Too risky of a job

1018 Words

At this time before they can test out the warhead silver steel there was a red signal. '' Professor, an enemy is coming in front the front. How will we be able to manage with this?'' asked the one at the control room. '' What? There were nos signs of enemy right? Then how come?'' Ernest asked over the call. '' Don't know but they are coming in through by digging into the soil. It will take time to reach them. Probably up to ten minutes. Then we will be able to see them.'' '' That's not the good time we have on our hands,'' Chris added with a sigh. '' We haven't managed to test it out yet,'' Nora remarks. '' Can't help it, we have to make use of it even in this practice stage,'' Ernest says with a sigh. ''But isn't it reckless to hand it to the kids without even testing them?'' Chris as

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