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Meanwhile, at the place far away from there. There are numerous numbers of norms all living together. They were discussing something among themselves. They have taken over an entire country by themselves. The strongest of them all was saying in their language,'' Today some comrades went to find the humans living underground. And they were killed, but before it had died it said that it managed to find our comrade who was living with the humans. We need to rescue it and bring it over to our side. Are you agreeing with this?''. They all yelled in their language. '' We have to save our brothers and get them back to our site quickly or else they will die too. Those humans are getting dangerous. We have to eliminate them quickly too. This is the only way for us to ensure our survival.'' Back at the Garden of Eden. Angelica and the other girls were now sitting together downstairs. It was then the boys came after them. '' Hey, Daniel how will we apologize to them?'' Enoch asked. '' I don't know about others. I am going to apologize to her at any cost,'' Daniel says walking past them. '' What's he planning to do?'' Michael asked others. Azrael also followed him. When they saw Daniel coming down the stairs they said something among themselves. He somehow dragged his feet towards them and stands in front of Angelica. '' I am sorry about what we did there. I am sorry about it forgive me'' he apologized bowing down his head in front of her. Angelica looked away from him. '' I never knew that you will make use of a norm like that. What were you doing there anyway?'' Ariel retorted from the corner of her eyes. '' That's,..'' Daniel was thinking whether he should tell the truth or not. Then Azrael comes forward and says, '' The thing is Hope can transform into man or woman anything that he wants to that's why they were having fun with that.'' '' That damm boy, why did he have to spout out the truth like that? Making us the enemies of them?'' Raphael was gritting onto his teeth while saying. '' What? You have to be lying there's no way that's possible, say it this is a lie,'' Angelica was not able to believe what he was saying. Hope runs away from their side. '' But what he's saying true. I can transform into anything I want I just have to see it,'' he says standing in front of the girls. '' Wait really?'' Dina asked walking up to him. She was touching his body. '' Hey. it's a girl. How's this possible?'' Dina was quite shocked. The other girls are were curious too. All of them were touching her just like they were doing it back then. Seeing that the boys come forward. '' Why's it wrong when we try to do and it's fair if they want to. The world is so cruel to us,'' Michael comments from the sidelines. All of them stop doing that as a result. ''' We didn't mean to but it's something if he can change like that. It almost seems unreal,'' says Angelica. '' You all were shocked then think about what happened with us. We were more shocked than you all,'' said Daniel taking the lead of them. '' Now now you don't have to act all cool now. We know what you are capable of,'' said Angelica from the sidelines.'' As you all say boys are all nothing but creatures who think dirty thoughts. You pervert,'' Dina said. '' No, don't say it like that I am feeling bad here,'' says Michael crying out wailing loudly. '' I don't want to be labeled like that someone please help me out,'' he cried out. '' We understand,'' says Enoch to console him. '' But still, you have this kind of a skill I didn't know,'' said Angelica.'' I am feeling quite bad that I had shouted at you. Sorry about it,'' said Angelica holding onto its hands.'' No problem I didn't felt bad about it at all. In the first place, I don't have any emotions at all,'' stated Hope with a smile on its face. All of them looked at him in shock. '' You don't have any emotions?'' asked Seraphina walking up to him. '' No, I don't, I don't know what is this thing called emotions. I only know that there's something in the body that makes you happy and sad. These are triggered by scientific things,'' explained Hope. '' Knowledge is good it helps you everywhere you go. It will help you to go forward in life and help you to make decisions from your mind and not from your heart. As long as you have the perfect plan and the perfect ways to overcome any obstacles then you can become even immortal though that's a hypothesis yet to be proved.'' Other kids were watching him in awe when that happened. '' You have so much knowledge. Even more than normal people does,'' Daniel remarks. '' of course cause I am different than you all. I am a norm and human mix so there are things that I can and can't you may call me the super brain. I can store any kind of information and give you calculations at your own pace while explaining to you.'' '' What's he saying? Superbrain? I can't understand all of these,'' Dina was about to faint then Michael holds her down. ''Don't faint on me,'' he says to her. '' Super brain or not I liked the way you are made you see,'' Angelica said. '' Well thank you-'' when he was about to say that he stared deep into her eyes, Then holds down her face closer. '' You are-'' he lets it go and goes to Daniel. '' Come down,'' he said. '' Why?''