Using the new weapon

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Daniel and Raphael's team both go over to the oxygen tank. On the way Angelica asked him,'' Are you affected by the boy's actions there?''. Daniel didn't felt like talking about that matter but there was no choice for him but to answer her. '' Yes, you can say that,'' he replied with a sigh. '' I just can't stand them trying to imitate us like that.'' '' I know, don't let it stress yourself like that,'' she said. '' I will be by your side no matter what.'' She didn't have to say that he is better than anyone at how important she was to him. They reach the oxygen tank now. But what they saw was quite shocking for them to see. Seraphina was there sitting on the ground. Able was sitting across her. Their Octagon was lying there by itself. And there was the big class S norm in the shape of an egg. it was big enough to cover the whole room. And in the front of it, there was the boy whom they met back there. Seeing that Daniel could not keep his anger in check. '' Hey, what the heck are you doing?'' shouts Daniel. '' You have arrived, I had been waiting for you,'' said the boy running towards them. Then he saw Alaska there too. '' It seems an eyesore is here too, what are you doing with them?'' he asked. '' We are here to assist them why?'' Ariel asked back at the boy. '' And who are you exactly asking us that?'' Raphael added. '' He's a norm,'' Angelica comments. '' A norm? Human looking? I can't believe this,'' Ariel remarks looking at him in awe. '' Yes, I am also human like you,'' said the boy with a smile. ''' A fake-looking human,'' added Seraphina. '' You should keep your mouth shut,'' replied the boy slapping Seraphina in the face. '' Do you think you can kill me like this?'' she snarled back at him in anger. '' Yes, I can,'' said the boy grabbed hold of her neck. He was trying to choke her to death. '' Don't do that,'' Abel shouts from the other direction. '' Keep your mouth shut. Or else you don't know what I can do,'' That boy warned them. '' What can you do?'' Daniel asked as he was watching what he was doing all this while. '' Guess, I can show a little bit of my power to you,'' said the boy. '' Show what you can do my pet.'' The class S norm was suddenly lighting up itself. They were not able to look at him now. When Daniel looked opened his eyes he saw that they were now inside the body of the norm. '' How did we got in here?'' Angelica asked Daniel. Inside it, the boy was there. Raphael and Seraphina and others were there too. '' This is a void, a space created by my memories. I can do whatever I want here, if I want to I can even kill you here,'' said the boy smiling at them. '' Kill us? There's no way you can do that. You can't kill us,'' Daniel shouts at him. '' Is that so? Then try to move and come to me. Then I will think you have some power.'' He was trying to threaten them now. Daniel tried to move but he was unable to do that. '' Wait, what's happening?''. '' It's useless, you can't move here. This is a space created by him. You can do nothing here,'' said Seraphina glaring at the boy. '' We were defeated by him,'' said Abel as his mouth was bleeding a little. '' Now struggle as you want inside here. I will see how you manage to get out of here my dolls,'' says the boy while laughing. None of them were able to move or do anything. It was then Ariel thought of something. She had called Ernest about it. What happened back then was something they didn't imagine. All of a sudden space inside lightens up again. And this time the norm was in worse condition than before. Its body parts were remaining here and there. The core was in the hands of Ariel now as they were lying down onto the floor. '' Sorry, you had to wait,'' said Gabriel on the call. Pentagon had arrived there. They had the new weapon in their hands also. '' Gab,'' Angelica called. She was more than happy to see them there. '' What's the status?'' Ernest asked them. '' It's alright but there's something here which is not supposed to stay there,'' said Azrael pointing at the boy there. '' Show me the screen,'' Ernest commands. Seeing that Chris and others were shocked. '' What the heck is this thing? Where did a boy come here from?'' Nora asked. '' No, you are mistaken, it's not a boy. It's a norm to look closely at its hands,'' Ernest said. That boy's hands were glowing the same color as a norm. Chris's face went pale hearing that. '' A norm which looks like a human? Is this even possible?'' Nora asked looking at Ernest. '' They have grown even more intelligent than ever. At this rate they will be able to manage a big army by themselves,'' Melody adds joining them. '' What do you want to do Professor?'' Melody asked. '' For the time being, I want to defeat this thing. I think it's too much of a big threat for us to exist. Symphony, Alaska, Octagon, do whatever it takes to kill that norm. He's a threat to us mankind,'' said Ernest over the call. '' As long as he's here we won't be able to kill off all the norms from this place.'' '' Is killing it so easy? I don't think so, the looking in his eyes, they don't look as if he wants to give up anytime soon. What's his objective anyway?'' Melody's thoughts in her mind.
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