Their decision to tell him their condition

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After that Daniel and others just could not believe what Ernest and others were saying. He just thought that all the other adults there were lying to him and nothing else. He just could not accept this fact. The way they were treating them. How they were being fooled by them to play into their hands. They have their own will then why were they treating them like that? He now wants to break free from being controlled like machines. They are not just soldiers who want to fight. All of them there have their self-will and mind. There's no way they will listen to all of them and do as they said. There's no way they will become the dolls that the adults there want to make them. He wants to protect Angelica from their hands at any cost. Even if he has to go up against them still he will do it. He will do everything to keep them at bay. All the big army of the norms can defeat all of them in the blink of an eye. How can he fight against them and protect others too? After all, he's the one who truly knows everything there. When they were in the room, he was thinking about a strategy while reading his book. Angelica was just lying awake in the bed staring at the ceiling of the room with an empty expression. It was she speaks up,'' Do you think they will be able to figure out something in some weeks? Till then no Norms will come to attacks us, right? If they do how will we win against them?''. He heard that but pretended to not hear that on purpose as he doesn't know the answer to that question. '' Hey, Daniel? Can you hear me? I am calling you right?'' she asked. As he was ignoring her she gets up and stands in front of him with her hands on her waists. '' Are you pretending to ignore me on purpose?'' She asked. That was the question she wanted to know the answer to. After a small sigh, he had to put down the book in front of him and stare at the girl before him. '' Yes, I am ignoring you. I just declared that now fine ?'' this statement of his made her angry now. '' Can't you hear what I had been asking you for a while?'' she shouts fisting her hands in the air. Then he went to read the book again. '' Yes I heard you but I don't know what's going to happen if the norms come to attack us before our work is far from being done,'' he replied from behind the book. '' Will you stop talking that way and face me properly?'' she asked. '' Not doing that,'' he bluntly replied. This time she was surely mad. She took away the book in front of him on purpose to attract his attention. And she managed to do just that. She took it and went to the corner of the room. '' Hey give that back to me,'' he yelled at the top of his lungs. '' No, I am not going to give it back until you tell me that we will all be able to survive together. If you don't tell me then...I will take all the books away from you,'' she said with a small cry leaving her lips. Daniel was able to sort out her facial expressions. So he goes to her side to comfort her. '' Why are you being so stubborn, i***t? We don't know what's coming in for the future. How can I say that ?'' he asked patting her on the head. '' are smart right unlike me? You always manage to find a solution when all of us are in trouble right? Then why can't you right now? When all of us don't know whether there's a tomorrow for us to look forward to. Why can't you work out a solution just like you do all the time?'' she asked fisting her hands on his chest out of protest. '' Don't be sad, I can't see tears in your eyes. There has to be a future for us to look forward to. Don't worry about it,'' says Daniel to comfort her. '' Are you sure about it? Give me some reason to believe that,'' says Angelica while sobbing. There was nothing in his mind which he could do to console her. If there was a way to console her he would have done it earlier. It was then Azrael and Gabriel both were in the hallway and Gabriel said, '' We should go to Daniel to tell him about it. He may be able to find a way to help us you know.'' Azrael looks at her not being able to trust Daniel. '' Have you thought about it ?'' he asked placing her face in his hands. She nods. Then they decide to go to Daniel's room. When Angelica and Daniel were talking they arrive in front of their door. '' We have to become even stronger so that even without the professor's help we will be able to eliminate the norms,'' Daniel says to Angelica. '' And how do we do that?'' Angelica asked lifting her face. '' That...'' he was unsure about what he should answer to her now. The way she looked at him he felt that he will be disappointing her. It was then the door opened revealing Azrael and Gabriel. '' Without their help, we won't be able to win the war Daniel,'' Azrael comments coming inside the room. They both look at