The Price of the conversation

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When the boy looked around, he was that the norm was killed. And it was done by the Angel in front of him. This was making him mad, his plan was all shattered now. Seraphina could feel his anger. All of a sudden he starts laughing loudly.

None of them was able to comprehend his weird actions. Why was he doing that for? The way his face looked. His laughter stopped in a while. '' You took me for a fool there and thought you can defeat me so easily. But that's not happening here. I will ask what I want to first,'' said the boy turning to Daniel.

'' Do you want to come with me? I can take you to the place where you truly belong to.''

'' The answer would always be no. Why would I want to leave my friends and come with you? Are you daydreaming or something?'' Daniel replied bluntly. He was sticking to his point. The smile on the boy's face disappeared in a while.

'' Then don't blame me for what I am about to do,'' just as he said that he produced bullets from his hands and fires all around the room. He was not looking at any kind of direction at all. '' Oh no, don't let him shoot near the plant. Or else it will leak all the contents,'' Chris instructs Daniel.

'' I am there,'' Gabriel said heading over to that side. They were shielding it with the body of the Pentagon. '' Wish Dina was here,'' Gabriel thought.

Daniel was shielding it with his sword. Seraphina helped Abel get inside the Octagon back then. The boy stopped shooting. Then he shouts. As he was doing that the whole room was now filled with crystals.

Crystals everywhere and here. Their Angels were stuck onto the ground because of the crystals. '' Do you notice something wrong with you?'' asked the boy looking at them. No one was in the condition to respond as everyone's body was filled with crystals now.

"I can't seem to get them off Daniel," Angelica said to her partner. "Same here the crystallization is not letting us move from the seat."

"You can't break them so easily as you did the last time. The assimilation phenomenon is trying to take over your body. How will be able to stop it?" That boy asked them wearing a silly expression.

"Isn't there anyone who can go and save them, anyone?"Ernest called. "Anyone respond."

"Taurus? Aquarius? Ifreet where are you?" Chris called over the call. " Ifreet here, there's a swarm of class D norms. We can't pass through the group."

"Where are you?'' Nora asked. "Near the water pipes."Taurus responds, "Melody called.

"I can't move our right leg is hurt. Send someone here to assist us."

"Ifreet?" Ernest asked. "Trying to head over there."

"Hold on you all," Ernest prayed in his heart. "Professor the crystallization is trying to get into their blood also. If it enters their body then it will assimilate the blood cells and block the flowing what should we do?"Nora asked staring at the screen.

Ernest had thought of something. '' Let's go there, at this rate the kids will die. If they die so will we. We have to make sure their survival,'' Ernest said. All the scientists were a little bit shocked. They didn't think that he will take such a drastic decision like that.

''Professor, You know we can get infected if we go there right?'' Chris asked stepping forward. Ernest looked at the screen. '' Yes, I know but we can't sacrifice those kids either. So I have to go there no matter what,'' he replied.

When he was about to leave Nora said from behind,'' Don't forget to take this with you.'' She hands him a gun. '' And we are going with you too,'' said the other scientists. Ernest smiled at them.

'' Daniel, I can feel my body growing cold. Why's that?''Angelica asked. '' I can only think of only one thing. These crystals are blocking the source of blood flowing into our bodies. At this rate, we will die,'' Daniel thoughts but keeps the information from his partner.

'' Don't you all feel like giving up now? Come to me,'' said the voice walking over to Symphony. '' If you come with me then we will create a new world without humans. There will only be the norm and no one else. This whole world will be ours, yes ours,'' shouts the boy laughing out loud.

'' That dream of yours is never going to come true,'' said Ernest arriving there.

'' What?'' that boy looks at the source of the voice. Ernest points his gun in his direction. Chris and other scientists follow him there. They had the gun in their hands also. He gave a disgusted look at the group of scientists.

'' What are you humans doing here?'' he asked looking at them. '' Professor,'' Gabriel called. '' Why are you doing this to those kids?'' shouts Chris. '' That's my decision, you humans don't have to interfere in this,'' shouts the boy glaring at them.

'' Yes, we get to interfere,'' Ernest says Chris to step away. '' Can I talk with you?'' Ernest pleads to that boy. That boy was silent for a while. ' You want to talk with me? But you will have to pay a price for that. Can you pay that?'' asked the boy with a devious smile appearing on her face.

Daniel's throat went dry over the fact. What is he going to make them pay? Angelica looked at Daniel. Even he didn't seem he has any clue at all.

'' What's the price? I will do my best to pay for the price,'' Ernest says stepping forward. '' I don't believe in your words so easily. You have to step inside the crystals first to make me believe in you. Can you do that?'' asked the boy with a smile appearing on his face.

