The Price of the conversation

2130 Words

When the boy looked around, he was that the norm was killed. And it was done by the Angel in front of him. This was making him mad, his plan was all shattered now. Seraphina could feel his anger. All of a sudden he starts laughing loudly. None of them was able to comprehend his weird actions. Why was he doing that for? The way his face looked. His laughter stopped in a while. '' You took me for a fool there and thought you can defeat me so easily. But that's not happening here. I will ask what I want to first,'' said the boy turning to Daniel. '' Do you want to come with me? I can take you to the place where you truly belong to.'' '' The answer would always be no. Why would I want to leave my friends and come with you? Are you daydreaming or something?'' Daniel replied bluntly. He wa

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