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 I take a deep breath and press the doorbell. I wait patiently for mum to open. She gives me one glare and steps aside to let me in. There is a tense atmosphere and I feel like running for my life. She shuts the door as I make my way to the couch. Dad isn’t here but before I can settle, he walks down the stairs and glowers at me, taking the other couch. “Is that how we taught you Caily? You are pregnant outside wedlock? What’s wrong with you?” he shouts, his voice booming all over the house. I expected this so I’m not surprised. “I’m not pregnant dad.” “All that can’t be rumors. I know you are pregnant.” “So now you are having premarital s*x?” that’s mum. “It’s no big deal. I’m a grown-up.” “ Don’t talk to your mother like that!” he bellows. “What else are you doing? Taking alcohol?” mum asks angrily. “I really shouldn’t have come.” “Oh! I bet you should be with your lover.” “Sage Carter is not my lover dad. I don’t know him.” “So why is the story all over?” “I don’t know.” I shrug and stand. “I should really go.” “Sit down!” dad orders making me slump back on the couch. “You are a disgrace. The fact that you are pregnant can’t be controlled but we have to do something. You have to get married.” “To who dad? I don’t  know this guy.” “Yet you let him impregnate you!” he says in a disgusted tone. “We are going to wait for the Carters to contact us. If they don’t  we find you somebody else.” “Don’t do this to me. I can’t get married. We can even do the test.” “Our conversation is over until they contact you or us.” He stands. “I’m so ashamed of you. Didn’t  expect this from you and I don’t  think I want you in that dinner.” “So you are now chasing me away?” “Seems so. We will contact you about the marriage.” He says and walks away. “Are you kidding me right now? What the hell is wrong with you people?” “Don’t use curse words in my house!” mum glares at me. “Oh please!” I walk to the door and open it. I turn to glare at her. “I’m a grown-ass woman. Better tell your husband I’m not getting married to anyone.” I step out and shut the door before she can say anything else. They are so unbelievable! ********* There is a knock on the door. I run my fingers through my hair trying to straighten it. How long have I been sleeping? Five hours? I needed that. I’m scared. Lying about Sage Carter wasn’t the wisest thing. I don’t know what to expect from now on. There is another knock. It’s a bang this time around. I groan and walk to the door lazily. I hope it’s not Alina, Natalia, and Layla. I can’t deal with them right now. I open the door and gasp. He is here. Sage Carter is f*****g here and he is glaring down at me.. a very hard glare. “Hey?” I squeal. Why did I squeal? I know he is handsome but he is not here to make merry. It’s all about the stupid rumors and I should really get scared instead of letting out stupid squeals. He gives me a glower and looks at his two men. “Wait here!” he orders and walks past me, not without giving me a push. That was rude. I think and shut the door, watching him make way to the couch. He sits and sprawls his legs on the table, not loosening his glare. Sage is handsome. So f*****g handsome and women worship the ground he walks on but this is not what I should be thinking about. I should be thinking about how he is going to screw my life up because I’m sure he will do that. “Can I offer you anything?” this is awkward. I don’t know what to say to him. Whether I should start by apologizing or wait for him to strangle me. I should have come up with a will or something. “I’m not here to make merry Miss Jones. Even if I wanted to, you don’t  have my brands.” Wow! He is so rude. “Okay.” I shrug, debating whether I should sit or stand.. I opt for the latter and tap my foot nervously.  This guy can have me disappear in seconds. “So you are Caily?” “Yes.” “I prefer sir at the end. I think it sounds sweet. Don’t you think so?” he asks and places his feet on the floor. He stands and walks towards me. “Why?” he stops in front of me, making me look at my feet nervously. He can’t hurt me, right? “I’m talking to you!” he takes my chin in his fingers and tips my head back. His eyes are so red, his brow is creased and you can’t miss his gritted teeth. “Why?” he repeats. “Why would you fake stories about us?” “Sorry. I didn’t  know it would get to this.” I shiver. “Didn’t know it would get to this? What did you expect it would get to?” “It was just a stupid joke. It was supposed to be between my friends and me.” “Yet it made its way to the newspapers, social media, television, and every stupid mode you can think of.” “I will go to the press and tell them it was a lie.” “So what I’m gathering is that you went to them and lied about us?” he lets my chin go roughly and paces around. “I’m sorry.” “Sorry? You tarnished my name. it’s everywhere and the press will be all over my business soon. You think I have the time for such crap.” “Can’t you make it disappear? You are powerful.” “Of course I’m powerful but I’m not doing that crap. I think they better remain there.” “What do you mean by that?” “I won’t have them pulled down. You made your bed, you gonna lie on it.” “I don’t  get it.” “What I mean is that you are going to marry me and this time around, the whole world will know! ” “What?” I stand widening my eyes at him. “Which part wasn’t clear? You want me to put it in writing?” “Whoa! You can’t  force me to marry you.” “Did I mention marriage? Oh no. You are not my type. You are a b***h and I would not want to marry someone like you.” He says bitterly. “Then what do you mean?” “That it’s  going to be some sort of a partnership where we live together and I will have pleasure in making your life a living hell!”    
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