Ernest gasped for a moment hearing that. '' Professor,'' Chris was trying to stop him from doing that. Ernest shrugs her hand off right away. He thought for a moment then replied,'' Alright if that's the price I have to pay for the conversation then I will do it.''

'' I will be alright,'' he whispered to the other scientists. Then he takes a deep breath and steps into the crystals. That boy smiled. '' You must be a fool for believing and trusting my words so easily. How can you trust your enemy?'' remarks the boy with a smirk.

'' I need to make you believe in me so I can do this little thing,'' replied Ernest walking up to face the boy there. '' You humans are amusing me day by day. So what do you want to talk to me?'' asked the boy.

''' Why are you attacking these kids and us humans? What did we ever do to you? You were the ones who came to attack us out of nowhere. You were the ones who wiped out the entire humanity. As a result, we had to make them protect us. Why are you and your comrades doing this to us?'' asked Ernest with his head held high.

Then the boy walked up to Symphony. '' why's the professor trying to talk to that norm?'' Gabriel asked Azrael. '' He must have some plan in mind. For the time being see if you can break the crystals,'' Azrael replied.

'' Why's it going in Daniel's direction?'' Seraphina thoughts. '' Can you move Sera?'' Abel asked. Seraphina was not listening to his words. That boy touched the leg of Symphony. '' Yes, we were the ones who came into this earth. We came to live with you humans peacefully. But you were the one who broke the peace. You treated us as outsiders and resented us. As a result, we had to do this. We also fought back like that we grew in number along with our strength had doubled. That's how we took over this world,'' said the boy.

'' This is a survival of the fittest. The one who has the most power will win here. Along with knowledge, we gathered it one by one. Now we are practically the rulers of this world. Yes, what you call the king. We have learned to speak and now we have our minds. Now I want that boy whom you have created. If he comes over to our side, Then we will be able to grow our forces even more than before. And like that, we will eliminate all the humans from this earth and create this a planet for us Norms to live, a paradise.''

'' Paradise, my foot. This is practically a hell where we have to be always aware of the danger coming before us. And your norms created this hell for us. Yes, you did,'' shouts Nora. She could not keep her anger in check.

Ernest was worried that the boy will get angry at this rate. The boy instead of getting angry started laughing. '' You humans are the lower beings now so you have to struggle with all your might. It's your fault, as you are weak. And here you are making use of my fallen comrades' souls to create your weapons huh? Who's the worst here?''.

'' What we do is what you deserve from us. You don't know how we can crush you to death. This whole planet is now our residing place. All the countries here are destroyed. There's no one here to stop us. Do you know why we hadn't killed you all before when we had the chance? It was because we were waiting for this boy to wake up. Yes, we were waiting for him to have his consciousness. And now he has grown that's the reason we are trying to keep you at bay so that we can take him along with us. He will serve our purpose,'' said the boy looking at Symphony.

'' It can't be, you are here to take Daniel away from here?'' Ernest asked. '' Yes, I had invited him but he can't seem to make up his mind. Guess he needs some time. Anyway, we have talked enough. Now you need to pay the price. It will cost you too much,'' said the boy.

All of a sudden Hope arrives there. That boy and Hope both look at each other now. '' Yo, my counterfeit how are you doing here?'' asked the boy. '' You...what....are you...doing here?'' Hope was not able to state its words properly.

Hope looked at the other Angels. '' I don't care what you want to do. I will do what I like,'' said the boy and he disappeared in front of their eyes that instant. When everyone was looking for him he went to stand beside one of the scientists there.

Ernest was the first one who was able to spot him. '' What are you doing?'' he shouts. That boy looks at the man in front of him. '' You were trying to think of a way to attack me right? With this gun of yours,'' he tried to touch it.

Then the man freaked out of fear so he pointed the gun at the boy. '' Get away from me, or I will shoot.'' '' Shoot me? Then shoot,'' said the boy stepping closer to him. '' I will shoot,'' said the man again his hand was now on the trigger.

'' Shoot, you can't? Then I will help you,'' said the boy grabbing hold of the gun. The bullet pierced through his forehead. But it did it no harm at all. He smiled at the man. '' Let me show you the price you have to pay for talking with me,'' said the boy as her was covering the gun with crystals.

Seeing that the man was about to leave the gun but he was unable to. Like that little by little his whole body was covered into crystals now only leaving his face. '' No, save me, I don't want to die,'' shouts the man in agony.

'' I don't care about you. Say your prayers,'' said the boy. '' No don't,'' Ernest was about to get in between them but what happened was the man was covered from crystals from head to toe, and thus the crystals break in front of them leaving no signs of the man there anymore.

Everyone there was in shock. '' So this is the price they have to pay for the conversation. Who knows what's coming further for us,'' Azrael thought.

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