Too risky of a job

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At this time before they can test out the warhead silver steel there was a red signal. '' Professor, an enemy is coming in front the front. How will we be able to manage with this?'' asked the one at the control room. '' What? There were nos signs of enemy right? Then how come?'' Ernest asked over the call. '' Don't know but they are coming in through by digging into the soil. It will take time to reach them. Probably up to ten minutes. Then we will be able to see them.'' '' That's not the good time we have on our hands,'' Chris added with a sigh. '' We haven't managed to test it out yet,'' Nora remarks. '' Can't help it, we have to make use of it even in this practice stage,'' Ernest says with a sigh. ''But isn't it reckless to hand it to the kids without even testing them?'' Chris asks. '' It is but the risk is quite great. If we manage to pull it off then we can see how much it is effective against the enemy. This is a gamble I decided to take. I hope I will be successful in this,'' says Ernest with a profound expression. He knows what he's trying to do. There's no going back here as long as you are on the battlefield. '' Nora, make the announcement,'' Ernest commands. Nora heads over to the desk right away. '' Emergency alarm, a large group of norms are coming in through the front door. We have to stop it at any cost,'' Nora announced, '' Head over to the Land of Nod right away. Get into your Angels and prepare for war.'' Those who were in the living room now heard that. They all rush towards the lab right away only except Angelica who was in her room thinking about the chance of them winning if they fight. Daniel came into his room to call her. He opened the door to see Angelica was sitting quite peacefully. He came from behind her placing his hand on her shoulder. '' Don't you think that you can relax later and right now?'' he comments seeing her sitting there in such a relaxed way. '' I would not want to fight if it's possible to do that. But there's no way out for us rather than fight do we?'' she replied. '' Let's go.'' When he watched her leave the room he could feel that she was unsure that they will be able to fight many times and stay alive because of their immortal ability. They all standby in their Angels now. There was a countdown now. In ten seconds they will be here. Cannon was feeling nervous more than usual now. '' Everyone,'' Ernest comes over to the desk. '' I have faith that you guys will be able to win, we have your back covered with the new weapon that we have created so you won't have to worry about the number. But as we haven't tested it out yet I am unsure about handing it to you. Which team wants to test it out?''. '' Give me honest answers, I know it's risky. So I won't recommend it to anyone. Any of you want to try it out? I want your honest opinion.'' Daniel was able to understand how much helpless Ernest must be feeling right now. He stands up calling him. '' I want to be the one who will take over the job. Will, you let me do it?''. Angelica didn't expect him to do this. '' Daniel, you know what you are saying right?'' she asked him. '' Yes, and as my Eve you have to support me. We are the ones who are given the responsibility to save the people here. So we have to take the risk for others as they are still afraid. Don't worry I am here to protect you. Have some faith in me.'' His short and simple answer was enough to persuade her now. All she wanted was to feel assured. '' Then team one will take the job. I hope all of you will buy time for them to launch it. I pray for your blessings,'' Ernest says ending the call. ' Enemy had reached the entrance. It's going to infiltrate this place anytime soon.'' '' It's spreading up into different parts. Some are going to the lab and some are going to the Garden of Eden. Some are heading this way too. What's their target ?'' Nora asked. '' The lost core, the souls of the norms. They are after them,'' states Hope arriving there. '' Off to the battle are we?''. Hope looks at Angelica and Daniel. '' You mean they are here to get them back? What will they even use it for?'' Chris asked. '' To transfer them into another body to make them workable again,'' Melody comments arriving beside Hope.'' Stop talking and head over to the battlefield, Enemies are waiting for you all. We can't let them take over this place no matter what. Got it ?''. '' Yes Ma'am,'' they reply in unison. '' Spread into groups or else none of us will survive,'' Hope instructs them. '' Team two go to the rear front. Team two go to the back. Tow teams to the garden of Eden. Two will buy time for team one. We have to act fast got it ?''. '' Then where will we be staying?'' Daniel asked. '' You will be here guarding this place where the cores are,'' Hope replied. '' After all, you are the guardian or the soldier.'' '' But isn't it important going over to the battlefield? Will they be able to take care of all of them by themselves?'' Daniel asked. '' Yes they will have some faith,'' Hope says with a smile. '' Let us take care of this,'' Dina says. ''Protect our home everyone,'' Angelica shouts to them. '' Yes we will, let's show them who we are,'' Ariel shouts making them all cheer up.
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