him. '' You-'' Angelica was about to say. Then Gabriel comes from behind him. '' Hey there,'' she says to them. '' Come in,'' Angelica said to them. They came inside and closed the door behind them. Daniel saw this behavior of theirs as quite a strange one. Is there anything wrong with them? '' Daniel, We have something to talk about with you both,'' Azrael says to them. '' What is it?'' Angelica asked wiping off her tears. She went to stand beside Gabriel. '' Come and sit.'' '' No what we want to say is more important,'' he insists. '' Have a seat then we can talk for a while,'' Daniel says to them. Gabriel insists so he had to agree. They sit in the bed and Angelica and Daniel in the chairs. '' Now state what you want to,'' Daniel says folding his hands in front of his chest. Azrael looks at Gabriel then begins to say,'' Daniel is your wound healed? The one Chris gave?''. '' I don't know need to see, what about it ?''. '' See if it has healed or not,'' Azrael asserts. '' Cause mine had healed long ago.'' He took the band-aid off and showed it to him. There was not even a scratch there now just like back to normal. Seeing that Daniel recalled that the same thing had happened to Angelica. '' This, when did you saw this?'' Daniel asked. '' It was right after the band-aid had fallen off. I was about to replace it then saw this.'' '' Do you know about it Gab?'' Angelica asked. She nods. '' In fact, she's the one who told me to come here,'' Azrael adds. '' That's because he was about to reveal it to Chris and others that's why,'' added Gabriel. '' She stopped me and told me to come to you.'' '' Then she took the right decision back there. Cause the same thing happened with me,'' Daniel says taking off his band-aid. '' I knew about it from before this.'' Both Gabriel and Azrael's faces went pale hearing that. '' Then why didn't you told us about it?'' Gabriel asks getting up from her seat. She was worked up over this. '' Cause I was not sure that all of us have the same ability that's all,'' his reply was so simple but she was not alright with it. '' I was the one who stopped him from telling it, Forgive me,'' Angelica apologized. '' You don't have to apologize,'' Azrael says. '' So here is my question, does everyone here who are piloting the Angels have this ability?''. His tone went serious. '' I am not sure but yes most of us have this, I guess 99% of us have this ability, Cause you also have this.'' '' Shall we test it out?'' Gabriel suggests. '' And see if we have the same ability.'' '' And how do we test it out?'' asked Angelica with a puzzled face. '' Bring a knife,'' Daniel commands to her. '' Do we have something like that?'' Gabriel added. '' No we don't they don't keep something like that here,'' Azrael added with a sigh. Then all of them were silent. Then Azrael thought of something. '' Gabriel come closer to me. I have found a way,'' he says staring into her eyes. Gabriel was quite puzzled by what he was trying to do now. She did as he said. Then he swipes her hair away from her neck. '' Hey what are you-'' Angelica looks at them with curious eyes wondering what he was about to do now. Then he unbuttons one button. It helped expose her neck to him even more now. Then he bites into her flesh now. She cried out in pain. Daniel was able to understand what he was doing. He made her bleed even more now. Then he pulled away as the blood was falling from her neck. But what happened after it was even more shocking than that. The place where it was bleeding was heling up itself quickly than before. All of them were surprised to see that. '' How did it heal like that?'' Angelica shouts seeing that. '' That's the power of regeneration,'' Azrael added. '' It's in our blood no need to be shocked,'' Daniel said patting Angelica in the back. '' But it had healed even faster than I had expected. Guess this is the way our body functions.'' '' You think so too?'' Azrael asked. He nods. '' Are you feeling pain anymore?'' Azrael asked Gabriel. '' No not at all, I felt the pain but it subsided too quickly. What was that about ?''. '' This is not normal. We are certainly not human,'' says Azrael looking at the wound. All of their throats went dry over this. '' We are not human?'' Angelica could not believe what she was hearing. She turns to Daniel. He was silent about it too. ' Do you think we should tell the elders about it ?'' Azrael asks. '' I was about to inform about this disease Chris but Gabriel stopped me.'' '' She took the right decision there. You should not tell her about it at all,'' says Daniel getting up from his seat. '' Or rather we should not tell anyone about it at all. Make them aware of this.'' '' Can't we tell, hope about it?'' Angelica suggests. But Daniel remained silent over this. '' Let me think, then we will act,'' he replied.
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