On the move

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'' Chris,'' Melody called from the other side. '' What is it?''. '' There's no one here let's go back. It's night anyway, I want to take some rest switch with me,'' she replied. '' Alright then, let's go,'' Chris went back after that. Azrael lets out a sigh of relief. He puts down the papers and decides to leave the place. If he takes them someone will suspect him that will be trouble. So he puts them back into their original place and decided to exit the place. The door was not locked so he was able to leave on time. He went back to his room and acted as if nothing happened to him. It was only the next morning, they were all called to arrive at the lab without putting on their suits. Everyone arrived at them on time. Then the professors arrive there along with Hope following behind them. They had some papers on their hands. Ernest stands in the middle and cleared his throat. '' I guess you must be wondering why we called you so early in the morning. The thing is we have important news to give to you. Melody will announce that.'' She steps forward and begins to say,'' As you already know that the enemy has grown a lot stronger since we started fighting. So we had been planning out some strategies ourselves. So today what we will be doing is moving.'' '' Moving?'' it made no sense to Daniel. '' You are not able to understand what I am saying I guess. By moving means we will leave this place and go to some other place. That is the surface. All along we had been living underground but now we will be leaving on the surface.'' '' But Professor, on the surface there are enemies. What if we are attacked by a group of them?'' Angelica remarks. '' Yeah professor,'' added Dina. '' We know that very well, but we are not going surface without precautions. We have a plan in mind,'' Ernest replied. '' What plan?'' Gabriel added. '' We will be going surface. But not without thinking. We will go to the surface with all the preparations. You will stay in your suits. Then we will keep watch from the control room. The enemy has learned about our positions that's why we have to exchange it or else they will have a good time attacking us. This is the most important concern for us. So we decided to move,'' Ernest said. '' And this was suggested by none other than me,'' Hope adds stepping forward. '' I know how they behave that's why we will be moving. We just had to inform you that we will be conducting it that's all.'' '' You are sure about the matter ?'' Daniel asked. He sounded serious about it. '' Yes, everyone had agreed on this matter,'' added Chris. '' Then good.'' Everyone was silent then. Among this Dina raised her hand in an attempt to say something,'' Everyone, can you tell me how this place will move? I mean this is connected with the ground right?''. '' Yes, I was worried about it also,'' added Cannon. '' This is a moving fortress. It can move also, you don't have to worry about it,'' Nora replied arriving there. '' Shall we start?''. She looked at Ernest. '' Yes, we shall, head over to the control room.'' '' You kids get ready,'' Chris said. '' Yes Ma'am,'' they reply in unison. Thus they get into their Angels and were placed in different positions. ' Surfacing in ten minutes countdown starts' there was this announcement. Symphony was placed in the rear, along with Aquarius. It was then Angelica said,'' Hey, Daniel, did you expected this when you woke up? Can you believe it? Well, will be able to see the sky after all this while. The sky was the blue sky that we only imagined as the professor had said. The sky, I wonder how it looks like. Don't you think about it?''. Her eyes were sparkling in excitement when she said that. She faced him. '' Hey, are you listening to me?'' she pouts at him. '' Yes, I am listening. I am also excited to see the sky, I had read about it in the books. I bet it must be as blue as we imagined it to be,'' he replied staring at the screen. He seemed to be thinking about something in his mind. '' Blue huh? I bet it must be,'' she added. '' This feels like a new experience. I wonder what it looks like. Will there be houses? Or lots of people? I wonder if there will be lots of things that we hadn't seen. This feels as we are going on a new journey. I am so excited over this.'' '' It's not like there will be only exciting or fun things waiting for us on the surface. Don't hold your hopes too high. You will only be disappointed by this. We may be able to face too many enemies right at the moment we go surface. Prepare yourself for that.'' She gave a sour expression back at him. '' You seem to pour water on my expectations. Don't do that, we are allowed to have our imagination and dreams. Even if it's not worth dreaming I am still hoping to see a beautiful world at the surface. You live in your reality and I will live in my own,'' she looked away when that happened. '' There's nothing called your reality or my reality. The reality is the same for everyone. It's the truth that we are living in. Guess talking with logic does not affect your pea-sized brain, my fault,'' he apologized with a sigh. '' What? You are calling my brain pea-sized? How can you do that?'' she yelled. '' Cause it is learning to accept the truth. Look professor is saying something. The count down had started,'' he pointed out and placed his hands on the steering. '' Be prepared and good luck,'' he said. The whole place that they had been living in all this while had started moving now. They could feel that it was moving. '' Control room? Everything working well?'' Chris asked. '' Signal all green.'' '' On alert, enemies might come anytime,'' Nora added taking a seat beside Chris. Meanwhile, Azrael hadn't talked to anyone about what he learned the other night. He has grown too much quiet now. Gabriel could feel something was wrong with him but she could not find out a way to ask him. She kept staring at him for a while. It was then Azrael could understand that she wanted to say something. "What is it?" he asked. She stuttered. "Huh, what?". "You wanted to say something right? Tell me," he replied. "Well, will you reply to what I want to ask?" she asked while looking at the other way. He nods in reply. '' Well,..last night when we were sleeping...'' she begins to say. '' You were not there when I had tried to look for you. But you were nowhere to be found. Where did you go to in the middle of the night? You were not in the bathroom or anywhere also.'' When he was about to open his mouth to speak up there was the announcement. ' Surfacing in ten seconds, nine,.'. '' Be on the alert,'' he said to her. 'Five, four, three, two, one, zero. Surfacing complete.' They were finally on the surface. For the first time, they were able to see the surface of the place above the ground. ' Show on the screen', Ernest commands. Everything was clear to them now. Angelica was holding onto her expectation to see the surface world the blue sky and the trees and all. But what was awaiting them was not the same scenario as they imagined. There were broken and rundown buildings in front of them. It was as if the end of civilization. Yes, the sky was blue as they thought but there were not the beautiful and fun things they had expected. '' We have landed successfully,'' Hope announced. ' Any signs of enemy nearby?'' Ernest added. '' No enemy detected in a while''. '' Still stay on guard,'' Ernest replied. '' I am going out for a while.'' '' Wait professor,'' Chris stopped him. '' I am joining you too. You all stay in your positions,'' she said to others. They went out to check out the surroundings. Ernest had his gun along with Chris too. At last, they were out. Ernest remained silent as he stepped his foot into the dirt and the soil for the first time after all those years. '' This is our homeland but we can't call it ours. Quite ironic isn't it?'' Ernest remarks. '' They have taken over everything we can't help it can we?'' she replied. He nods. '' Let's go back, we need to tell them it's safe for now.''
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