Using the new weapon

1012 Words

Daniel and Raphael's team both go over to the oxygen tank. On the way Angelica asked him,'' Are you affected by the boy's actions there?''. Daniel didn't felt like talking about that matter but there was no choice for him but to answer her. '' Yes, you can say that,'' he replied with a sigh. '' I just can't stand them trying to imitate us like that.'' '' I know, don't let it stress yourself like that,'' she said. '' I will be by your side no matter what.'' She didn't have to say that he is better than anyone at how important she was to him. They reach the oxygen tank now. But what they saw was quite shocking for them to see. Seraphina was there sitting on the ground. Able was sitting across her. Their Octagon was lying there by itself. And there was the big class S norm in the shape

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