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SAGE I’m awakened by my ringing phone which is on the nightstand. I shift on the bed and feel a leg wrap around mine. I sit and support my back with the headboard looking at the woman sleeping peacefully next to me. Who is she? I know I picked her up from some club but I don’t know the name.. Did she tell me her name? Probably. The problem is I’m not so good with names. I’m a joker in this sector. I just do one-night stands because committing to one woman is a problem. I have lost count of how many women I have brought home. I should get some other house to do this dirty business because I don’t think I will ever stop. My phone rings again and I reach for it with a growl. My head hurts. I have tried to quit drinking but I can’t. I don’t have a drinking problem. I drink on Fridays and Saturdays and end up with women in my bed. By women, I mean different women every week. It’s dad. He never calls this early unless it’s important which is most of the time. Especially when I’m trending in social media for the wrong reasons but we end up cleaning my name every time. I tap the answer icon and press the phone to my ear. “Dad.” “Do you have to deposit your semen everywhere?” he shouts on the other end. “Semen? What do you mean?” I ask, all the hangover going away. “Have you seen the newspaper or logged in to social media?” “No. I’m in bed. You have woken me up.” I step out of bed and move to the table. I plop on the seat with a groan and turn the laptop on. “Of course with some woman. You should stop joking around.” “Stop shouting dad. I have a terrible headache.” I say going to Google. I don’t need to go further because some lady’s pics and mine fill the screen. ‘The famous billionaire is going to a dad.’ “Dad?” I ask aloud and turn to look at the woman on my bed when I hear some movement. I ignore her smile and focus on the screen. I don’t know what formula I use to pick them up because this one is completely off. “Yes. You are going to be a father. That’s trending. You don’t use protection?” “I will call you back dad.” I hang up and toss the phone on the table. Can’t think straight with a shouting dad on the other end. I zoom the pics of the lady and feel arms wrap around my neck. “Morning baby?”  she kisses my cheek. “Morning.” I take her hands and push them off my neck. “The bathroom is the second door. Just freshen up and get out of here!” I order not taking my eyes off the screen. Caily Jones? That name doesn’t ring a bell. The face too. I don’t remember meeting her. I don’t remember sleeping with her. I just don’t know her so I wonder why we are trending. Us dating? She is pregnant for me? This is total crap. How can a stranger be pregnant with my child? “You don’t want me to make you feel good?” “What are you still doing here?” I growl at her hitting the table. She scurries away from me and I stand glaring at her. “Take your crap and get your ass out of here. Don’t dare come back here. Don’t dare do something stupid like mentioning me anywhere. Because I will have you dealt with. Forget that happened. It was just a nightstand and I don’t even remember your name. Am I clear?” I shout scaring the hell out of her. “Yes sir.” She grabs her clothes and runs out. “f**k!” I curse fisting the table and sit. I scroll to the next page and look at my supposed, pregnant girlfriend. She is beautiful but I have never seen her. I have never slept with her so why would she lie? Who is she? Why is she tarnishing my name? I have had it tarnished in the past but not to this extent. My irritating phone rings and I grab it pressing it on my ear angrily. “What now?” I ask rudely. “Who is that girl? Is she from a good family? She looks decent to me.” “I don’t know her!” I shout and snap the laptop shut angrily. “You don’t know her? How could you be so irresponsible?” “I. Don’t. Know. Her!” I shout every word, an emphasis. My old man is beginning to get on my nerves. “What are you going to do about it? Should we clean up this mess too?” “Yes,” I answer and bite my lip angrily. “On another thought no. Let me deal with this alone. I don’t want you to interfere. I’m a grown-ass man.” “A grown-ass man wouldn’t be so irresponsible.” He snaps. “Anyway, what will you do?” “Look for the b***h and get to the bottom of this. I want to know why she felt the need to tarnish my name.” “Do the best you can.” He says and hangs up. I dial Abel’s number and pace around angrily. “Yes sir.” “I presume you have seen the trending news.” “Yes sir.” “I want to know who is Caily Jones, where she lives, and what she does. That should take you a maximum of thirty minutes.” “Okay, sir.” I hang up and decide to take a bath. There is no way I’m having that pulled down. I’m not controlling the damage. I’m going to find out about her and she will regret associating her name with mine. ******** CAILY I widen my eyes at the pics that are all over the internet. Our pics are all over the internet. I’m supposedly pregnant for him. I know Layla, Alina and Natalie did this. Why would they do it? I told them I was pregnant but that didn’t mean spreading the rumors all over the internet. I was having fun and at the same time saving myself from their criticism. Now, these are the results. This is a powerful man we are talking about. He might have me arrested or even worse, murdered. I shudder at the thought and grasp my phone tightly.  This isn’t going to end well. Someone is going to get hurt and that someone is me. Sage Carter can’t get hurt. He is just so powerful. His family is too so I hope they will make the issue disappear and no one will get hurt. The phone vibrates in my hand and I answer it, knowing that I’m in trouble. “What is this that is trending everywhere Caily?” Dad shouts on the other end. “It’s just rumors dad.” “Those aren’t rumors young girl. When It involves Carter it’s something serious so get your ass here. Giving you thirty minutes.” “Dad…” “Thirty minutes.” He orders and hangs up. I got myself in this mess and I should clean it up. I just don’t know how. 
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