Counter attacks to fight the strong enemy

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Daniel and the others kids were now shocked. Shocked to see that all the enemies had gone away without saying anything. How's that possible? It was then Dina calls Daniel.'' Hey, do you think that they went away for real?'' '' I don't think so, I guess they wanted to show us that how much helpless we are that's all,'' he stated with a sigh. '' Helpless what are you saying?'' Angelica asked him. '' Didn't you saw how much power they are? They showed their military power that's all. We don't have enough forces to fight against them. So we should give up the fight or something. That's what it is trying to say,'' he said. '' That's-'' Angelica could not say anything now cause even she understands that they don't have enough Angels to fight them. No ordinary humans can fight them. Only they can. How will they fight against them in the future? that's all he wanted to know. When the time comes will he be able to save her and those kids here? After all, he's the only one who can talk to the enemy right? Without him, they won't be able to understand what the enemy is saying to them. He wants to serve his purpose in life if he can. After that, they get off the Angels. When they were doing their check-ups Daniel asks Ernest. '' Professor, Do you think that we will be able to fight against such strong forces?''. His question was blunt and simple after all there's no point in fighting a battle which they can't win. Ernest was silent. He was thinking of one simple answer to such a simple question. Chris and Nora both were silent too. All the other kids looked in his direction to hoping to give them a good answer to his question. Then Ernest opens up to speak. '' I, honestly don't have a simple answer to this question at all. Only Hope is the only one who can answer this question of yours. As he's the only one who knows about them properly,'' he replied. But this was not going to convince Daniel. '' Even I don't have a proper answer to this question at all. It's all up to fate now and your luck and all,'' said a voice from the entrance of the room. It was Hope who had a sad expression on their face. More than a sad expression it was the face of despair. '' Do you believe in fate and all? Do you have a god to call your own?'' Daniel asked. '' No, I don't believe in that person called God. If he or she had existed then she would have seen your miseries and come to help you all. I don't think it exists,'' Hope said. '' Then why are you telling us that it all rests on fate?'' Daniel yelled. '' We came through all these fighting hard for our lives. Then how can we let fate decide everything? fate is not on our side even I know that very well than you.;'' "I.." Hope looked onto its feet not being able to understand anything that to say to them. '' I think, we can plan out a strategy against them. Don't lose any kind of hope,'' says Ernest in a firm voice. '' What strategy professor?'' Daniel asked getting closer to him. '' Using the core we managed to get from today's fight we will be able to create something big against them,'' says Chris coming from the other corner of the room. '' Yes, even I want to say that,'' Nora says coming inside the room. '' Something what Chris?'' Angelica says walking up to her. '' Something big, which will be able to handle a big army of norms all by itself,'' Ernest said. '' What big?'' Ariel asked. '' It's still in the design process but we will manage to do it in a short time. But we will need some time or weeks. Can you give us the time?'' asked Chris. '' Of course professor. We believe in you,'' says Angelica with a smile on her face. But Daniel was still doubtful about everything. He could not believe what others were saying to him. He could not believe in the professor or anyone around him now. '' Have faith in us, We will do our best to help you all,'' Ernest said patting Daniel in the back. He looked at others. Their eyes were filled with fear in them. They could not digest whatever those adults there were telling to them. After that, they again had to take the injections. After that, they were given the day off. Hope remained all silent after that. Everyone went all on their separate ways. Daniel and Angelica went back to their rooms now. Ariel and Raphael went to the living room to kill some time off. Dina and Michale went to the kitchen to eat something. Cannon and others went back to their rooms. At this time Azrael went to Chris they were now extracting the core. Gabriel followed behind him. '' Where's he going? Others have the day off right ?'' she thought as she followed him behind. The doors opened as Azrael went inside. '' Chris, I have something to ask you,'' he says after clearing his throat. Chris was facing her back to him. She looked back to see Azrael there. Then she smiled at him. '' What is it? Others went on breaks right? '' she asked walking up to him. He grabbed her by the hand now. He was tracing her fingers and the palm of her hand. '' Are we humans? I don't think so,'' his comment made her look at him in surprise. The smile from her face had disappeared by then. '' Why are you asking me that? Of course, you guys are human. Why won't you be human? Of course, you are. Come on don't be a fool, we are all humans we are living breathing, and eating also. We also bleed when we get hurt, why won't we be humans?'' Chris breaks out in laughter saying that. Hearing that question of Azrael Gabriel's eyes went wide. She didn't expect him to ask anything like that. The expression on Azrael's face still hasn't changed. '' Are you saying the truth? I can't think of myself as a human though,'' he comments bluntly. '' And what makes you think that you are not human?'' remarks a voice coming inside the room. It was none other than Melody, a fellow researcher there. She pulls down her glasses while walking inside there. She stands in front of Azrael asking him the same question again,'' What makes you think that you are not a human?''