Counter attacks to fight the strong enemy

1980 Words

Daniel and the others kids were now shocked. Shocked to see that all the enemies had gone away without saying anything. How's that possible? It was then Dina calls Daniel.'' Hey, do you think that they went away for real?'' '' I don't think so, I guess they wanted to show us that how much helpless we are that's all,'' he stated with a sigh. '' Helpless what are you saying?'' Angelica asked him. '' Didn't you saw how much power they are? They showed their military power that's all. We don't have enough forces to fight against them. So we should give up the fight or something. That's what it is trying to say,'' he said. '' That's-'' Angelica could not say anything now cause even she understands that they don't have enough Angels to fight them. No ordinary humans can fight them. Only they c

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