Discovering Adrenaline { Twisted Saga P1 }

age gap

Sankalp Singh Rathod, Rahat Raichand and Shawkat Raichand......3 of them have been planning a trip to Manali before even their final semester started! Just when they were ready to roll another one joined their merry little band, Blaze Aragon.....who, in a way Sankalp's big brother and Sankalp can't say no to him,......

but then,

What could possibly go wrong, Right ?

wait, until you meet the 5th addition...... who is combination of naïve, quirky, clumsy, carefree, overly talkative, and mischievous....can cause trouble enough just by breathing!

Let the adventure begins! And who knows, maybe something more than that.......


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Chapter 1 :: Conspiracy of a Genius?
CHARACTERS MAY OR MAY NOT APPEAR IN FUTHER STORY Sankalp Singh Rathod :: Prince of Bikaner (side) [ 22 years old ] Shaan Singh Rathor :: Prince's elder brother [ Deceased years ago ] Swarna Singh Rathod :: Princess of Bikaner [ 12 years old ] Umma Singh Rathod :: Raanisa of Bikaner Alook Singh Rathod :: Ranaji of Bikaner [ Paralysed in his early 60 ] Insiyaa Hayat Raichand :: (main) [ 15 years old ] Rahat Raichand :: Insiyaa's Eldest brother (side) [ 23 years old ] Shawkat Raichand :: 2nd Eldest (side) [ 21 years old ] Amarendra Raichand :: Insiyaa's father [ almost 70 years old, stoic looking wealthy merchant.....he's called #old_money ] Ahana Hayat Raichand :: Amarendra Raichand's wife....and mother of his three Children - Rahat, Shawkat and Insiyaa [ Deceased right after Insiyaa's birth due to complication being motherless, Insiyaa is very much loved and protected by her father and brothers ] Blaze Aragon :: a successful business tycoon from London, England (Main) [ 29 years old ] -------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------------------------------- OFFICIALLY, STARTING THE STORY....... year 2015,.... some 15 hours ago, In a flight left from London to India, 3 boys of early 20s and 1 man in late 20s travelling. ''Ladies and Gentleman, welcome aboard our flight London to India... We hope you have a pleasant flight, Good day!'' Pilot announced,..... and then flight attendant continued..... ''Kindly pay attention to our safety instructions, remember to inflate your safety jacket before exiting the emergency door....the plane has 8 emergency exits. Two at the front, two at the back and four above the wings....... Blah blah blahhhh...... they lost count of how many times they heard this same s**t,......they just put their headphones on and closed their eyes. On the other hand, 4 a.m. in the morning, still dark outside and cold as well,..... bone chilling cold well, what else do you expect, its winter season and its Rajasthan,......no matter how sunny it was in the morning!.....It'll be cold after the sun sets in the horizon. Raichand Havelli everyone was sleeping peacefully under the warmness of their blanket,.....everyone except one, littlest of all! INSIYAA HAYAT RAICHAND. she tip toed to the large kitchen..... she had to make some food,......possibly something easier and light to carry yet fulfilling as well and some salted dry fruits too! of course something travel worthy! doing everything and trying not to make any sound is really hard when you are inexperienced in kitchen work, though it wasn't the first time she was making something on her own but she never made food for more than 2 people, let alone for travels. she was so excited that she couldn't sleep all night! After all it was first time she is doing something so daring in her 15 years old life. damn! but she couldn't help herself, she really wanted to do this, she really wanted to go and if she informed her brothers before they wouldn't let her come and might as well inform baba too.... o hell! BABA.... Baba will be angry! NO! FURIOUS! her feet froze on freezing tile floor as if someone threw bucket full of ice on her, stunning her.....and then after awhile, She was pacing back and forth in the kitchen.... and suddenly sat down on the kitchen floor with a plop, sighing sadly. No! she won't do it! she can't do it! Not to her baba,..... ............, ........, ...,right!? yes, she could neverrrrr_____ "dear baba.....please ek lamba Saans liziye ga aur gussa thuk dijiye ga! Kyun ki jab tak aapko ye chitthi dikhe ga mein yahan se ja chuka hounga! Rahat Dadu aur Shawkat Dadu aarahe hain, unhone Manali trek trip ka program banaya hai, mein unhike saat jarahi hu, .....chinta na kare! aur maine aapke locker se kuch paise liye hai, please baba gussa mat hoye ga,.... love you, Allah Hafeez!" [ Dear baba, please take a deep breath and relax,....don't be angry! By the time you get this letter I'll be long gone. Rahat dadu and Shawkat dadu is coming back, they made a plan of Manali trip. I'm going with them and i took some money from the locker, please don't be angry,....I'll be fine. Love you, Allah Hafeez ] "holly mother of ______ Thud! Thud!! Thudd!!! her heart was beating faster and louder than drums in school assembly ...... adrenaline rushed through her veins like 440volt current as she got closer with every second, every step to the main door that led outside. She took her heavy backpack on her shoulder and open the door just enough to get past through it's slits and slipped between them and take a longing look of entire house before closing it again and started running toward the main gate which was sealed shut. Watchman was sleeping as well, he will open the gate at morning, not before 6 o'clock, when another watchman will come for his shift and this one will leave. She didn't even bother to wake him up,.....instead of trying to open the main gate which would be idiotic, she just turned right where the large banyan tree was, looked around and then started climb over it, it was beside the boundary wall,.....easier way to get out of this cage. More than once she slipped even after several times of practice,..... ''slow Insiyaa........slow and steady wins the race" She kept chanting She steadied herself on the branch that was levelled with wall, took a look outside and threw the backpack over it and then climb over the wall carefully not to cut herself by the spikes, taking a deep breath she herself jumped as well,.... and after 15 minute hanging from the spikes, struggling to jump from 10feet hight and few scratches from over the boundary wall later she was out.......there was pitch black all around her, nothing other than millions of stars, the crescent moon and a rusty looking street lamp yards away, a distant rumble of cars, a little whispers in trees probably birds,..... She prayed it’s bird! She looked around and gulped.......uddenly she wasn’t feeling very confident........ "Oh! Don't be a coward, you have Rajput blood in your veins" She said patting herself mentally. she walked to the bus station, which was close, Thanks to Allah ....... took the bus to reach Railway station and her brothers doesn't know that! No one knew she was making this plan from the very first day her brothers accidentally mentioned it infront of her. She made sure she looked like a teenage boy after all she was travelling alone, you can't trust anyone these days, right!? she ordered everything that needed for trekking from online,...... Check! cooked food,......Check! Aaaaand wrote a "sorry" letter for her baba.........double check and left it to his bed side table. She'll be in the train by the time he wakes up or anybody wakes up for that matter! The fact that she took money from from her baba's locker secretly..........she felt equally guilty and excited. Triple Check! She doubts Amarendra Raichand would notice anything at all of whatever she wrote after "Manali trip"...... ''Fuckkkkk! I'm screwed!'' To hell with everything! with him,.....he didn’t even let her go to the picnic, it was from school and all her classmates went there,......It was suppose to be her last fun memory of her boring school life, what worst could have possibly happened.....all of her classmates are girls. "Hitler Raichand!" She muttered begrudgingly,......while getting on the bus which was surprisingly full of all kind of working class people.......so, good thing she isn’t the only weird thing in Jodhpur. Conductor ask where does she want to go and she told him drop her infront of the railway station. She was so done thinking about what others would think about her, she took care of everything and tomorrow she'll definitely be going to Manali Trekking trip with her brothers.......no matter what! ---------------------

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