The Rogue Luna's Revenge



Despite being a rogue, and chosen by Alpha Eric to be his chosen mate. Savannah did everything to become the perfect Luna of the Black Moon Pack.

Savannah thought she could finally have her happy ending with Alpha Eric but everything changed when Alpha Eric found his mate. She couldn't believe Alpha Eric was ready to dispose of her like trash after her efforts.

Because of her resistance to separating from him, Savannah was accused of having an affair with another man which led her to die by burning alive at the public market.

Savannah swore she would do anything to get the justice she needed if the moon goddess was real. Her pleas heard by the moon goddess gave her a second chance to correct her mistake.

Savannah became a powerful Luna in the blink of an eye. She was ready to fight those people who betrayed her and devoured them with her strength and intelligence.

What would Savannah do once she found out her fate had an extravagant twist in her life? What would she do once she found her true mate who would love her despite her past? What would she do once Alpha Eric became an obsessive Alpha who was ready to have a war with those who wanted to be with her?

Would she choose Alpha Eric and forgive her? Or would she choose the man she was fated with?

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Chapter 1
“Savannah, what a beautiful name you have. I can help you avenge your husband, as long as you will be mine starting today,” he whispered while he almost kissed my ear. Because of his actions, I quickly experienced goosebumps. His beauty was so mouthy that I wanted to grab his offer. “Hurt people, hurt people. I'm willing to be your lover if you want to,” he added, making me swallow hard. He lowered his head, slowly moving closer to me, and closed his eyes before he licked his pinkish, detectable lips. “He's stupid to cheat on you. He's blind, but I'm not. Savannah, as long as you will agree to my terms, I can do anything for you.” ~~ Savannah “I finally found my mate,” he paused with a coldness in his face. His eyes were emotionless, giving me a hard pang in my chest. “Savannah, Rianna wants me to reject you. She's right, the mate bond of the chosen mate isn’t as serious as the fated one. I only chose you to be my mate, and if we reject each other, I’m sure it’s less painful than the real one.” My lips parted in disbelief because of what I heard from Alpha Eric. I couldn't understand why he dared to tell me about his fated mate. He didn't even care about my feelings--- his wife's feelings! I grew up in an adoption center and experienced being tortured for five years. When I escaped from the adoption center, I became a rogue who roamed the forest day and night. Being a rogue wasn't easy, especially when we were haunted by any werewolf who had a pack. But my life changed when I met Alpha Eric. I never thought he wouldn't think twice about making me stay in his pack. I became a member of the pack, and he was the one who helped me start my new life. What was more surprising was when he chose me to be the Luna of this pack. I didn't have second thoughts about accepting his proposal because he promised he would reject his mate once he finally saw her. However, his promises were useless because he finally saw his mate, and he was head over heels for her. It seemed he had already forgotten all of my efforts to be his perfect Luna. “Y-You promise you will reject your mate once you see her when you ask me to marry you, Alpha Eric." My voice cracked when my throat got dry. I heavily swallowed as tears formed in my eyes. He watched me with his bored and cold gaze as I tried to stop my tears from flowing. I couldn't understand why he didn't think of me when he decided to waste our three years of marriage. “Yeah, but I changed my mind now. She's good to be the next Luna of my pack. I needed my fated Luna who would do anything for the sake of my pack," he heartlessly responded. “I-I did everything for you so I can be good and perfect Luna you want—” “I don’t think you can, Savannah. You’re getting weaker and it makes you not qualified to be my wife. You already lost your wolf. I don’t want to get humiliated once they find out I have a useless mate. You know how I want this position, and I don’t want this to be taken away just because of you.” As my tears glistened on my cheeks, his words were like sharp knives, stabbing me several times. I gasped, and I felt that within a second, I had forgotten how to breathe properly. I was wailing as my tears betrayed me once again and continued to flow down my cheeks. The discomfort in my chest was unbearable. I was flabbergasted to hear that all of my efforts were like