Story By Albira


well, nothing interesting! i\'m married, I\'ve a loving husband and 4years old son. After giving birth i used to feel very lonely and unwell almost after 6/7 months... don\'t know what it was but...... I tried to stay focused by throwing myself into many activity but_____ then suddenly something came in my mind, i started penning down my jumbled thoughts into writing barely a year ago and....... surprisingly i found out that i actually have something in me to be a writer......I\'ve always loved reading books but writing one was a thing i never dared until recently and it became a meditation.......
tale of a Trouble maker and a Royal misfit { Twisted Saga P 2 }
Updated at Nov 30, 2023, 05:48
#SeptemberUpdateProgram2023 MUST READ :: the first part [ DISCOVERING ADRENALINE ] to understand! "There was a small fire burning in this heart ,......then you came and this fire is now out of control" how could she love anyone else.....when she already lost her heart in that mountains 5year ago! how could she want anybody when he ruled her entire being even without being near her, probably without even knowing! 5 years have passed and things changed,......gone that careless oops ???????? Insiyaa now she is all about outmost grace and poise! Everything Umma Singh Rathod, the Raanisa of Bikaner herself admired in herself. No wonder she choose Insiyaa Hayat Raichand as her only son Sankalp Singh Rathod's wife knowing fully well that she's from different culture and religion, no one seemed to have problems about that. Now that Insiyaa and Sankalp is about to get married as per both their families wishes, what will happen when ??? ??????, yes not just one but two, that ruled Insiyaa's heart and another one who_____ suddenly sets foot in their life with ??????? ?????????? ???? and makes Insiyaa question her past choices in almost everything she believed right.This time it would definitely be something much more........ It's the beginning of the end!
The Second Chance { A Gordian Knot Saga }
Updated at Sep 2, 2023, 04:01
there's a old saying......"you can check out but you can never leave" Keep fighting, is that all ? Mayuree Parrish , Zahin Qureshi, Kol Shepherd and Natalie Velez four best of friend, each other's family. None if them ever met each other in school or never knew each other through any other communicating system before......except if you consider luck! Or, should i say bad luck. It's their past that made them what they are today, each other's most trusted confidante. None of them ever got to know what childhood looked like.....they became mature before their Age. So, after every shit they have been through all their teenage life,......just when they thought that Life is finally becoming easy on them,..... that, maybe they would get their own version of happily ever! just when after 3 years of a very complicated secret marriage, Mayuree finally got to go to her husband's house and live her life......, it played a nasty game! Secrets came out, history repeated itself in a way that turned their life upside down........ Fiercely competitive and naturally gifted 4 people, everything that they learned by going through life is put to the test when she's accused of the biggest terror attack since 9/11. What she experiences on the run transforms her from once one of FBI's top recruit to the best-trained agent imaginable CAUTION!!! ̳ THIS STORY CONTAINS CHILD ABUSE, RAPE, ABORTION, SEXUAL ASSAULT, VIOLENCE, TRAUMATIC EVENTS, MATURE CONTENT! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Discovering Adrenaline { Twisted Saga P1 }
Updated at Mar 27, 2023, 03:31
Sankalp Singh Rathod, Rahat Raichand and Shawkat Raichand......3 of them have been planning a trip to Manali before even their final semester started! Just when they were ready to roll another one joined their merry little band, Blaze Aragon.....who, in a way Sankalp's big brother and Sankalp can't say no to him,...... but then, What could possibly go wrong, Right ? wait, until you meet the 5th addition...... who is combination of naïve, quirky, clumsy, carefree, overly talkative, and mischievous....can cause trouble enough just by breathing! Let the adventure begins! And who knows, maybe something more than that....... #FUSION