Serendipity: Guilt and Innocent


Serendipity is essentially finding something when looking for something completely different. When you realize you got it is better than what you wanted or expected.

Santiago had a second to make a choice, and in that thousandth-second fate gave him a second chance to do the right in his life. He could go after everything the prison took of him, or he would leave Sophie's last memories to escape through his fingers.

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001 - Can't Help Falling in Love
June 2004 Clothes flying back and forth, excited shouts and running. My day was completely wild, and for my mother it was the realization of her dream, seeing her baby forming and participating in the event where she had been queen a few decades ago. Even the usual hostility my parents directed toward my boyfriend had been set aside to enjoy the unique occasion. Prom night is the most striking moment for any American girl. Some spent the last year preparing and advertising for Prom Queen while others had a hard time finding a pair and ended up combining their best friends to go together. I was going because Santiago insisted that I should participate in this event. After all, it is a unique thing in life, even if we were to leave early. The moment I had been waiting for all year long was the after-party. Instead of going to a friend's house or a diner, we had agreed that after the prom it would be "that" time. When we both would lose our virginity together. Santi would pick me up at home, we'd go to prom, and then to a particular place that he booked for us. To me, we would have made love long ago, but he insisted that it should be at a special moment. My parents didn't like him very much, it was hard for a republican businessman to accept that his daughter was going out with a Hispanic boy who worked as a paperboy after class and had no future in his mind. ... Every minute closer to seven o'clock made my heart beat faster. I was in a long green dress and wore the best jewels my mother had. My foot was tapping impatiently on the top of the stairs, as it had been prevented from descending as the bell rang. - Hello Señora Bullworth. I`m here to take Soph to the prom. - I could hear the characteristic tone of my boyfriend and hurried to go down the stairs right away, but the fact that the dress was long prevented me from going fast enough to stop my father from arriving before. - Santiago, right? I hope you bring my daughter at the right time. If she is not here for breakfast, I will call the cops on you, but you'll probably used to it right? I said sorry with my eyes to Santi because of my father's lack of education, yet he gave his sweetest smile and nodded before approaching me. He was so handsome, with his perfectly adjusted tuxedo, the green strip wrapping his waist to match the color of my dress, his usual messy hair had a classic hairstyle and he was carrying a box containing a beautiful corsage. - To my queen. You'll always be the most gorgeous flower in this garden. - He said while ignoring my father and taking my hand with tenderness. ... To my surprise he didn't call a Uber as I thought he would, standing in front of my house was the old red and white Ford Camaro that belonged to his older sister. - How did you manage to convince her? - I asked curiously, it was a well-known fact that Rosa loved the car more than anything, she renovated it with difficulties. - I just used my charm. - He replied goofy, but I knew him well enough to know that this was one of his telltales when lying. - You owe her a lot of favors now, don't you? - I answered laughing when entering the passenger seat. - I do. The prom was more fun than I expected. We danced a lot, kissed in the middle of the crowd, and laughed at the couples fighting. Clearly, I didn't win the prom queen, for my Mom's unhappiness, but it had been a night not to remember. Santi was also the one who managed to spike the punch on the party since I distracted the teacher responsible long enough for him to turn the entire agave bottle that was hidden so far. We went to the car making out, full of that teenage energy that puberty causes in the youthful and passionate. I knew he had gathered every possible change of the side jobs he took and used it to rent that hotel room, and we intended to enjoy it completely. ... Our hands traveled through each other's bodies, not knowing very well where to touch or what to do but gradually we found our pace, and instead of laughing or tickling, small sighs and moans filled the air of the room as our body became better known to each touch. I felt a little pain when I finally lost my virginity, but everything else was so amazing that, in those tiny moments, what mattered most was to feel pleasure again. He was the gentleman that he had always been and followed my pace all the time, even though I know that mine was always more desperate than his. The "I love yous" exchanged were more true than anything else. When I laid down on his chest, wrapped in the soft sheets of the duvet and illuminated by the weak morning light, I could only think of how much I didn't want to go to sleep, that I didn't want that day to end. But my eyes did not agree with my thoughts and gradually entered the kingdom of Morpheus. The loud noise of wood breaking and strong lighting on us made me bewildered. -POLICE! HANDS UP! - I heard coming behind the myriad of lights. I wrapped myself in the sheet and tried to stop their advancement. I couldn't believe my father had really called the police because I missed breakfast time. But my movement seemed to result in any effect since one of the officers grasped Santiago by force and began to drag him out, even if my boyfriend was still in his underwear. It took me a while to be able to accompany the police officers and to pass through the small crowd of onlookers that formed in the parking lot. I managed to get rid of a female policeman who tried to contain me and had time to see Santi's face being pushed hard against the hood of the police car, being handcuffed with brutality. His eyes were completely confused and he seemed desperate for me. - Santiago Villanueva, you are being charged with the murder of Jacob Edward Bullworth II and Mary Bullworth. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You are entitled to a lawyer. If you cannot afford a lawyer, the state will designate you one. That was the last time I saw him before the trial of my parents' murder.

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