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The boy there started laughing by himself now. When the scientist disappeared in front of their eyes they were shocked and more than that sad. Chris breaks out in tears wailing. '' Now, have you seen now much powerful I am? Can you defeat me now?'' asked the boy looking at all of their faces. '' Why did you had to kill him?'' Ernest yelled at him. He was pointing the gun in his direction. ''I don't need to clarify to you. I can do whatever I want to. It's my will,'' said the boy. He looked at Nora. Then appeared behind her. '' You know the way you insulted me earlier, had gotten to my head and I can't seem to take it anymore. Shall I blow a hole through your head?'' said the boy. His eyes were looking dangerous there. He was not playing with her. Nora gasped for a moment when she tried to recall what happened with the man earlier. '' We are not going to let you do anything any further,'' said a voice firing at the boy. He stepped away as a result. ''Who's that?'' he shouts. It was Ifreet along with Pentagon, Aquaris, Taurus there. All of them felt relieved to see them there. '' Everyone we have arrived,'' said Cannon clearing her throat. '' Angelica we are here,'' said Dina. '' You kids, how did you manage to beat them all?'' Ernest asked. '' We somehow managed, it took a lot of time to beat them all. What's the situation here?'' Michael asked. Ernest looked at the boy. '' It's as you see. The little boy here is our enemy this time,'' Nora said staring at it. It took them quite a hard time to believe that. '' Everyone, be on alert. He can use the crystallization to trap you all also,'' Ariel shouts attracting everyone's attention. ''He can't do anything. There's a lot of us here,'' replied Cannon. '' Are you taking me for a fool?'' shouts the boy. '' Eliminating you are the top priority of ours I guess,'' remarks Cassiel. '' Shall we do it, everyone?''. '' Yeah,'' shouts the other two in unison. '' Why you, wait how did you manage to come here? Did you killed all those norms on the way?'' asked the boy to them. '' Yes, we had to work this much because of you,'' said Cannon. '' Shoot aimlessly, professor take cover,'' Daniel shouts, '' But why?'' Cassiel asked.'' That's the only way for us to survive do it,'' shouts Daniel. '' Got it,'' Cain replied. '' I am not letting you do that,'' said the boy walking towards Daniel. Then Ifreet blocks the way. '' I will stop you down,'' saying this she attacks the boy. '' You don't know what you are trying to do,'' remarks the boy. '' Guess I will entertain you for a while.'' When they were keeping him engaged, Taurus started shooting at the other Angels who were crystallized. The group of scientists had also left by then. They managed to break out of the crystals as a result. While fighting Cannon the boy fell onto the ground. '' Damn it,'' he cursed them. '' What's wrong:? Having a hard time there are you?' mocks Cassiel arriving there. He looks up to see Daniel there also. '' How did you manage to get free so easily?' asked the boy. '' With the power of our teamwork. Now will you leave this place as early as possible?'' retorted Ariel. '' No, I am not leaving until I take you with me,'' he was referring to Daniel. '' He's not coming with you keep dreaming,'' Angelica retorts. He looks around to see that he was now cornered by all seven of the Angels. There stood Hope there on the other side of there. Hope was looking at him with eyes of pity now. '' So you are mocking me too huh? Have the best laugh ever. Even if I lose the fight I have nothing to lose here,'' he thoughts in his mind. '' Come at me,'' shouts the boy. When all of them were fighting him he was at his wit's end now. Hope felt that he was nearing the end of his life now. Hope came there to defend him now. '' Everyone stop, don't do this,'' it pleads to everyone. That boy was not able to understand why Hope was doing that for. "Why are you defending for him?" Daniel shouts. " That's because...."Hope could not answer him. "No need to cover for me," said the boy behind it clicking his tongue. "I am a whole lot stronger than you think. Even if you manage to kill me nothing would happen." "There are lots of not in my army. if they all come to attack you then you and your team won't be able to win against them. Count your days," said threatening them "Why are you doing this?", Hope asked that boy." So that I can take that boy away with me. Tell him to come with me," said the boy. '' I am not going to come with you do whatever you want to,'' Daniel shouts running to that boy attacking him with the sword. The sword pierced through his body. '' Die you norm,'' he shouts. The boy smiled then touched the sword with his hands then looked at Daniel. He could feel as if he peeking at his inner soul. '' You will come to me eventually whether it's today, or tomorrow. Someday later you will come to me. You will understand the meaning of power And you will come searching for me when that happens. As you are the chosen one you will learn the meaning of power. That day is near I know,'' said the boy with a smile. '' Chosen one?'' Daniel could not understand what he was trying to say. '' He will never go over to your side,'' said Ariel forcing their lance into the boy's body. But they could not manage to take the core away. '' Only time will tell, for the time being, I should leave this place. See you later, and enjoy this gift from me,'' said the boy. '' See you again the chosen one.'' All of a sudden there was an explosion. The next moment they open their eyes again they were covered with crystals. The professors had escaped the place for now. The humans Who were searching for peace for all those years will find the peace which they wanted all along? Or the way for peace is much r than they thought? As the chosen one what choice will he make for humanity? Will he go over to the enemy's side? or will he go to the ally? Does he know who the true enemy orally? Or is everyone hiding their true selves behind the mask of good? Whatever he does will affect the future. The peaceful times won't remain forever.
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