The final phase of the ' Warhead Silver steel '

1540 Words

Ernest and others manage to create their weapon which may be able to deal with the large number of Norms which will attack them in the future. It was still in the creating process. Ernest and others were in the lab now working. It was then Nora comes up to Ernest handing him the files. '' Hey Professor, I have something to ask,'' she begins to say. Ernest who had been working now with the experiments and all continues to do his work. '' Can you tell me what's going to be the name of the weapon that we are making?''. Hearing that he had to put down his work and look at her. '' Name? Name the weapon?'' her question seemed rather strange to him. '' Yes we name everything then won't we name it too?'' she asked playfully. '' A name? That sounds rather strange you see. But I have missed it

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