The invitation

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All of a sudden there was the announcement, '' Team one gather in front of the lab. Enemies are gathering there. You may be allowed to use the new weapon as we had expected.'' It was the call they were waiting for. '' Let's go then Eve,'' Daniel said.

Angelica nods as they get into the Angel and heads towards the Lab. '' I need to find about his identity some more. Why's he here to take me with them? What does it want with me? What's his purpose in doing this? ''all of these questions were filling the head of Daniel now. Angelica herself was able to feel that very well now.

When they arrived in front of the Lab they saw that there was the class A type norms and they were all looking like humans now. All of them had the same faces. But it was different from that boy. '' Humans?'' Angelica asked. '' Don't be fool they are norms. They took the guise of a human. It doesn't make them human,'' Daniel retorted.

'' Why do you wanna become human so much? What is it that you are trying to do? Even though they are stronger than us they want to become human? What's the point in doing this? Why do you want humanity when you killed so many?''.

Seeing the Angel there they were now gathering around them. Daniel was not able to understand what they were trying to do there. But they were able to understand that after a while. There was a call from Dina,'' Are you both safe? The class A norms are pulling a trick on us now. They are attaching themselves to the Angels and causing crystallization. Be aware of them.''

'' It's too late Dina. You should have told us faster,'' Angelica replied. '' Why what? Did you fell into their trap too?'' Michael asked. '' Yes you can see,'' Angelica replied as most of her body was covered into crystals now. Their Angel was also covered into crystals now.

It had consumed half of the Angel. '' I can't move the controls like this. There has to be away.'' Daniel said. '' Hey, Dina how did you managed to get away from these?'' Daniel asked over the call. '' We are still dealing with them. Mostly all of us are dealing with them. Only except for Seraphina. She's there in the Oxygen plant. There's a class S norm there,'' says Dina.

'' S class? Can she defeat it all by themselves?'' Angelica asked. '' I don't know, I have to go by,'' saying this Dina ends the call. '' Hey help us at least,'' Angelica shouts as her neck was covered in crystals.

'' Daniel,'' Angelica was not able to talk any more now. Seeing that Daniel shouts,'' Get off me.'' He shakes off the norms from the body of their Angel. Like that all the crystals were falling off from their body now.

'' Isn't there a proper way to kill them? '' Angelica asked while panting. '' I was a goner there.''

"Daniel where are you?" Ernest asked over the call. '' We are at the basement. We are surrounded by enemies,'' Daniel replied. '' How many?'' Ernest asked. '' Probably up to more than fifty.''

'' Then use the switch in the back. There's an explosive there, use it to blow them off,'' Chris added. '' After you are done head over to the oxygen tanker. There's a class S norm there. You have to defeat it no matter what. Seraphina can hardly defeat them all by herself. Go over to team Octagon,'' Ernest added.

'' Where's the switch? I can't seem to find it,'' Angelica added. '' Head over there right away,'' saying this Ernest ends the call. '' Found it,'' Angelica pressed the switch. Then a lot of explosives appeared in the Angel.

'' Now kick the bucket right away,'' shouts Daniel as from the pressure of the explosion there was a blinding light along with a loud noise. Then when Angelica opened her eyes she saw that there was no norm inside the room anymore now.

'' Guess we took care of them,'' Daniel says with a sigh. '' Let's go over to the oxygen cylinder then,'' Angelica said. They were heading over to that side. On the way, they were stopped by someone. All of a sudden Alaska came flying at them.

Symphony and Alaska were knocked out by the effect of it. '' Ouch, what came flying at our way?'' Angelica shouts. When Daniel and Angelica looked at the screen they saw that Alaska was there. '' Hey get off of me,'' Angelica called.

'' Wait, a little, the whole world is spinning before me,'' Ariel called out. '' My head is spinning,'' Raphael called out. Then he saw that Ariel was now on top of him. Her chest was facing him. He blushed when he opened his eyes.

'' Hey, get off-'' Raphael tried to call out. Then Ariel gets off without saying anything. '' Why are you still lying there, move Alaska,'' Ariel said to Raphael. ''Ah yes,'' he gets off immediately.

They helped Symphony to get up also. '' Why did you came flying in our direction?'' Daniel asked. '' That's because of-'' before Ariel was able to complete her words there appeared a big class B norm there.

But what was strange about him was the appearance. It was trying to look like a human. But his features were not human-like at all. '' Are you trying to imitate us?'' Daniel shouts attacking with his sword.

It went past his chest. Then Daniel took out the core from inside. Then cuts it into pieces. Ariel was shocked to see that. '' Daniel are you? Alright,'' Angelica was not able to understand why was he so angry.

'' Since when did he became so powerful?'' Raphael thought.

'' Wonderful, just as I thought you are powerful beyond my imagination. As I recall you haven't lost in any battles you have fought before. Yes, you are the one whom we are looking for. Yes, you are, I want to have you for myself no matter what. Yes, I will do whatever it is to take you with us, and for that...'' that boy was staring in Seraphina's direction. '' I will do whatever it is to ensure our victory. Even if I have to wipe out everyone here for that I will do it.''

Seraphina was glaring in his direction. '' Come to help us, anyone.''

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