The final phase of the ' Warhead Silver steel '

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Ernest and others manage to create their weapon which may be able to deal with the large number of Norms which will attack them in the future. It was still in the creating process. Ernest and others were in the lab now working.

It was then Nora comes up to Ernest handing him the files. '' Hey Professor, I have something to ask,'' she begins to say. Ernest who had been working now with the experiments and all continues to do his work. '' Can you tell me what's going to be the name of the weapon that we are making?''.

Hearing that he had to put down his work and look at her. '' Name? Name the weapon?'' her question seemed rather strange to him. '' Yes we name everything then won't we name it too?'' she asked playfully.

'' A name? That sounds rather strange you see. But I have missed it while working I don't know what to name it,'' he replied bluntly. '' Eh, then aren't you going to call it whatsoever?'' She asked making a pissed-off face.

'' Whatsoever can't be its name. Wait I know, why don't you name it? I guess that's the best thing I can think of right now,'' he says looking at her face. '' Wait what, I have to be the one who will do it? And why's that?'' she asked him.

'' Cause I think you are the most eligible one here,'' he replied playfully. '' A name? I can't think of one,....'' Nora was lost in thought now. Then she heads over to the place where they keep the Angel. Then she thought of something. She hadn't named anything and naming a thing is not within her ability.

She walked up to the Angel of team one. Then all of a sudden something came into her mind. '' Warhead silver steel? Isn't that a great name.? Yeah? This will be called Warhead Silver Steel. I need to tell this to the professor,'' Nora heads over to the lab.

Then all the other kids arrive in the basement. They stand in front of the Angels They were waiting for Hope to come. '' Sorry guys, I overslept,'' Hope says opening the door. '' You are late,'' Angelica comments.

'' Yes, Wait how come you all came so early?'' Hope asked. '' Usually, I am the one who arrives here first,'' Hope asserts. '' We came here earlier than today,'' Daniel comments. '' To tell you about the names,'' said Ariel.

'' Oh, the names of the Angels? Have you all decided?'' it looked at all of their faces. Angelica walked over to their Angel. '' This will be named, Symphony,'' they said in unison. Then Dina walked over to their Angel. '' This will be named, Aquaris.''

Ariel's Angel was named Alaska. '' It will be named Alaska. I chose the name,'' Raphael said. '' My one will be named Ifreet,'' Cannon said with a smile. '' I have a very cool name, '' Gabriel said. Her cheeks were tinted red.

'' It's named Pentagon,'' Azrael said. '' Eh, I wanted to say that why did you do that?'' Gabriel shouts. '' Sorry, I didn't think that you wanted to name it so much.'' '' Forget about it, look at our name. It is named, Taurus,'' Cassiel said walking over to their Angel.

Then everyone was done. '' One of you is missing, who's that?'' Hope asked. '' Who's it?'' Dina asked roaming around her eyes. '' It's me,'' Seraphina said. '' What's the name?'' Hope asked. '' Oct...'' she wasn't saying it enough for them to hear.

'' Can you repeat it?'' Hope asked. '' Why? Fine.Oct...''. '' Sera why are you speaking so quietly? We can't hear you,'' Ariel complains. '' It's...Oc..''.

'' I can't hear,'' Azrael added. '' So am I,'' added Cain.

Everyone was surrounding her now. It was then Abel blurted out. '' It's Octagon, Why are you speaking it so quietly Sera?''. Seraphina's cheeks were blushing red now. '' I did that because it seemed embarrassing to me,'' she shouts.

'' Why? What's embarrassing about it?'' Hope asked. '' I don't know,'' Seraphina runs to their Angel getting into the hatch. Everyone looks at her in surprise. '' Come already Abel, we have to move Octagon,'' Seraphina shouts from above.

'' Coming your highness,'' Abel replied running to her side. '' Get on everyone then,'' Hope said. '' I will call you in serial order.'' They scatter as all of them get into their Angels.

Then Ernest comes inside. '' Everyone, I have something to say to you. We managed to complete the new weapon which was making for days,'' he said with a happy face. '' Hey really? Is it done?'' Dina asks peeking her head out of the hatch.

'' Yes,'' Chris added coming behind him. '' What's it called?'' Daniel asked. '' It was named by me,'' Nora adds coming from the door. '' What's it called?'' Angelica asked. '' It's named, Warhead Silver Steel,'' Ernest stated.

'' That sounds cool, can we see it?'' Cain asked. '' Well,'' Chris looked at Ernest. '' Yes you can, Come with me,'' Melody said bringing them to the core basement. There stood the new weapon in full glory.

It was a big cannon that was as big as their bodies. '' This is capable of eliminating everything within its two meters of radius,'' said Ernest. '' Have you tested it yet?'' Daniel asked. '' No, the trial is going to take some time. We need to do some final adjustments and it will be ready,'' Ernest replied staring at it.

'' Will you be able to complete it then? I want to be the first one who will test it out,'' Daniel says stepping forward. '' Yes yes, I will let you do it, Don't worry,'' says Ernest with a smile. '' From now on Battle will be much easier for them than a pa professor,'' Hope says stepping forward. '' Shall we call the names?''.

They nod. Hope goes over to the control room. '' Alright team one Symphony.'' '' Yes,'' Dina replied. '' Team two Aquaris, '' Team three Alaska.'' '' Yes reporting,'' Ariel said. '' Team four Ifreet, This sounds extravagant,'' Hope comments. '' Yes, '' Cannon replied.

'' Team five, Pentagon.'' '' Yes here,'' Gabriel shouts. '' Team six.'' '' Taurus here,'' Cain says out of excitement. '' Then the last one.'' '' Yes, here Octagon,'' shouts Seraphina surprising everyone. '' You took a liking to the name huh?'' Hope comments.

'' Now you are ready to work more properly now. What difference do you feel now?'' Hope asked them. '' I feel a lot more comfortable to use and pilot it,'' Angelica replied. '' Same,'' Dina said. '' It's my new friend now,'' Seraphina said. '' Same,'' Cannon said.

'' Then you will be able to think of it as your part. Think of it like that then you will be able to handle it well. I pray you will be able to use them well,'' said Hope to them. '' Become the sign of peace everyone. I hope you will all serve your purpose well.''

After their practice was over. Hope was in the control room. Melody comes from behind it and comments,'' Those kids took a liking to you, didn't they? What did you do to make them believe in you huh?''.

'' Who?'' Hope looked in her direction. '' I didn't do anything, I am just thinking of ways to make them stronger that's all,'' Hope replied. '' Is that so? Did you forgot why we are raising them for?'' retorted Melody. '' Yes, I know, I watched everything that you did to them taking my samples. How could you all do this and make use of them also?'' Hope asked.

" We had to make use of them we had no choice There. You had been observing everything as you stayed inside the crystal. You had learnt to speak from our conversations right?" Melody asked placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Yes, after that I began to develop my so-called emotions. I was able to have my so-called mind now. That's the reason I am not listening to any of you,'' said Hope shrugging her hand away.

"You know you can't do anything without our help then why are you still set on doing this?" Melody asked.

"If you grow too attached to them you will have a hard time on your own. You know they are nothing more than soldiers Don't you?".

Hope looked away from her. "We should only use them And throw them away. No need to have any sympathy for them."

Hope was about to walk away from there without answering her. Then she said from behind," You know I am saying this for your good.''

Hope stopped in his tracks then looked back at her," Yes, I know that. But even so, I want you to stop butting into my affair. Let me deal with everything by myself."

" He won't be able to bear with seeing them after this. We need ti to think LG something.'

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