The true purpose behind this project

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Azrael could not move from there but he knew that if he had gone inside and asked them about it they will ignore him only. So he needs to leave, he needs to run away from here and find out about it. He walked away from there in steady steps taking the file with him.

He ran and ran to his room. Gabriel was not inside there now so he could rest a little. The truth that he heard back there was too much for him to accept. Meanwhile back in the room, Chris became so angry that she was about to attack Hope but Ernest was trying to calm her down.

'' I think we are done discussing this matter. You may leave, I asked you to come here if you could give us some suggestions. If you can't give then leave,'' Ernest stated to Hope. Hope just smiled. '' You have faced your back against the wall. Struggle as much as you want only to face despair and nothing else. The darkness that you have touched there's no way for you to get back the light.''

'' Yeah we don't need to, now go away,'' Ernest said. '' I think you can try changing the chromosomal changes in your body. Or try to make an antidote but I guess it won't prove to be much useful. This the outcome of your work. Deal with it yourselves.'' saying this Hope leaves the room.

He lets out a deep sigh as he stares at the reflection of itself on the glass. "I am also the same as him. I don't have the words to console someone either," he touched his reflection.

In his room, Azrael looked at the papers and thought there had been too many secrets surrounding them. The time has arrived for them to know the truth about their existence.

He was thinking about it with a rational mind. "I need to find out about us. The only way to learn about is...I need the map of this whole place to know that. I don't know what might be the truth about us that they are keeping but I want to know."

It was then the door opened revealing Gabriel there. She was kinda surprised to see him there. She went from behind him and hugged him. "Az, when did you came inside?".

"You had gone to give the reports right?". He nods. When he looks back at her something comes up into his mind.

"Gab, can you call Daniel here? I have some business with him, "Azrael said turning to her.

"Daniel? Oh alright then," she leaves the room and brings him inside with him.

"Why did you called me Azrael?"Daniel asked with a grunt. Azrael finds a blank paper a pen.

Then looks at Daniel."You remember everything that you see. Can you tell me about all the rooms and their locations?'' Azrael asked.

Daniel thought about it for a while they asked," What are you going to do with it?".

Azrael expected purposes.l.lion. "I am making this for emergency purposes when you see the Norms attack it will be easy for us to make a strategy there," he replied.

He looked persuaded he's not the kind to suspect his comrade so easily. '' Alright, I will help you out then. Listen...."Daniel tells him about the locations as he notes it all down one by one at last he was done.

"Thank you, Daniel," he said to his friend. "I am glad to help. See you later then, "Daniel leaves.

When Azrael looks at it everything makes sense to him. He leaves the room with the map in his hands. Later at night after dinner, he was thinking of ways to go there.

When Gabriel had fallen asleep he takes out the map and plans Where he will find some information about them.

After thinking for the whole night he decided to check out all the available place's one by one. For the sake of his friends, he will do it.

At first, he decided to check out the oxygen plant where Hope was living all this while. No one had woken up so he could find something in there or so he thought.

There was nothing in there only except the crystals. He recalls the scene how the man was assimilated. He touched the crystals crouching down onto the ground.

He tried to concentrate by closing his eyes and with the touch of his hands, the crystals were assimilated.

He was surprised. "Guess we have the power to assimilate each other. We both are threats to our existence. As expected we are not humans, are we? that's what I have to find out no matter what."

"I need to tell them about what I managed to discover. It will come in handy." he took out the map and heads towards the next place.

He managed to find nothing in the other places. "Now the only place in the map is the lab where they do all the experiments.''

He thought about coming here at night. When everyone was sleeping he planned to escape from the garden of Eden. When Gabriel was asleep he gets out planning to leave he walks past the other room the goes to the land of the nod there.

There was no one in front of the door. But he knew that even if he has gone inside There had to be some sort of trap in there. Still, he went in.

Looking around he searched throughout the reports trying to find something. He looks through the dozens of papers in there but managed to find nothing he felt agitated now.

Just when he was about to give up all sorts of hope he saw a key hanging There. "If there's q key there had to be a locker,'' he thought.

He spotted a big box after looking around so much. He puts in the key but it requires a password. Azrael was not able to think about what it is. '' It's the box of professor, so the password had to be.'' He typed Angel there and the box opens.

Inside it was filled with papers too. He could not understand what they were about. But he managed to spot a blueprint of the design of the Angels. He became interested so he took them out and placed them onto the ground looking at them with keen interest.

He scattered them all around him now. After going through each of them he managed to discover something which he was never supposed to find. '' This's this possible?'' he thought inside his mind.

The papers fell from his hands leaving him in complete despair.

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