trash from his perspective. My mouth quivered, and I hoped I would move on after this trauma he had caused me. I wasn't his fated mate, and that was the reason why he couldn't appreciate having me. “Alpha Eric, we have been married for three years. I don’t think I want to reject you, and I have the right not to agree about the rejection process because— Ugh!” He didn’t let me finish my words when his hand grasped my neck with anger. He tightened his grip while his eyes glowed red, and he clenched his jaw. s**t. As I tried to restrain myself from his hold, he pushed me with force against the wall, which led me to wince after my head slammed against the wall. A groan escaped from my lips when he loosened his hold on my neck before he stepped forward to pull my hair. As I whimpered in pain, I felt my scalp itch when I felt his hand tighten my hair. I thought he would pull my hair until I became bald. “You are f*****g useless b***h! What makes you think you have the right not to accept the rejection? Savannah, without me, you’re nothing. If I don’t help you, I’m certainly sure you will be a bum nincompoop wolfless who will roam around the forest. Perhaps you will die that day when I don’t rescue you! Ungrateful b***h!” he angrily snarled. He cupped my face while he used his other hand to continue pulling my hair. My face was set because of tears. I was such a mess. “I don't want an incapacitated Luna who can't defend herself from her Alpha. You already lost your wolf, and maybe your wolf doesn't want to be with you, too.” “You will accept my rejection after the party! Do you understand me?” he roared. He pressed his hand on my chin, forcing me to nod at him, and that was what I did so he could stop hurting me. He pushed my head violently, which made my head bump onto the floor. “Alpha Eric...” I heard a soft tone coming toward our direction. A second passed when the door opened, and I saw her, widening her eyes with satisfaction. Her lips trembled, and she looked at Alpha Eric with sadness. “I'm sorry, Savannah. It's Alpha Eric who wants me—” “You don't need to explain your side to her. I'm only trying to teach her a lesson.” Alpha Erin didn't let her finish her words. He gave me one cold glance before he walked closer to Rianna. He held her waist like she was sort of fragile glass he didn't like to be shattered. “Alpha Eric, you don't need to do this to your wife. She's your Luna, your other half and I'm willing to leave your pack even though I know it will be more painful on my part because of the mate bond,” Rianna spat out softly. She made sure her tone was full of sorrow to make Alpha Eric give her a growl. ` “Rianna, you're my mate, and you deserve to be set to the next position," Alpha Eric whispered sweetly, he was trying to calm her, tame her so she wouldn’t leave in his pack. He dragged her out of the room leaving me alone while I was sobbing hard. My makeup was smudged, and I felt bad that Omega needed to redo my makeup for me. “I'm sorry if I--” “Luna, you don't need to feel sorry about your makeup. We already know what's happening. I'm sorry to hear that.” Terry gave me a sympathetic look before she fixed my makeup. I gave her a nod and tried my best not to share what happened to me. I wish I had a parent so I could share how hurt and miserable I was tonight. Tonight was the last party I would be part of because tomorrow Rianna would take my place. “Alpha Eric is dumb to choose someone he only meets this month.” I heard Terry comment. I heard a loud knock coming from the door before it opened. I saw Beta Yves, coming in my direction with a severe expression. Terry moved away from me before I stood up to go forward to Beta Yves. “Luna Savannah, Alpha Eric is waiting for your presence in the car,” he said. He gave me a sympathetic look before he ushered me out of my room. I even caught him glancing at me multiple times and he avoided me whenever he saw me looking at him. “How long do you know about Rianna?” I couldn't stop myself from asking. He was the most trusted Beta of Alpha Eric, and I knew he would tell me everything he learned about their relationship. “Beta Yves, I want to know the truth. Is he sleeping with her while we're still in the bond?” He sighed. His lips were in a thin line when he answered, “Is it better that you not know the answer to your questions? You will feel less pain once the bond is---” “Less pain? Beta Yves, I’m terribly hurt right now, and this pain isn’t less like what you’re trying to say to me. You’re aware how I love your Alpha. It’s you who witnessed how I fell in love with him even though we aren’t fated as mates.” “I'm the Beta of this pack, I oath to be faithful to my Alpha---” “As the