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Got fired by the boss, Gu Chuanyi decided to play a VRMMORPG, the Second Universe.

Because of unknown reasons, there was a system error when he logged in the game.

After that, he found he was the protagonist of the game...


Attention please: It is an MTL novel and we proofread the beginning part.

Release rate: 5 chapters per week

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1 The Useless Ace
Notice: Furkawa Yi is Gu Chuanyi, they are the same.      "f**k, Furukawa, what did you do! You failed to interrupe the Boss skill and made the whole team wiped out!" He Wei type to vent his dissatisfaction since his character was dead and unable to speak in voice.     As for Furukawa who was scolded, he silently clicks the button to rebirth his chararcter saying a word. He returned to the instance after a while and saved the dead.     "Both Xiaofeng and you are responsible for interrupting. What a good job he did. On the contrary, you, the so-called 'ace', made such a low-level mistake. Have you taken your work too seriously now?" He Wei finally could speak in vocie.     At this time, Furukawa Yi finally had a response. He turned his head and looked at He Wei, watching this guy, who joined the studio at 14 and treated him as big brother and now looked down on him.        "Huh? Can't I blame you for your mistake?" He Wei said.     "Wei, boss knows about the situation and ask you to report to him." The young man named Xiaofeng who was praised just now came to He Wei and said.     "Copy that. Guys, quit the game." He Wei replied.     After a while, everyone quit the game. He Wei entered the boss's office first, and after a few minutes he came out to inform Furukawa to enter.     Boom boom boom, Gu Chuanyi knocked on the door and entered the house. He saw the boss Xue Zipeng. Seeing he came Xue Zipeng said, "I've heard about the situation. You did a bad job this time."     "Only two people were responsible for the interruption. Xiaofeng didn't take his chance, and my skills was in cooldown." Furukawa narrated the facts calmly.     "You alaways have your excuse. What about before? How many mistakes did you make these days? You are not the Ace you were. A newbee can do much better than you now."     When Furukawa heard what Xue Zipeng said, he realized that today was a complete tear. He had expected this kind of thing, so he sighed and said, "Then I will take the blame and resign." Furukawa understood that he has been targeted for the past few months. His colleagues must have been instructed by the boss, otherwise they would not be so hostile.     "Good." Xue Zipeng manipulated his citizen wristband. A few seconds later, a screen popped up on Furukawa's bracelet, asking him if he wanted to terminate the contract with the studio, and he directly chose "Yes".     "Next, let's talk about the dispersal fee. You have made a lot of contributions in the past few years.  As a return, I treat you very well, right? Besides, you caused many losses these days. So the amount won't be high." Xue Zipeng said while operating the bracelet, and when he finished speaking, the dismissal fee was also transferred to Gu Chuanyi's account.     Beep, Gu Chuanyi's bracelet rang twice, he looked up and found that Xue Zipeng had transferred him 5000 coins. Nowadays, the average salary of game players is about 1,500, and Furukawa’s monthly salary is 2,500. Because of his good work, there are rake and dividends, but he is either deducted or owed indefinitely. The salary of the previous few months was also the same. Furukawa was framed in various ways and caused many mistakes, so his salary was also deducted.     With the dispersal fee equivalent to two months' wages, Furukawa felt bad, but he was too tired to fight for anything. In the end, Gu Chuanyi accepted Xue Zipeng's proposed termination contract, and after agreeing and confirming, he had nothing to do with the studio.     With problem solved, Xue Zipeng's mood improved. He smiled and said, "Yi, don't rush out. We have been working together for 5 years. I won't ask you to go out for now."     Looking at Xue Zipeng's hypocritical expression, Gu Chuanyi was already tired. He replied indifferently: "I need to apply for my welfare apartment. Bye."     Furukawa Yi left the office, went to the staff dormitory, packed the few personal belongings into a small bag, and followed out.     "Yi, you get fire today? I'll see you off." He Wei laughed and said goodbye to Furukawa, but he didn't even move his butt.     Everyone in the room smiled with embarrassment after He Wei finished speaking. Although they participated in Xue Zipeng's plan, they felt guilty and weren't as bitchy as He Wei.     Furukawa said nothing and didn't stop in his footsteps. Opening the door, Gu Chuanyi saw a girl who was Xue Zipeng's younger sister, Xue Zhishan, who was about to open the door at this time.     "Yi! You scared me, I..." Xue Zhishan saw the bag in Gu Chuanyi's hand as she said, she was taken aback for a moment.

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