. '' That's because..'' he was about to take off that band-aid in his hand. It was Gabriel who came from behind him and shuts his mouth using her hands making him stop talking. '' Az, I had been looking for you. Let's go aren't you going to show me that thing you promised me? We are going to water the flowers right?'' she asked in a panic-stricken voice. ''But...I..'' he was not able to speak because of the way she had held him down. '' Why are you doing that to him?'' Melody asked. '' That's because we are late and he's blabbering nonsense and all. Let's go Az,'' she insists hinting him something with his eyebrows. '' But he was saying something right?'' asked Chris. Then Gabriel whispered something in his ears. ''I will explain everything to you. But for now, get out of here, or else we will get into trouble for sure.'' '' But Gab-.'' '' Do as I am saying please,'' she insists. '' Alright fine, I have nothing to say. I seem to be speaking nonsense whatsoever. Forgive me for that,'' he says to Chris and Melody. '' But Azrael,'' Chris was about to ask him something. Then Gabriel interrupted. '' Chris, forget about him. Let's go Az, see you later Melody,'' saying this Gabriel runs out of the room saying that together with him. Melody was suspecting something within them but she was not able to find out what it was. Gabriel runs out of the room with Azrael. They run out of the land of the nod. On the way Azrael asks him while running, '' May I know why you brought me out of there with that excuse?''. '' Are you an i***t? The way you are doing this. They would have surely suspected something,'' she retorted while panting. '' Suspected what?'' he was quite puzzled. '' You were..'' she lifts her face as both of their eyes meet. '' You were going to take the bandage off right? The wound, it has already healed right?''. His eyes widened in surprise. He doesn't recall telling her that. '' How do you know that?'' he asked pressing her into the wall. '' I know, because, The same thing had happened with me. My wound.....It had also healed just like you,'' she stated. '' By itself?'' he asked. She nods in approval. '' And how's this possible if we are human? It's not possible for a human right?'' he asked pressing her more into the wall. ''Even I know that, but telling them this is not going to help us. I guess or so I think,'' her protests turn into soft murmurs. '' You think? Why did you bring me away from there in the first place?'' he asked out of frustration. '' That's because I felt that it was necessary to bring you out of there,'' she confessed. '' And why was it necessary?'' asked Azrael. '' Well...'' after she thought for a while her mind exploded. '' I don't understand why's that. Don't ask me that,'' she shouts blocking her ears with her hands. '' I just felt, that...if you had said this to them, then they would have taken you away from me. And that would be too sad. I don't understand what I am saying why's that?'' she yelled. He was now surprised by her behavior. '' Oh Gab, when will you grow up huh? Always worrying about others? I am not going anywhere from you,'' he said. She lifts her face giving an innocent look back at him. '' Are you sure about it?'' she asked. '' Of course,'' he says touching his forehead with hers. Meanwhile, Cassiel and Seraphina were coming that way. And they manage to see them in the act. The direction they were coming from made it seem like that they were kissing. Cassiel saw this first. She stopped Seraphina out of nowhere by grabbing onto her hand. '' Hey, what's wrong? Aren't we going to ask Chris about the repairing of the Angels? Why are you stopping on the way now?'' Seraphina asked her. '' Look that way,'' Cassiel points to those pair in the middle of the hallway. Seeing that Seraphina's face was blushing red out of embarrassment. '' Are...A-are they? doing that?'' she stutters. '' Guess so, I guess even they have grown up huh,'' smirks Cassiel staring at them. Seraphina didn't think they will be able to see something like that. Abel came there and she placed his hand on both of their shoulders. This made them jump out of their bodies. They look at him with terrified expressions. Then they feel relieved. '' Oh it's you, Thank god,'' Cassiel sighs. ' Yeah anything wrong?'' he asked looking at their haggard faces. '' What are you both doing here?''. Then he looks in Azrael's direction and he was about to shout out but then Seraphina stopped him by hiding him behind the shelf there along with her. '' They...were.They were...what's happening here?'' he shouts,
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