The troublemaker kid

2534 Words

During the check-up, Ernest found out that their healing ability has enhanced so much that it seems quite abnormal. He shows the results to Chris. She also seemed surprised to see that. Then she brings a small knife with her. She goes up to Daniel. Then takes his hands and cuts one of the fingers. Blood was starting to fall from there. '' Ouch, why did you do that for?'' Daniel cried out in pain. ''Are you fine?'' Angelica asked. Then Chris brought a band-aid and wraps it up quickly. '' Show it to me when it has healed completely,'' says Chris to him. '' You didn't have to cut me up and heal me too,'' he grunts. '' I need another sample as well, who wants to?'' Chris asked them. Then Gabriel comes forward. '' Take it,'' she said forwarding her hand to Chris. '' What a brave girl you

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