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His throat went dry, he was not able to understand what to do now. He again starts reading them. '' The Norms, Which are the silicon-based life forms had evaded the earth. It was the beginning of the apocalypse. Thus all the countries tried to put together their armies together to fight off the norms but they failed. As a result, almost ninety percent of humanity had died.'' '' It was then the humanity had gone underground. The year the professor started making the anti-norm mecha also called the Angels he learned that only the chosen ones can pilot it. Those who tried to pilot it was assimilated by the strong assimilation phenomenon the Mecha contained. It was then I decide to suggest this project called' Anti assimilation resistant artificial human project' which will be to make new life forces which will be made to fight off the forces of norms. They will become the soldier in our long battle and fight for us. Yes, they are the artificial humans who are born with the living cells of the norms and the body of a human.'' '' Just like the Angels, they are the creation of the god himself to protect us. So I named them the first child of God who was sent to earth to save mankind. It was Adam, the male ones, and Eve, the female ones. They both will become the wing supporting one another to fight off the norms by riding the so-called Angel.'' '' Just like the soldiers of god they will serve their purpose and protect us by fighting them. As we can't do that as we normal humans are not made in that way. If we get too close to them then the assimilation phenomenon will start in our body and we will die.'' There was something like a letter too. There were different handwritings there. '' I didn't think that they will bring so many kids here for this project. I feel like a sinner to play with the lives of all those babies. Today too many died, I can't bear with it anymore. I also killed the humanity within me like that,'' reading them tears were falling out of his eyes. He starts reading the other one. '' Today too many died, but there was a survivor who managed to survive all the projects that we did to him. Yes, it's a healthy baby growing in the lab, we will name him soon. There's also a new girl who managed to survive along with him. Yes, it's a girl, she will become his companion.'' '' I am glad it's such a healthy baby. Like this, some other babies also managed to survive. They are our hope who will save us in the future. Please grow up well. We pray that you will save us.'' There was another letter. "The Norm that we managed to catch and put in our lab it's growing slowly little by little. We used his blood cells so that they won't be able to assimilate the kids when they ride the Angles. It's funny to think how we are making use of the enemy's power to kill them out." '' That day we were attacked by the group of norms without any notice I saw how the first baby managed to survive even though he was in front of it." "Is this Daniel? He has to be," he looked even more. "With time their healing abilities are supposed to be grown stronger who knows if that's true or not." "The government had stopped giving us funds for the research so we had to go on surviving with our little ability. It was hard at first but we managed to survive. I am glad. Now we can live in peace.'' "I almost freaked out seeing them talk at such a young age. As expected they are not normal. But the professor told me not to overreact so I am going to do as he said. Act normal around them, that's the only way for us to make them believe In us." "They seem to be growing up just as we had expected. They need to prove worthy of our kindness." "I still feel that what we are doing is a sin. Killing all those lives for the sake of us. I can't forgive myself for doing this. Will they ever forgive us for doing this without their permission." There was another letter among them. It was named, "A Letter to myself." Azrael picked it up and started reading," You had failed in many things and succeed in many. I want my invention to become grateful for the world. The burden that has taken up my shoulders is too much heavy to carry. Yes, I can realize that now." "Those children are the ones who will pave the way for us to the future. But what scares me is this, The future that we are looking forward to. Will it be really what we are hoping for? Is it full of surprises or full of things which will despair us?". "With the uncertainty in our hearts, we are going along with this project. Who knows what's waiting for us. Is it hope of Despair?". "Their life will shorten with the time they ride the Angles. But we have to keep the matter secret to them. Ironically, we are the ones who raised them. And we are the ones whose trying to take away their lives from them. For our survival, we have to do this. I still beg for mercy." "They don't know that they are turning into a norm inside themselves little by little. We won't be able to confess the truth to them. And we never will that's the vow we took since we got our hands into this project." "I had advised Ernest that we shouldn't play with their lives like this. But he didn't listen to a word I said. In the end, what I could leave was the gifts to the kids that's the books written by me. I had written them within the time I had spent here. Treasure them well." '' I