Forced to Marry Possessive Billionaire

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Feeling left out and like the odd one out, Caily decides to lie about dating Sage and carrying his baby. This lands her in trouble as Sage is a no-nonsense man and doesn't do the relationship thing. It's a whole confusion as she decides to date Sage's best friend. A series of events follow this.

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“Caily!” Alina calls snapping me out of my thoughts. Don’t know what I was even thinking about. “What?” I give the three ladies my full attention. They are my best friends. There is Alina, Layla and Natalie. We are at Corners having some milkshake and they were talking about their boyfriends, leaving my mind wandering to God knows where. I don’t have a boyfriend. I have never been in any relationship, let alone any casual involvement. Yes, I’m a virgin and I always feel odd when around them. I’m always left out because they always talk about their boyfriends and I end up drifting, thinking about my imaginary boyfriend. I don’t have any name. Yet. “What about you?” that’s  Layla. “What about me what?” “Any boyfriend? You never talk about him.. You have one, right?” Natalie asks taking a huge swing of her milkshake. “Of course I do.” I lie. Don’t want them to laugh at me or weird me out. At twenty three, I should be dating or pregnant for someone. “Really? You have never talked about him.” Alina props her elbows on the table. “Was not ready.” I keep on lying and it doesn’t  feel right but they are forcing me to. I should consider keeping myself busy every time they suggest a girl’s  day out. “Tell us about him. Who is the lucky champ?” Alina takes her last swing, giving me an expectant look. “Don’t  wanna talk about it.” “Come on Caily. You know our boyfriends. Don’t  you think it’s  high time you told us about yours? Especially now that valentines day is approaching?” Natalie bats her eye lashes at me. She is fond of that and I find it so annoying. We all do. “Yes and stop batting your lashes Nat. It’s  so irritating.” Layla complains. “Please Caily!” She begs. “Okay. His name is Sage.” I lie with the first name that comes to my mind. “Sage?” Alina gives me her full attention. “As in Sage?” she now widens her eyes at me. “Yes. What’s the matter?” “Sage Carter? The f*****g billionaire? The guy every woman wants?” her eyes are now fully widened. I know who she is talking about. The famous and powerful Sage Carter. You should really see him. He is f*****g handsome and every lady wants a taste of him. I know he is not married. Never heard of the wedding and now that Alina thinks he is the one I’m talking about, I might as well stick to the lie. Maybe they will stop nagging me after this. They now know who my ‘boyfriend’ is. “Yes. Sage Carter.” I take a gulp of my milkshake and look at the three pairs of widened eyes before me. “Sage? You have to be kidding me.” Nat leans forward. “As in Sage?”  They all can’t  believe it. They are as surprised as I am. Sage? What was I even thinking? I should have lied with someone else. Again, my tongue is going to get me in trouble because they will keep prompting me for more information. I should really watch my mouth. “Yeah.” I take a nervous sip of my milkshake. “Tell us more.” Layla prompts.  “I’m pregnant. We are expecting a baby.” My tongue slips and I take a huge gulp. I shouldn’t have said that. “You are pregnant for Sage?” that’s  Layla. “Yes.. It’s  no big deal.” It’s  too late to get myself out of this. I better keep on lying my ass off. “It’s no big deal? You know how many women want that? Why didn’t  you mention it before? “ Alina is the most talkative. “Wanted to be sure first.” “Wow! Caily and Sage? Who would have thought?” Layla leans back on her seat just as my phone lights up with a call. It’s  Alec. He is my brother and I hope he is saving me from this. “Hey bro?” I press the phone on my ear. “What’s  up sis? I’m  outside corners. Hurry up or the shopping offer expires.” “On my way out.” I stand and pick my purse, tossing the phone into it. “Leaving already?” Natalie asks. “Yes. Meeting Alec. Will catch up later.” “Still need the story. We should meet up later.” That’s  Alina. “Will give you a call.” I say and walk away fast. I step outside and take a deep breath. What was I thinking lying about some powerful man and I? Am I high on something? How could I lie about the pregnancy? If the word gets around I will be in trouble. I shudder at the thought of my parents finding out. They are so strict and I already know the outcome. That’s  why I did my best to move out of their house. I think I would be indoors, grounded for doing something wrong because I keep messing up. Like this. This is what I’m talking about when I say mess. I know the girls won’t  say anything so I approach Alec’s car swinging my body happily. I open the door and settle on the shotgun. “You okay?” he asks pulling out of Corners’ parking. “Yes.” I fasten my seat belt and lean back on my seat. “Going to dad’s for dinner tomorrow, right?” “Yes but I wonder why they keep organizing these dinners. They are so rigid and I don’t  like going there.” “Those are our folks.” He laughs. “Yeah but they are just so strict. I like my freedom.” “It’s just dinner. No sleeping there.” “I would never do that.” He gives me a smile and turns the stereo on, leaving me looking outside the window, wondering how it would be like to date the famous Sage. I should really try and get sober because that will never happen. We are in two totally different worlds. ********* My phone vibrates on the nightstand making me sit up and gaze at it. It’s  dad. I don’t  feel like picking it this early so I hit the ignore button and strip out of the pjs. I step into the bathroom and take a quick shower. I hate Saturdays because it means dinner at home and going to my parents’ church on Sunday. It sucks but Alec and I always find a way out of it. I step out of the bathroom and my phone is still vibrating. It’s  Alec this time round. “Talk to me.” I sit on the bed and cross my legs. “Seen the newspaper?” “Nope. Just got up. Dad woke me up. Will call him later. What’s  up?” “You are making the headlines. You and the powerful Sage Carter.” “Making the headline? Sage Carter and I? How are we related?” “Just look for the newspaper but can’t believe you are pregnant!” he clicks and hangs up. Fucking s**t! I forgot about my lie. How could it make the headlines? That explains why dad was calling. Fuck! Shit! I toss my phone on the bed and grab it. I decide to Google. I hope it’s one of  Alec’s pranks and not what I’m thinking.  

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