Mourning the death of the lost one

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What followed after it was they managed to recover the Angels from the crystals. The professors were also affected by the death of the lost one. They decided to hold a funeral for him. They went over to the place where the cores are kept. Daniel and the other kids also arrived there after their checkups. There was the picture of the man who was being assimilated by the enemy. Ernest kept a candle there for him. Chris and Nora both were crying back then. Ernest was standing there looking absent-minded. Then Angelica came. '' Sorry to make you wait,'' she said looking at everyone's faces. '' Did you brought the flowers?'' Melody asked walking over to her side. She nods. '' Give them to him then, he will feel better,'' Melody said patting her on the shoulder. She walks over to the picture as everyone watches her go. She offered those flowers for him to regain his life again. '' Everyone says together,'' Melody instructs.'' May your soul be able to reach the alter of go.'' They said in unison as Melody prays. '' Is there any god here? If there is I want him to show himself to me. I want to ask him why do we have to go through all of these? Why do we have to suffer so much? Why's there so much hatred? Why's there battle everywhere?'' Daniel thought in his mind. Just why? Why can't the happy times that they had spent previously come to behave to them again? Why did they have to lose the man who was alive some while ago? Why do the norms hate the humans as the humans hate the norms? Just why was the battle going on for so many years but there was no solution? Why were the so-called adults not able to give them any proper answer about the norms? What did they do to make the boy there their enemy? What's the relationship between Hope and that boy who called him his brother? All of these questions were now going in the head of those kids. They wanted to ask the professors about it but they were unable to do so. '' May his soul be in peace,'' said Chirs. Then Nora was cheering up one woman who had been refusing to offer him any flowers. She managed to bring herself to offer the flowers but they fall from her hands as she tried to pray for him. '' Why did you had to die Kenn? Even though I loved you so much,'' the woman bursts out in tears now. She could not keep hold of her tears anymore. She was wailing loudly. '' Hey, Daniel why's she crying so much ?'' Angelica asked. '' That's because she had lost someone whom she had cared for all these years,'' Melody replied patting her on the head. '' Someone we care for? Somone...'' she was mumbling to herself then she looked at Daniel. '' If something had happened to him then I would have been sad also.'' '''s much worse...I would not have been able to take it. I would have destroyed everything...'' When Angelica was thinking that the look in her eyes had changed as she was fisting her hands. It was then Ariel called from behind her. '' Hey, is everything alright with you? You seem a little bit strange.'' Angelica was back to normal now. '' Ah yes, I am fine now.'' Nora was trying to soothe Chris also as he was also close to her. "Are you alright?" she asked placing her hand on Chris's shoulder only to feel a stab in her finger. "Ouch," she cried out in pain. Everyone looked at her strangely. "What's wrong?"Chris asked. "I don't know but my fingers.'' Ernest was able to realize something. "It can't be," he went to Chris and was trying to unbutton her shirt. "Professor, what are you?"Nora was not able to understand what he was doing There. He took off the coat and unbuttoned her shirt. His eyes widened to see that. "As I had expected," he lets out a deep sigh seeing that. They Were Also appearing on her shoulder. Chris herself was quite shocked to see that. Her face had gone pale. "Move it, "Melody also tries to look closely. She tried to touch it and get it off. But she was unable to do that."Don't force it or else it will spread at a much faster speed on her body. Leave it as it is, "Ernest advised taking his glasses off. "But professor how will we cure this? We don't have the facility to treat it?" asked Nora. "Let me see, but as you know when the assimilation phenomenon starts it doesn't cure easily. With time it takes over the body and then the host...". "Die, Chris said with a horrified look on her face. "So this was the gift he was talking about before he left? You norm, "Daniel shouts gritting his teeth. "Daniel calms down," Angelica said. "What might be the reason for this professor?"Melody asked. "Most probably the direct contact with the crystals. And the particles in the air. But there are no theories to support it." "We need to take precautions before others are also affected by this. Everyone gets the checkups done for us all," Ernest's words were plain and simple. "You kids get the injections done,'', Nora says to the kids. Nora gave the injections It was then Melody asked Nora to give them the injections. "Why did those crystals appeared on her body?". "Cause we humans have less resistance to the assimilation phenomenon, "Melody replied."Hand me the reports professor wants that.'' "Here take it," Nora handed her something. It was a file. "They are making a progress in a short amount of time good,'' she remarks looking at them. , "Where's Chris,?" Steven asked.,"In the room. She was in a bad condition as I recall, "Melody explained "Wish there was a cure to that, "Melody comments. Back at the room, Chris was looking downstairs with a horrified look on her face. Ernest was trying to console her. '' I did not think that both of the bad news will be coming to us on the same day,'' Ernest comments patting her on the shoulder. '' Don't you think that this is the result of the sins that you have committed in the past?'' Hope comments standing near the door. Ernest glared at Hope. '' Sin? What might you be talking about?'' Chris asked. Hope walks inside. '' The sin you committed by dragging the kids along with this war. You know this is nothing more than a war for survival right?''. '' You may be right, but Chris is not in that condition to know about that. I hope you will refrain from this,'' Ernest said. '' Let me look at your body. Remove your top,'' Hope said to Chris. '' I will be going away then,'' Ernest was about to get up but then Chris held down his hand. Chris took off her top to let Hope see the condition of her body. Hope touched the crystals. '' This is just the first stage. But it will eventually take over your body. And this will happen to all of you. This is not curable, but you might try curing this. Only those kids are the one who is not affected by that. You are just mere humans how can you bear this.'' '' But we can't become monsters like them,'' shouts Chris losing all control over her speech and actions. '' That's where you are wrong. They are not monsters as you think,'' added Hope leaving her body. '' The truth may be too cruel to accept but the fact doesn't change that they are monsters. That will remain the same,'' Chris comments. '' These crystals can wipe out a life in an instant. They can restrain that. What can we call them other than monsters?''. There was someone who was able to hear their conversation. It was Azrael, he came to hand over the report of their condition to Ernest. He managed to hear that and he froze there in shock. I
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