A Love That Won't Let Go


Lea was dead, and Jason personally sent her to the operating table just to treat her dream girl!

When she returned in a high-profile manner, she would definitely push those who hurt her to hell!

However, the man who had been willing to see her die began to pester her!

Jason had never thought that the road to pursuing a wife was so long. When he realized love, she already had someone else by her side.

One day, Mr. Harvey pressed his ex-wife against the wall, and the woman sneered, "Remarry? Dream on!"

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Chapter 1
"Wish me a happy birthday……" Lea Lester guarded the huge villa and blew out the cake candles at zero o'clock. There was bitterness in his eyes. It's another person's birthday, and today's birthday gift is something she will never forget—— A blood cancer test sheet! She thought this was the greatest tragedy in life, but it wasn't until she stood in the hospital corridor and saw her husband hugging Julie Lester, her half-sister who had disappeared for three years, that Lea Lester knew what real hell was. After being stupid for so many years, it's time to end this ridiculous marriage! At this moment, the woman was tiring packing her things. After packing, she carried the suitcase and walked downstairs. Unexpectedly, when he reached the stairs, he saw the familiar figure walking downstairs. The moment the eyes of the two sides met, their expressions were different. Lea Lester didn't expect Jason Harvey to come back at this time, and the man glanced at the suitcase she was carrying, with a look of contempt in his eyes. Now run away from home to threaten him? Before he could sneer, Lea Lester's voice sounded first—— "I'll have the lawyer deliver the divorce agreement tomorrow, and I'll be leaving first." divorce? It was a novelty to say these two words from her mouth. What kind of tricks was she playing? The blankness in Jason Harvey's eyes flashed, and was quickly replaced by a sneer. He walked upstairs indifferently, grabbed Lea Lester's wrist, and dragged her back to the room. "Jason Harvey, what are you doing?" Lea Lester was annoyed, not knowing why. She was about to leave, what else did he think of her? "Don't go!" As his bleak voice fell, Lea Lester was pushed down on the bed. She froze for a moment, the shock was removed from her face, and... He said he was not allowed to leave, could it be that he wanted to keep her? Even though he knew that the person he liked was Julie Lester, he still had a glimmer of hope for him. But Jason Harvey's next words made her heart fall to the bottom again—— "At the beginning, you used tricks to get Julie to leave and insisted on marrying me as Mrs. Harvey. Now when this marriage will end is up to me!" The woman lowered her eyelids and said softly, "After the divorce, you can marry her." "Oh, that's for the future. It's still useful for me to keep you." Is it useful to keep her? Jason Harvey said coldly: "The doctor said that Julie has cancer and needs a blood relative bone marrow transplant. Lea Lester, you and her bone marrow are a match." Match, that means she's getting a transplant for Julie Lester? ! Lea Lester twitched the corners of her lips, looked at the indifferent man in front of her heart, "Jason, do you know that I..." I too am seriously ill and will die! But Jason Harvey didn't give her this chance. He pinched her by the shoulder and said ruthlessly, "You forced her away and caused her to be displaced. Now you must save her!" Lea Lester's eyes trembled, not knowing why. What happened to Julie Lester? After being missing for three years, it suddenly appeared that she had cancer. How could it be her fault? What the hell is going on, she didn't do anything at all! It's just that right now, he won't believe her at all. Lea Lester gritted her teeth and pushed him away— "I'm not going to give Julie Lester a bone marrow transplant!" A mocking smile curled up on the corner of Jason Harvey's mouth, "Lea Lester, if you refuse, I'll leave your old flame Ford Gibson in the hospital with nothing!" Ford Gibson! Lea Lester was shocked, looking at the furious man in front of her, Ford Gibson was a senior in her university and now a doctor in the hospital, but what does all this have to do with him? There was a dark look in Jason Harvey's eyes, don't think he didn't know, Ford Gibson had liked her for many years, the relationship between the two was ambiguous, and they had already done something out of the ordinary. Seeing her nervous expression, Jason Harvey became even angrier, mentioning his old lover, did she feel uncomfortable like that? He grabbed her collar and tore it open, Lea Lester was terrified and stepped back—— "what are you up to?" "What do you say!" As the hellish low voice fell, Jason Harvey covered her body, her struggle was completely vulnerable in front of him. They have had only two relationships since their marriage. Once was on the wedding night, and the other time was a month ago, when he was drunk, called Julie Lester's name, and asked for her. Why! Why did the marriage she was looking forward to and the love she was waiting for become like this? Desperate emotions surfaced in her heart, and the tears in the corners of the woman's eyes could no longer be restrained from falling. She bit her lower lip tightly to prevent herself from crying. Under the reflection of the light, the crystal clear teardrops were dazzling and eye-catching, and the man's eyes became colder and colder. "It's not a Ford Gibson sleeping with you now, disappointed?" Jason Harvey's tone was three-point mocking, seven-point sneer: "It is said that a woman will never forget the man who hurt her for the first time. This is absolutely true." Lea Lester choked for breath, bit her lip, in excruciating pain. Her first time was obviously given to him five years ago... But on the wedding night, he called her dirty and mocked and humiliated her in every possible way. She wanted to explain, but the pain in her body made her unable to speak. This pain is illness, and it was also brought to her by him. This night, Lea Lester thought she was going to die several times. From her struggle at the beginning, to being forced to bear it later, to being powerless at the end... Immediately ended, the man clasped her neck with his big palm, between the lines, there was unquestionable resistance: "Lea Lester, you have no right to choose." She is unwilling to donate bone marrow to Rou? Hmph, he has plenty of ways to force her to submit! …… When Lea Lester woke up again, it was already the next morning, and the room was already empty. Lea Lester stared blankly at the bluish purple marks on her hands, with crystal tears overflowing from her eyes. She didn't know whether the mark was made by him or a symptom of cancer. She only knew that she was in pain, both physically and mentally. Jason Harvey, you obviously don't love me, why won't you let me go? The sound of the mobile phone interrupted her thoughts. Lea Lester supported her tired body, took the phone and pressed the answer button. The anxious and anxious voice of Mia, the old servant of the Lester family, came over the phone: "Ms. Lester, something happened at home, come back quickly!"

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