The Second Chance { A Gordian Knot Saga }

love after marriage

there's a old saying......"you can check out but you can never leave"

Keep fighting, is that all ?

Mayuree Parrish , Zahin Qureshi, Kol Shepherd and Natalie Velez four best of friend, each other's family. None if them ever met each other in school or never knew each other through any other communicating system before......except if you consider luck!

Or, should i say bad luck.

It's their past that made them what they are today, each other's most trusted confidante. None of them ever got to know what childhood looked like.....they became mature before their Age.

So, after every s**t they have been through all their teenage life,......just when they thought that Life is finally becoming easy on them,.....

that, maybe they would get their own version of happily ever after.....now!

just when after 3 years of a very complicated secret marriage, Mayuree finally got to go to her husband's house and live her life......,

it played a nasty game!

Secrets came out, history repeated itself in a way that turned their life upside down........

Fiercely competitive and naturally gifted 4 people, everything that they learned by going through life is put to the test when she's accused of the biggest terror attack since 9/11. What she experiences on the run transforms her from once one of FBI's top recruit to the best-trained agent imaginable





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Season 1- NEVERMORE ::: Chapter 1 :: Day and Night Discord P.1
FLASHBACK Huge dark room bare of anything except it's high ceiling wall smelt of sweat, blood, urine and metallic scent of rancid blood probably, a 5 years old girl crying, trembling against the wall,....... "let me go" her tiny voice shook in fear. "please, i want my mommy and daddy" she said further trembling against the corner looking at the hulking figure in front of her in fear and shock She was crying so loudly, harder, but then what else to expect from a 5years old who had been taken away from her home, her family. The figure infront of her suddenly came closer and slapped her right across her face, so hard that she hit her head hard, lost her footing and fell face first. It shook her to the core, it was the first time someone put a hand on her, slapped her.....her ma and baba never did something like that, no one in her family did something like that, but that day she got a feeling that it maybe was the first but it wouldn't be the last. Her ears were ringing, her cheek felt numb, 5 angry red finger prints was very much visible to everyone in present in that room, it'll be forming a bruise tomorrow "one more sound and It'll end very badly for you" the figure glared and his threat came out in low rumble and then turn to the other children..... "for all of you" And no sound came, A pin drop silence,...... extremely scared and shocked, she stayed like that on that filthy floor, scared to even breath. After a while her breathing came out in hiccups. And she wasn't the only one, there were more than 15 children just like her ... Both, boys and girls. Scared, terrified! anyone could tell by the moldy smell that Sunlight hardly passes through this room. More like a bunker than a big room,... Bunker full of kids and big bulky men, Armed men! And suddenly everything melted in black abyss! Almost 18 years later,......... somewhere in Oakland, California,... screams ear splitting screams.......cruel jeering mind numbing pain! hopeless tear soaked eyes, submission and..... then nothing!.........she frowned what the fuck.....why her ears were ringing,... WHY! she opened her eyes slightly......Ah! Right, there's this little thing her cousin sister gifted her last year ALARM clock NOT her ear then,..... "God!" muffled voice came out of her pillow as she groaned, she hates mornings! why does it alway have to come so early! Wait, what day is it !??? what time is it!?????? Mayuree sighed and stretched her stiffed limbs and sat straight on her queen size bed and turned to look at the clock "Damn its almost 8!" She muttered Sighing looking down to her loose oversized t-shirt which is now clinging to her body like her second skin,....it was a dream! Scratch that A never ending Nightmare! leaving all the thought behind ..... She slammed her alarm clock on the opposite wall hard and went back inside her warm comforter again until she was disturbed. Thub thub thub! Knock, knock, knock! "Ughh! Stop! Just stop banging the door" She yelled, a frustrated groan left her mouth Thub, thub thub thub thub..... Knock.....again! and this time it was no alarm clock,..... "Bloody hell!" She cursed She was definitely going to beat the s**t out of that person. She hated waking up in the morning like this, it's was already too hard for her fall asleep in the first place! She sighed and got out of bed to open the door,... And there she was,...standing in all her glory, her best friend, her cousin Farhana,...... giver of the cursed clock! "Good morning, Mayu!" She greeted her in cheerful voice, grinning, showing her all her teeth as Mayuree only narrowed her eyes in return She playfully slapped her hard on her upper arm! Farhana yelped and glared. "ouch! what was that for" She cried out "As if you don't know! you know, i should put a DND board outside of my room" frustratingly she said sitting on her bed "DND ?...what's that!" She asked confusingly setting the steamed mug of freshly brewed coffee on her bed side table "DO NOT DISTURB" She answered with a sarcastic smile "But don't you think you'll be late for work!" She simply shrugged and asked, not taking any offence. And the realization hit hard! WORK! Ughhh! Mondays! she hate mondays.....sighing she got out of bed.....and made a mad dash toward her bathroom. When she came out, Farhana was looking at her with her knowing eyes,....... "Oh! C'mon sissy, i__Besides its just a momentary distraction. I'll be working there part time, so It's ok!" she said rolling her eyes "you have been saying that same line for quite long time, Why don't you work in one place Mayuree ? what's wrong with our company! Baba and i could use a little help too and you need some stability in your life yaar." when i didn’t answer she sighed....."how bad was it this time ?" She asked softly making Mayuree suck a deep breath in...... "don't worry....I am Stable, I'm fine sissy! Trust me, besides.....you are doing fine" She whispered looking into her wardrobe....except her nobody knew about her abundance of nightmares To make it more believable to her, she turned and smiled slightly.....or at least she tried to! even if she was sure that it didn't reach her eyes.....then hurriedly turned back to the Wardrobe looking for clothes "uuuagh! Work!" She mentally cursed ****************

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