Invasion of the enemy

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It was the next morning now, Everyone had gone to sleep after the lectures from Hope. He stayed in the living room along with the other people. In the early morning an enemy attacked the base as a result they were called for it. Everyone had presented themselves in their suits with their Angels. ''System startup, Enemy is spotted at the left wing. It's coming to attack us from the entrance.,'' there was the report and announcement. '' Everyone goes to the left-wing and let one remain in the left and right both of them. Probably this is a trap,'' Hope says from the control room. '' Why are you giving orders in my stead?'' Ernest asked Hope. '' Cause I am the only ones who can truly help them. Now do as I say, there has to be an enemy there,'' Hope said to them. '' Got it,''. They separate themselves as it said. '' Now wait for a while,''. '' Enemy spotted on the left-wing, It's a class S type.'' '' Team one and two deploys there. And team four go and assist them. '' What about the right-wing?''. ''There's a big class AA norm there.'' It's fairly big compared to large ones.''. '' It must have eaten up its comrades anyway. Everyone does as I say. Remember what I taught you yesterday. If it's an S then the core will be in deep so you need to slay it down so let team seven and one and four go there. And Double-A is nothing if you cut away the head. It will become mad when that happens. Try it and I bet you won't regret it,'' said Hope with a smile. '' They seem to be following him,'' Chris said to Nora. Team seven and team one and team reported that they had arrived at the scene. '' Now battle start,'' Hope commands. '' Team one takes the middle part and team seven takes the lower portion. The last blow will be by team four.'' '' Let's go with this then,'' ANgelica sid to her partner. He nods and attacks the enemy in the middle portion. With a slice, it was not cut up. But he went on a don until he was able to cut it in half. Then followed the other half of it. Seraphina's team took care of that. '' here I come norm,'' he shouts as they use both of their swords to cut the lower part down. '' Go all the way,'' she shouts as she managed to cut the lower half of it as it was a pie. '' Now team four slices it in half to take the core away.'' '' Roger, here we go,'' Raphael says as they manage to go through them as the lower and middle part was cut it made it easier for them to go inside. '' Hey the core is not here,'' Ariel reported. '' Then look for it in the heads,'' says Hope. ''Head alright,'' they deeper into the hed. They use their laser lance to cut through the head. And yes they managed to retrieve the core. '' How's the right-wing?''. '' The enemy is double-A. First, make it exhausted first. Then Team two will guard and team six will attack. Where's team four?''.'' On the way,''. 'After arriving don't engage it head-on. It's too powerful to handle it this way. Make it confused and team six will be firing at a shooting range not too close or too far. the bullets must reach the head and the eyes. They can sense from the eyes as well.'' '' How's it?''. '' its' starting to attack randomly, what should we do now?''. '' Still tries to wear him out I know you can do it, Continue to do it. Now press onto the head of it take out the organs or the stomach the core has to be somewhere there.'' ''' Managed to secure the core,'' left wing also. '' Both teams managed to get the core.'' ' victory success.'' '' Thank goodness,'' Hope sighs out of relief.'' I can't understand why are you using them to kill your brethren ?'' Ernest asked Hope. '' That's because. I have also taken a liking to them so I can't let them get killed like that,'' Hope replied. '' Humans are mysterious things they affect one another just by existing.'' '' You are also becoming human-like then right?'' Ernest asked. ''Maybe after all my half part is still human. So I want to help them. You're making use of the dead body parts right?''. '' Yes, we are using them for research,'' Nora replied. '' If it came to one day that you need to make research on me don't hesitate cause I will not be afraid to become an experiment for those guys. I am going to support them with all of my might even if I have to die I will help them. So that they will be able to win all the war in their lives.'' Hope says. '' You are not a norm you should be called human,'' Ernest said. ''Now core retrieval completed bring them to here. We will check them.'' When the Angels were back all the pilots were now happy. '' It's because of you we managed to do it thank you,'' Daniel says to hope. '' No I must help you all out,'' says Hope, '' You all won that's all it matters to me,'' says Hope. '' Man you should take some credit too. This win goes to you,'' Enoch said. '' Then I have a request for you. Will you keep it?'' Hope asked. '' What is it ?'' they all asked surrounding him. '' Will you let me become your friend? I always wanted to be someone's friend,'' said Hope with blushing cheeks. They all start laughing at him.'' i***t you are already our friend you don't have to worry about it,'' says Daniel. '' Really?''