don't want to fill them up by writing all the sad memories that I have gathered here. I want to fill them up with the good memories that I have spent here, so that's why I will talk about my best memories just like, the time when Daniel the first survivor of the project was born. I can't forget that time. We were on the edge of our seats hoping for him open his eyes. And you know the best thing is he laughed instead of cried. That little thing growing up was something I want to watch till the time I have left in my hands now.'' Azrael's eyes were stuck on the part.'' The time I have left in my hands. Is he going to die?'' he thought and was reading even further. '' It's been a long time since I had been living with this disease. This is a secret lung disease that I have kept from the eyes of my fellow scientists. And you know what's secret about it? The disease itself. I have to say I am such an intelligent person that no one here has been able to find out about it.'' '' Let me tell you about this disease. The disease itself is caused by the particles of the crystalization effect. It has somehow managed to enter my body and has taken over my lungs. As a result, it had stopped functioning day by day. I don't know how we will be able to cure this. That's why, before I die, I want to write about it down. I hadn't managed to find a cure till now but I hope someone will do it. And if these papers can reach the kids I want to say. Don't think bad about us adults. We tried out very best to raise you.'' '' Like little by little these crystals are taking over my body. My body is starting to feel very light these days. I feel as I can see god every day in my sleep. It's funny how we scientists believe in god and I can see god. I believe in God, I believe that his very existence is what keeps us going. And I believe that he will also save you. You'll find salvation one day. I believe that.'' '' Time is drawing closer, I can feel that. My life has been burned out even beyond existence. Do we even have an existence? I don't think so. No matter what it is, in the end, everything goes back to nothingness. Me too will go back to nothingness one day and no one will remember me. But I want someone to remember me when I leave this earth. I want to leave a little bit of myself into someone or something. So I am giving you these books. Don't ever forget me or them or else I will come back to haunt you in your dreams.'' '' Today's the last night. I know it better than anyone. But even till the last, I am not going to tell them about it. There's a trick up my sleeve which no one will be able to know. And guess what, the one who's reading this, I am not going to reveal it to you also. My secret will die within me, just like me. It's goodbye, but not for real. Cause we don't know maybe something like reincarnation exists. And I will come back to life again just like a bang.'' '' Even I am laughing at the last line don't worry. But, if reincarnation is possible, the next page.'' He flipped it. I want to be born into this earth again without war and all, just like a normal human. '' Goodbye, the one reading this. By the time you read this, I won't be in this world anymore. But my consciousness will remain within you. Wink.'' And at the end, don't forget that you have a place to go back to. You have to be the one who will have to protect it for the sake of others.'' '' Goodbye everyone, goodbye myself. And goodbye to all the dreams that I held to in my chest every day as I slept.'' The last line was enough for him to cry like a child. '' This maybe, the first time I have ever cried only by reading something. This didn't felt like the last words of someone whose about to die. This felt like the words of the man who lived every day thinking of new ways to live. Then why did he had to die? Why someone like him?'' he was not able to say out those words loud but he wanted to express them. One paper fell from the middle of them. The letters were in bold letters. '' The number of casualties in this project was over one thousand people. Among them, only fourteen children managed to survive.'' The rest of them had been assimilated in the aftereffect of the crystalization effect. The remains were used to make the Angels. His eyes were stuck to the ground seeing that. '' Everyone was killed for the sake of our survival. Those humans, for us half norms. I can't believe that'' he was gripping onto the papers. All of a sudden he heard footsteps coming closer to him now. '' I need to hide,'' that was the only thing going on in his mind now. He had hidden behind the shelf of the lab glass. '' The door was supposed to be closed right? Why's it open?'' Chris asked Melody. '' I don't know myself. I recall that I had closed them or is this my mistake?''. '' Maybe it was your mistake or someone had gotten inside here. That has to be the case, Look around,'' Chris instructs Melody. They both go on their separate ways now. As the sound of footsteps was coming closer Azraels' breathing was becoming uneven. If they discover him now then all the information will never be able to go out. Chris was now standing behind the glass he was hiding behind. '' I should go this way.'' she thought. Seeing that Azrael felt very much afraid. He saw her foots coming towards him. '' Someone save me,'' he prayed in his heart.
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