Chapter 2 :: Day and Night Discord P.2

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Mayuree's POV After giving me a mug of strong coffee Farhana left the room And i turned to look at the clock while sipping it and another groan left my mouth "great, just great! I'm gonna be late for my work" in less than 20 minute i was ready in loose shirt and formal pant then i took my car keys and went straight toward the garage but no before Ma started shouting.... 'wait, what about the breakfast' "sorry Ma,...I'm already late, i'll have something on my way" i replied yelling 'This GIRL!!!' I could still hear Ma's faint voice "I heard that" i yelled playfully 'Good for you' she yelled back A chuckle left my mouth The Great Indian Dhaba I stopped right infront of the Cafe. It's a fast food cafe mostly,....but we served launch and dinner too, mainly Bengali and Punjabi cuisine. Actually, Chef here is bengali, Ritwik Chakraborty from Kolkata is my distant cousin, recently on leave, he went to see his mother. back in Kolkata 10 years ago he had a private sector job but he resigned to pursue his passion for food. This restaurant was a joint venture, combination of Sanchi bhal's money and Ritwik Chakraborty's talents of cooking. main owner Sanchi bhal is a sweet punjabi lady, We live together in the neighbourhood,.....her daughter Saanvi is my friend, right now studying medicine. Her whole family is from Punjab and mine Bengali, well half bengali/half american! My mom is from Kolkata and Dad is American. But who am i kidding, I've barely been to India, i was born and bred right here, i consider myself full American So, since We live outside of our own country and live in same city here with a slightly different culture which is not much different at all,.... And I work here as counter stuff! somehow working here and bonding with everyone of your very own kind is easy, much easier than outside world, Until someone appeared at the front desk paying for his coffee, more like fidgeting.....i c****d my head to the side raising eyebrows.... 'Umm...listen! I__i really like you' that blond haired blue eyed quite handsome looking man, boy said smiling nervously "Hmm..i like me too" i said giving him the change back 'No keep wanna go out with me! know a full night of fun' he asked suggestively "Thanks but i think I'll pass" i politely declined before going back to my work. It was one thing that this restaurant had strict policy of being respectful and professional but for me it was more than just that. He faced changed, 'Girls like you should be on knees thanking not being choosy b***h' He sneered. That's it, i said a boy! hormonal, egoistical, arrogant boy who wouldn’t take no for an answer, one No, they shed their perfect gentlemanly skin and their real faces comes out.... real and nasty! My hand balled in fist..... he should be glad that he was a customer and I should be glad that i mustered masking my emotions quite well and because of the large glass counter full of goodies so, no one could see my clenched fist. "and Boys like you should not exist but then we can't have everything right! i guess both of our hopes are bashed" I said tilting my chin up. "Now! you wouldn’t mind stepping aside, would you! are holding the line and KEEP the change" A snicker came from my left was my colleague! Even the owner Sanchi bhal was looking at me proudly......respecting someone was one thing but putting up with someone's s**t is a big NO! 'Don't ever come back here, boy' Sanchi bhal warned And with a clenched jaw, he left..... It's been 4 years since the cafe opened and got popularity in no time specially because of Sanchi aunty's connections. Sanchi bhal has lots of friends. She didn't even need to do any Publicity. Cafe opened, her friends came, they liked it, their family came, family's friends came...... I work 3 days at Cafe and other 3 days in a publishing house. so, after 6 hours of serving, taking orders, providing assistance and answering questions about menus and food variety, sometimes even cooking if a customer demands Bengali cuisine, which doesn't occurs everyday, much to my relief, at first I was surprised to know that many americans actually liked my cooking, famous macher jhol (fish curry) why! you ask ? we are having staff shortage......that's why! "Aunty, we need more staff,.... and my work is done, everyone" I yelled before going 'Haanji! beta! By' 'By Mayu' 'By' A shout came in chorus my work is done for today. Finally I'm heading home. "Ma I'm home, i ate out! I'm going upstairs." i unlock the main door "good night" and shouted while going upstairs Phew! What a day! now i can get some sleep as little as i can..... FLASHBACK "no! benney please don't do this" 8years old girl pleaded , tears rolling down from her eyes, a sob shook her whole tiny body as she struggled against a much stronger 15years old boy named Benny Words seemed to fell in deaf ears, he took her hairs in his fist harshly pulling it back ,exposing her neck and ear and started leaving sloppy wet kisses, she felt disgusted. "please leave me, please i beg you....please ?" she sobbed But it was as if he was in trance, high on something. drugs ? He kept on repeating "i love you, i love you so much, i must have you, I'll have you today no matter what " like an insane person and just when he almost pulled her zipped down .... but suddenly he was ripped was from her. Or someone threw him away from her. Zahin and Kol almost same age like Benny's. And out of all the worst thing, something good happened that day, she made two friend Her best friends, confidant, her brothers! To say she was devastated that day would be an understatement. After that day benny never came infront of her, maybe in fear of those big armed men or in fear of Zahin and Ko but she always felt as if someone is keeping eye on her, drilling hole in her back! she never felt safe, it was The worst feeling ever! And It became her constant companion,.... -------------------- She jolted out of her sleep! It was 3:30 a.m. "F*** when will this torture end! can't i have just one good night sleep... Is it too much too ask",..... A single tear rolled down from her eye...
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