mix between a human and a norm,'' says Hope with a smile. '' Wait really? How can you do that?'' Abel asked getting up. '' Wanna see?''. '' Yes please,'' Enoch and others say in unison. They all look at him eagerly. Then he closed his eyes for a second. Then they were able to see some differences in its body. Its chest swelled up and his bodily features seemed ladylike. '' Wait is it really what we are seeing?' Raphael asked staring at Hope. '' You don't believe? I am a woman. See,'' Hope gets off its clothes. All of their faces were blushing red now. Daniel was nose bleeding almost he somehow managed to stop it with his hand blocking his nose. Hope shows his body to them happily. '' This...maybe the first time that I am shocked in my life and like this way. I really can't believe what I am seeing,'' Cain says. Azrael was blushing red seeing that. He adverts his gaze from it. '' Pull it down, it's too much for us,'' Michael says as he was about to faint. Raphael holds him down. ''Uh alright,'' Hope says. '' Why are you all acting like that? Aren't you happy to see me become a woman?'' Hope asked. '' Rather than happy we are....surprised,'' stutters Cain. '' This may be the first time in life that I had seen a female body like that,'' comments Azrael looking away. '' You guys seem to overreact only by seeing a naked body. Weird,'' Hope comments sitting down. '' You should never do something like that without asking us,'' Daniel says looking away from them.'' It's hard to watch this.'' '' Wait, Don't turn back, I want to confirm something,'' Raphael says standing up. All of them looked at him in surprise. '' What is it?'' Hope asked. Raphael walked up to its side. Hope stared at him in wonder. Raphael stares at Hope. '' Don't mind me,'' Raphael says placing his hands onto its chest feeling them. There was a squeezing feeling. '' Raphael, Don't do this it's wrong,'' Cain said trying to forbid him from doing so. '' Wait, there's nothing wrong with it. It's not a girl exactly,'' Michael added. '' I want to know what it feels like too.'' '' Yeah me too,'' Enoch said walking up to Hope. '' Wait I am coming too,'' says Cain. '' Cain doesn't do this,'' Abel warns him. '' You want to know this too I know go on,'' Cain says to his brother. '' Wait, Everyone, what are you?'' Daniel was trying to forbid them but he wasn't able to do it exactly. All of them were grabbing a hold of Hope's chest. As a result, Hope was feeling quite agitated about it. '' Hey, you humans what are you doing? Don't touch my chest Like that or else I will turn back,'' shouts Hope. When Daniel was about to step in between them someone opens the door. '' What are you all doing? '' asked Angelica looking all innocently. Hearing her voice everyone stares at them. All the girls arrive there. They were surprised to see them doing what they were doing. At this time Raphael and Daniel were both trying to harass Hope by touching its chest and body. '' Raphael you-'' Ariel gives him a disgusted look back. Raphael looks at her and pleads, '' This is a misunderstanding please try to understand.'' '' You disgust me, let's go everyone,'' says Ariel to others. Everyone turns away seeing that. Angelica was standing there. Then Ariel dragged her away from there. Daniel looks at her then sighs. '' Here we go again, another misunderstanding.''
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