The invitation

1099 Words

All of a sudden there was the announcement, '' Team one gather in front of the lab. Enemies are gathering there. You may be allowed to use the new weapon as we had expected.'' It was the call they were waiting for. '' Let's go then Eve,'' Daniel said. Angelica nods as they get into the Angel and heads towards the Lab. '' I need to find about his identity some more. Why's he here to take me with them? What does it want with me? What's his purpose in doing this? ''all of these questions were filling the head of Daniel now. Angelica herself was able to feel that very well now. When they arrived in front of the Lab they saw that there was the class A type norms and they were all looking like humans now. All of them had the same faces. But it was different from that boy. '' Humans?'' Angeli

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