The new weapon

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After that, they all go in their ways. Daniel and Angelica head over to the core's place. Hope goes over to the control room to give instructions to others. Ernest and other scientists were trying their best to ensure victory for them. The new weapon was not yet given to them as when the time calls for it they will be able to deploy it. For the time being Daniel and Angelica stayed in the lab where they kept the cores. Back at the other places, Cannon's team was given the task of defending the Garden of Eden. All the lower class type C norms have attacked them. Cannon was fighting them one after another. '' There's no end to them is there?' Enoch shouts seeing them out of exhaustion. '' There is no end. But we have to hold it down or they will take our home away. I am not going to let it happen anytime soon. So fight,'' she shouts attacking the norms. At this time at the back, Gabriel and Azrael were given the responsibility of warding off the other enemies coming their way. All of a sudden Azrael's right hand was getting covered with crystals as they were fighting for too long. '' Are you alright?'' Gabriel asked him. '' Yes,'' he replied as the crystals disappeared again. '' You know what I feel?'' he asks while fighting. '' What?''. '' These Angels are trying to take over our body and mind. They are trying to swallow us up that's why using the crystals and all.'' '' And why would it want to do that for?''. '' So it can pilot the Angel by itself.'' '' But what will they achieve by this? I can't understand what you are trying to say.'' '' You don't know what you are speaking also. Rather than focus on the enemies at the right flank,'' Gabriel says to him. '' Yes ma'am.'' Back at the lab Ariel was feeling overpowered by the strong enemy in front of them. They were not able to handle the class B type norms. It was then Cassiel came to their rescue. '' Hey let us join you too'' says Cain in an enthusiastic tone. '' Are you done on your end?'' Ariel asked them. '' Yes, so came to help out.'' '' Great watch your back,'' Ariel shouts. While the others were fighting Angelica and Daniel were in the room where the cores were. Angelica had been quiet for a while. This was disturbing Daniel a lot now. He finally thought about asking her what's wrong with her. '' Angelica, What-'' before he was going to ask her something he felt the presence of someone behind him. He looks behind to see none other than a human there. '' A human?'' He thought. It was a boy of their age. '' What are you doing there?'' Daniel asked him. Angelica looked in that direction too. She was shocked. Then the boy itself walked up to them. '' I have...come'' he was finally near their reach now. Then all of a sudden it disappeared. Then stands in front of their eyes on top of their Angel. '' I have come here, To take you away with me,'' it says with a smile. '' To take me?'' Daniel was confused by their comment of his. '' I will take you away with me after all. You are also one of us aren't you?'' says the boy opening the hatch from the outside. '' One of you? Yes, we are also humans like you. So what?'' Angelica retorted. '' You are wrong,'' Daniel said. '' Wrong? In which way?''. '' Look at him, does it seem like the work of a human,'' Daniel said pointing at the boy. His hand was glowing just like the skin of a norm does all radiant like gold. '' There's no way he's...'' Angelica herself was not able to believe what she was seeing now. It doesn't look alike at all. '' What are you here for you norm?'' Daniel shouts getting up from his seat. He grabbed onto the collar of the norms shirt. '' Eh, why are you getting angry? Aren't humans supposed to stay calm and quiet? Why are you so barbaric?'' complained the boy. '' You norms don't dare to speak about us like that,'' Daniel shouts then he realized something. '' Wait, Why are you like a human? How can you look like a human? What's wrong with you?'' he shouts at him. Then the boy smiled and gets Daniel's hands off his body. '' We norms have also discovered knowledge. We are learning about the way you speak and the way you talk. We are trying to become like you and co-exist with you. Why can't you understand that? We are not your enemy. We can also become your friend. Why can't you understand this simple thing?'' said the boy. He had worn an angry expression while saying that. '' Yes, you are our enemy. Don't become a fool, there's no way they are our friends,'' Angelica shouts stepping down from the Angel. '' You are always our enemy. That fact is not going to change for forever,'' shouts Angelica walking up to Daniel's side. '' But I am here to become your friend. Won't you let me become your friend?'' asked the boy holding onto the hand of Daniel. '' No, there's no way we can let you do that,'' shouts Daniel. '' And why's that?''. '' Cause friends don't do that,'' Angelica was pointing at the way how he had covered Daniel's hands with crystals. '' You are trying to take over his body, aren't you? But that's not going to happen. I am not going to let that happen,'' she says. Then the boy clicked his tongue. '' No fun at all, you are too boring. And here I thought I will be able to take you away with me,'' said the boy as the crystals break down. '' Oh well, guess I need to take care of someone else before that,'' he was pointing at Angelica. '' The battle is not over yet, let's see who will be the last boss shall we?''. Saying that he disappeared into the air.
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