. '' Do it,'' it also stared into his eyes. ''You, can talk with the norms right?'' Hope asked him in the face. '' And how do you know that?'' Daniel asked. '' Your eyes are made in different ways than others. You can see things which others can't. You have the overpowering ability to talk with them. Make use of it during battles I know that you can make use of it,'' it advised Daniel. '' You don't have to tell me that, I know better than anyone on how to make use of my ability,'' says Daniel mocking him. '' It may not be true all the time though. You can't use it properly yet that's why you can't read through their battle movements right? In course of time, you will be able to do even that.'' '' You talk as if you had seen the future. Can you see it?'' asked Angelica. '' Well, not exactly I just can predict things that are in my control. I can't predict so vast as the future. The future is endless and boundless. We don't know what amount of countless possibilities are waiting for us in the more future. That's the reason it's so dear to us. We want to shape our future through our present. That's why you are humans,'' Hope said looking at them. '' We are not exactly humans. We are made to fight against the norms. We're specially made children,'' Daniel stated fixing his hands in his pockets. '' Yes, you are the soldiers. Without you, none of the humans here would have managed to survive. But you should not be too proud of yourself or else the power that has given you the strength to protect everyone can kill you too. It can destroy your enemy as well as yourself. Always keep it in mind,'' Hope said looking him in the eye. '' Do you consider yourself better than us?'' Daniel asked him. '' He did not mean to say it like that. Daniel why are you fighting with hope?'' Angelica shouts. '' I am not I am just telling him that just because he's a norm-like creature he still has one part as a human. So don't call yourself emotionless. It hurts us to see you telling around things like that,'' Daniel said gritting his teeth. '' I don't want to stay here,'' Saying this Daniel heads upstairs. '' Daniel,'' Angelica was trying to stop him but then Hope said no. '' He doesn't think of things rationally. He thinks of them as emotional. If you become too emotional then you will be hurt the most if you have to sacrifice someone or yourself. Then you won't be able to do it for the sake of this so-called world of yours,'' said Hope. '' Sacrifice? What are you saying? What kind of sacrifice are you talking about?'' Ariel asked. '' When the time will call for it you may have to sacrifice yourself. That's what I am saying don't feel afraid then. You have to be courageous and make the decisions which are best for the world,'' said Hope. '' All of you will play an important role regarding the relationship between the norm and the humans.'' ''' When the time will come you will be able to know it by yourself. No one will need you to tell that. You will be able to understand that.'' '' Anyway, all of that said is done but where will I be staying then?'' asked Hope staring at all of their faces. '' You can stay in my room,'' says Dina. '' Yours? But...I need to see, I will check every room and will think after that.'' '' Now take me to all of your room,'' saying this it starts running off. '' What is he a kid?'' Cannon smiled at him. '' He's more than a kid. He has the power to sort out a large fleet of norms with instructions only. He's more than an intelligence machine,'' Ariel comments. After that, he did check out all the other rooms there were. In the end, he chose to stay in the room of Seraphina and Abel. He has decided that he will change his rooms occasionally. Throughout the evening, they stayed in their rooms. They were thinking about the matter of what hope had said to them. It was starting to be evening now. Hope was feeling bored so he decided to call others. He gathered them in the living room. '' Now should I know why my sleep was disturbed?'' Daniel asked with a yawn. '' I called you here for a reason. You want to fight better and effectively without using your energy right?'' it said. They all nodded. '' That's why I want to give you special classes. Do you want to take them?'' Hope asked. '' Yes we want to take them no matter what,'' says Enoch. '' Then alright, I am handing out white sheets. Inside it write down whatever things that you are bad at. I will be revising them and make you a better fighter,'' says Hope with a smiling face. '' You say some good things sometimes,'' Daniel says as he starts writing right away. Others do the same. When they were done they had to hand it to him. He looks at them and smiled. '' I will start from the first one which is Daniel. So what he had written? I want to learn how to slow down the crystallization process and use my sword well. Well, the first one I can say is not to attack the enemy too closely. It increases the chance of crystallization,'' replied Hope. '' And for the second one, you need practice. I will give one of you weekly. Discuss among yourselves who wants to do that. I am doing all of these cause I am bored though. Anyway, let's go to the next one. It's from Daina, she wrote that she wants to learn how to protect her partner. Well, it depends on coordination and all. Nothing else. Next one...''' Like that we were able to create all the solutions for their problems. They were starting to look up to him even more than before now. They spent the entire evening learning under him. To make themselves even more skilled than before. Back t at the lab, They were doing research and found something from the blood samples back there. Ernest was shocked to see the results. '' It can't be at this rate they will. How did this happen from under our nose? We didn't even check them properly?'' '' At this rate our survival and they...
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