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After that, all the kids decide that they are not going to trust the adults any further now. They won't tell them about the healing ability which may seem like immortality too. Daniel advised them to keep the matter a secret for now. Azrael and others try to keep the matter to themselves too.

At this time, The other scientists have already started working for the weapon to annihilate the big number of Norm armies. Their testing program is still ongoing. They have to get up every day and practice battle strategies to fight with the norms.

The one who trains them is none other than Melody and Steven. Azrael after that day keeps his distance from Melody as he's still wary of her behaviour towards them. She doesn't trust them enough.

Daniel was warier of the scientists than ever, but he still believes that Hope is their friend, not an enemy. But Hope hasn't managed to tell them about his identity The truth that the enemy of theirs is his comrade. The horrible reality that they can never defeat that big army he can't bring it up to them so easily. He's still training them to keep their mind off things.

It was during the mock battles. Hope was instructing them but he was absent-minded. '' Azrael goes,'' Gabriel says as their swords collided with Daniel's. '' Hold down the fort Daniel,'' Angelica says as their swords collide with one of the Azrael's.

'' Dina, Cannon's coming,'' Michale says. '' I am trying my best here,'' Enoch says. While the other Angels fight with each other Hope was thinking about something in their mind. All of a sudden Seraphina's Angel comes in front of Hope seeing that it was shocking.

It came in front of it to see it was alright or not. '' Are you alright?'' Hope asked them. Then the hatch opened. '' I am dead,'' Seraphina says as her head was downwards. '' I am tired too,'' says Abel. '' I have something to say can anyone hear me?'' Dina asked attracting everyone's attention to herself.

'' What is it ?'' Hope asked. The hatch was open revealing Dina. '' I think's quite hard to distinguish each other by name. Don't you think that our Angels should have some names like us too?'' she said in a shy tone. '' You don't have to take my idea if you don't like it.''

'' Name? That's a good idea,'' shouts Seraphina getting up from her seat. '' Yes we should give them names then I may feel like fighting.'' '' I don't think there's anything wrong with it,'' says Abel agreeing to it.

Hope smiled at her. '' Those who want to agree to it, raise your hands,'' he states. Then everyone agrees to it. Only except for Cassiel. '' Is there anything wrong with team Six? You don't like the naming thing? If you tell me about it then I will register your names to the system quickly,'' Hope asked walking up to them.

Cassiel peeks out her head from the hatch. '' I want to pick it myself Can I do that?'' she asked her face was flushed red with embarrassment. Hope nods. This makes her smile. '' Then think of the names quickly. I have to register them,'' Hope says taking out the list in her hands.

'' Wait wait, right now? You have to be joking,'' Angelica says coming down from the Angel. '' I can't think of a name so quickly.'' '' It's not like you have to do it right now do you?'' Daniel retorted sitting inside the Angel.

'' Have it at your own pace. I don't mind, But I want you to submit it by tomorrow, Is that alright with you?'' Hope asked looking at their faces. They agreed to do it. After that, the battle session was over now. Everyone heads back to the Garden of Eden now.

Hope accompanies them. After the practice, most of the girls take a bath. It was then when girls and boys get separated. It was then Ariel thought up something. '' I need to take a bath,'' Angelica said as she was tying up her long hair in a ponytail.

Hope was about to go with the boys to Daniel's room. But then Ariel stopped him by tugging onto the back of his collar from behind. '' What are you doing that for?'' Raphael asked pointing at her. '' We have some work with him. Will you come with us Hope?'' Ariel pleads to it.

'' But I was going to join them in reading. Daniel has books which I don't have,'' he whined. '' Yeah let him come with us,'' insists Cain. '' AH let him come it's not going to hurt,'' saying this Seraphina takes Hope in her arms carrying her with them.

'' See you,'' Ariel says waving at them inside the room. None of the guys there were able to understand what was happening there. Then Daniel suggests following them behind. All the girls went inside Ariel's room and closed the door behind them.

Hope was not aware of what they were about to do to it. Then they cornered it from all the sides not letting it leave. '' What? Why did you bring me here?'' Hope asked looking at all of their faces. Then Ariel comes up clinging to it from behind.

'' You know I always wanted to see that transformation of yours in front of us. But I could not manage to get the chance you see. I guess everyone here wants to see that. Won't you let us see and experience it at first hand?'' she pleads.

'' Well, that's not a problem. I will let you see it then,'' Hope says with a smile. All of them look at it with curious eyes. '' Wait, take your clothes off before that, or else we won't be able to know exactly,'' Seraphina added. '' You are right,'' Ariel agreed.

Hope listens to them and takes its clothes off. Then it transformed. Into a genuine girl. Ariel clicked her tongue in response to this. '' Why would we as girls want to see you like a girl too? Are you a fool?'' she retorted.

Dina seemed disappointed somehow. '' Then what?'' Hope asked. '' Turn into a man,'' Cassiel bursts out saying. Her face was flushing red when she said that. '' I managed to say it.''

'' You sacrificed so much for us,'' Gabriel comments at Cassiel. '' Don't comfort me like that,'' Cassiel says blocking her face in her hands.

" Can you do it?" Ariel asked cornering Hope as if she's going to eat it up if it's not going to comply with her request. Hope looks at her and all the girls there then agreed to that with a nod.

"But the problem is that I can't remember what a man's body looks like now. So until I can't remember I can't transform," Hope says to them.

" I had forgotten about it sorry," hope says to them. But Ariel is not going to agree to this. She looks at him then placed her hands on his both shoulders.

Then stares at his face. " I want you to transform no matter what. Got that? I don't care about anything," she says giving him a death glare.

He could feel sweats rolling down his face even though he was not sweating. "Yes ma'am," Hope said to her. Then he was thinking of ways to think how a man looks like. "This is worthless. I am going to take a shower who's joining me?" Cannon said out of boredom. "Me, "Seraphina tags along with her.

Gabriel leaves too.

Cassiel and Ariel were the only ones left There. Dina also left. When they were bored they went to join the others.

They took off their clothes and was enjoying the bath.

" Now I recall, I had seen Daniel once," Hope says jumping up in joy. When they were showering he opens the door.

"Is this you Hope?" Dina asked. " Don't come in if you can't transform. Ariel is mad at you.''

" I managed to do what you want," says a masculine voice. All of their attention turns to him now.

It was hope who had managed to become the perfect man as they wanted to. And he was not wearing clothes too. Dina's face was flustered red seeing that.

Even Seraphina was blushing like others. " You did it," Ariel says with her blushing face. She heads over to his side gazing at him from head to toe.

She even touched him to confirm it. Tracing his chest she was able to feel that it was the person. Hope walked up to Angelica who was showering facing their backs on them.

He goes to her and holds her down from behind. She was wet and naked now. "Hey what are you doing?" she asked. "It's me, Hope. How do I look like a man to you?" he asked her.

" A Man? you? " she looked behind to see him there. She could feel something hitting her thighs. When he gets go of her she also travels him from head to toe.

When he looked downwards her cheeks were all flustered red. "Wear something," she shouts slapping him in the face.

He has fallen to the ground. It was then the doors opened to reveal Daniel and others there.

"So that's what they are using you for Hope?"Daniel asked looking at the helpless man in front of them.

Cain helps him to get up. "I can't believe you are so low minded, " Daniel comments with a smirk.

"Truly," Michael adds. Now, everyone, there is angry. "You get out of here too," Angelica shouts to them.

When they saw them naked like that everyone was flustering red. Hope also went out with them. "You didn't have to throw us out did you?" Daniel shouts. "Jeez, they are so shy."

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