Beta, you must correct your Alpha whenever he prioritizes to use of his emotions. Beta Yves, you're one of the trusted friends I can consider in my life.” I tried my best to utter those words without him recognizing I was in sorrow and anger. Beta Yves stopped walking and then turned around to face me. Guilt was evident in his eyes when he inhaled. “He’s lying when he mentioned to you, he found her after a month. The truth is he’s been secretly meeting her and having an affair with her for almost six months.” he paused. He was hesitant to continue but he added, “If you want to know if he’s sleeping with her. Luna Savannah, since you want me to be honest with you, I caught him sleeping with her whenever you’re preoccupied with your Luna jobs. Sometimes, they were having s*x inside your room. If you want to know if he regrets doing it, sadly, I don’t see any remorse in his eyes. My eyes sparkled in tears when I heard what he had told me. My hands were shaking, and I wanted to hurt them back for hurting me. They were mistreating me because I was only a rogue, who unluckily turned into Luna. “I--I see.” My tone became raspy as I tried to hold my emotions to burst out. Beta Yves looked away from me then he continued walking down the stairs. I was thankful he helped me to step because I knew I would fall. After all, I couldn't focus my thoughts. I saw the car parked at the front of the pack house; I was about to open the back seat when Rianna rushed towards me then intentionally bumped into my shoulder. My forehead formed a scowl when I saw Alpha Eric hug her and then point the passenger seat for me. “I bring Rianna with me. She always needs me so she will recover soon...” I didn't say anything, but Alpha Eric continued, “It's the mate bond thing if you don't know what I meant.” Beta Yves went to the driver's seat to drive the car, but I caught him giving a glance before he started driving the car. I hoped everything went well because I felt there was something wrong and was about to happen. “I can't believe Alpha Eric brought his mate here while he's with his Luna.” “Yeah, the audacity but we can't blame him. Luna Savannah is only a rogue. She's the one who tainted his images.” “Yeah, a rogue isn't welcome here in the party.” My hands clenched to the wine glass and drank it with one gulp. These women did everything to please me and now they were turning their backs on me. They might be thinking I didn't have any use at all. “Luna Savannah, I hope you don't mind if Alpha Eric brought me here with you...” Rianna plastered a sweet smile on her lips. She was about to sit beside me when I stood up, which made her act, like I intentionally pushed her. A long silence stopped the music, and my heart shrank when large hands pushed me aggressively. The wine splashed on my dress while Alpha Eric carried Rianna with gentleness and care. “What are you doing, Savannah? How dare you hurt her? You know she needs to be recovered!” Alpha Eric growled. Anger rose inside my chest, but I only swallowed it because I didn't dare to fight with him. I was the one who wasn't invited to the party anymore. “We will talk later!” He walked past me and intentionally bumped into my shoulder which led me to almost stumble from the floor. I was thankful Beta Yves held me to prevent me from falling. “A cunning b***h! Her spells not working now.” “Yeah, she will be turned into a rogue again!” I didn't know how long I waited for Alpha Eric to be back but when I felt my chest clenched, I quickly rose then followed them. My vision was getting fuzzy because of the alcohol I had drunk and when I found the room assigned for us, my world crumbled. “Ah-- Alpha Eric!” Rianna moaned while she was grinding her p***y to his c**k. My husband, Alpha Eric continued moaning while he was closing her eyes. “I'm cumming, darling. Oh! s**t, your c**k is too hard!” Rianna screamed. She turned her head towards me and then held her boobs to make me see how my husband loved them. Alpha Eric lowered his head onto her mounds and then sucked them like a hungry baby. I instantly turned my back on them. It was true that he was sleeping with her behind my back. I rushed, despite the blurry vision I had, and stumbled upon a hard figure. “It seems a little wolf is in pain," I heard a husky, deeper tone mumbled. His scent lingered in my nostrils, and I smelled the aroma of the wine he drank. I couldn't protest when he carried me like his bride. My body was in pain. I felt there was massive wood coming inside between my legs. I heard a loud commotion, and the shattered vase sound made me slowly get conscious. “Savannah, how dare you sleep with the other man!”

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