. '' Yes you are already our friend ever since we met you,'' says Daniel. '' Wow I am so Happy I also have a friend now. And so many this calls for celebration.'' '' you are acting like a kid,'' says Angelica. ''He's a total child,'' Cannon comments. When they thought that everything has been taken care of everything it just started. The invasion of the enemy. '' Report status a large number of enemies are coming to our ways. What should we do about them?'' asked Nora. '' Why did they had to attack at this time?" Ernest thoughts as he stares at the screen. "Pilots come back to l's enemies are coming our way," says Nora. "Enemies are coming again? Why are they coming continuously?" Daniel asked others. "Let's hear over There," Hope said to them. They get back to the Angels. "What's the status? " Hope asked Chris. "See this, a large number of norm groups are coming our way. How will we deal with them?" Chris asked. Hope looks at the screen. It's an entire fleet that's coming their way now. Hope was now thinking will They be even able to defeat such an enemy like this?. "Pilots on Standby let's see what are they here for, "Hope commands to them. Then little by little, they stand above their base. "Wait a sec this," Chris looks at the enemy. The one at the top of the big enemy is a human. They zoom into the image. "Yes, a human what's a human doing with the Norms?" Nora shouts not being able to understand what's happening there. Hope was all speechless now. "How could it be?" it Thought. "A human is now with the Norms how's this possible?" discuss the scientists among themselves. "You are wrong,'' Hope mutters looking at the enemy. "How are we wrong tell us?" asked Chris. "I know that very well, this human-looking human is a fake one," he stated. "Fake what do you mean?" Ernest asked. "It's a norm who's dressing up as a human among the crowd. It's the same as me, my family who's acting as the commander," replied Hope. "And I seem to have a long relationship with the commander." "What? Do you know him? you mean he's the same as you?" Ernest asked. Hope nods. Status of the enemy it's only standing there. Then one norm there steps forward as it shoots into creating a big explosion there. The shock and the tremor were so powerful that they managed to move all the remaining things there. They were even able to feel the force from underneath the base. They stood where they were showing their powers. Then step away. "Status none of the Norms are not planning to attack us. What's the meaning behind this?" asked the scientists "It was trying to threaten us by showing all of its explosive power," Ernest said. "This a challenge is thrown at us to mock and ridicule us," Hope says. "We are not going to let them make fun of us either. How dare they mock us?" Ernest shouts. "They are saying we have permitted you to live. if you do as they say then they will let those Humans live too. If you don't comply then they will send all the Norms altogether to attack us," says Hope. "We are not going to let that happen nor we are going to listen to them. If wants to do what they like they can but we will never now down to them," Ernest stated clearly. " But professor these number of enemies are you thinking of waging war against them?" asked Chris walking up to him. "No, we will just observe for the moment. it's hard to think that the enemy is also trying to do what we are planning. Even they are starting to be like humans aren't they?" Ernest comments. When the commander looked at Hope it said," What are you getting by siding with the Humans? Rather than the o should come with me. Then I will give you the place you truly deserve. This is not Where you should stay. Come with me. Humans are all evil creatures." "Not everyone is bad so are Humans. The little time I have spent with them had taught me that they do everything to protect what's important to them. We should learn compassion from them also a loving heart. Why can't we become as gentle and kind as them?" Hope was trying to persuade it. "Are you trying to be a human? Did you forget about your identity? You are the norm. Your only dole purpose in life is to destroy them that's all," said the other boy who was also looking like Hope. "Even though we are comrades we can't understand each other. You are not trying to think the way I am trying to think. You only want the end of humans and I want to help them. grow up. Our goals are not the same and they will never be the same. You are the destruction and I am the Hope I am and I will always continue to serve as hope to them," Hope said Touching its chest." at the end of it they might take away your life too. What will you do then? Will you accept your dear so easily?" asked the commander. "Yes if these humans become the source of my feelings then I will give up myself for their benefit. We both have grown up in different environments you will never be able to feel what I feel," says Hope ending their conversation. "See you later till the day we meet again." "Professor's the forces are turning away. They are leaving from the east," says Chris staring at the screen. "So they are here to threaten us only? But I thought that all these years the Norms had died then how are There so many norms still left? I can't understand, "Ernest sighs. "Norms Don't die they only multiply with time, "Hope says to him. " Who knows what is waiting for these humans?".
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