My Luna's Revenge


“I’m not going to hurt you,” I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

Even though she had a threatening touch to her scent, she suddenly turned still, as I came close.

“Let. Me. Go,” she sneered, but I didn’t.

This female wasn’t accepting our mating bond, not that I was surprised. With the day I had had, this was just the tip of the iceberg, but I wasn’t going to let her kill me. I was lost and all alone, yes, but I refused to let Skylar’s death go unpunished, nor let my father’s betrayal be forgotten. He hadn’t believed his own son and kicked me out without warning. He was going to pay! I promised myself that, and I couldn’t do any of that if my own mate got a chance to hurt me.

“Only if you calm down and stop trying to kill me,” I growled at her.

She hissed at me, trying to get away, but I was too strong. I looked around at the other females. They were hesitant, not sure what to do. They clearly wanted to shoot, but their luna was too close.

“Tell them to put their guns down,” I told her.

“I’m going to tell them to shoot,” she growled back at me.

“Then we both die. Is that what you want?”

She didn’t answer, but she looked furious. She wanted me dead, yet she was locked in place beneath me. Killing me would end her too.

“Fine! Lower your guns!”

The females looked at each other, still hesitant to move.


That did it, and they all lowered their guns.

“Tell them to all take three steps back and turn around.”

If looks could kill, I would be deep underground. I couldn’t help but smile a small smile at her angry look. She almost looked like a kid who had been denied candy.

“Take three steps back and turn around,” she said between gritted teeth.

They did as she commanded.

“Now I’ll take this,” I said and held her wrists now with only one hand, as I took the knife from her hand.

“Arh!” she screamed at me, her anger getting the best of her.

“You’re going to calm down, and then we are both going to get up from here.”

“You’re dead the second you let go of me.”

“What made you think I was going to let you go?”


Accused of killing a member of his pack, Dean is thrown out by Revenge, told never to return. Dean cannot believe his father's betrayal nor the fact the female he believed to be the love of his life, is dead. Dean refuses to let his father nor Skylar's killer go unpunished, but he isn't the only one out there seeking revenge.

Cara hates every male and every alpha out there, and wishes to destroy them all. Together with other females who has experienced the evil power and abuse from males, they rise together to destroy them one by one, but what Cara hadn't been prepared for was meeting Dean, her mate.

What will happen when the two lost souls cross paths, but aren't willing to give up their need for revenge? Can Cara let go of her past and be accepting of Dean? And can he get through her many barriers and finally reach her heart?

*Book Two*

Recommended to first read: My Cursed Love

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Chapter 1: Accused
Note: This series is a darker werewolf series. Also be aware of darker elements such a described violence, false accusations and death. -Dean- I hit the ground hard as I was pushed outside. I groaned as I felt the sharp stones cut my skin. My father picked me up by my collar and threw me even further before I got a chance to get to my feet. I felt the air being pushed from my lungs as I hit the ground a second time. I could see my father coming closer and I crawled over the ground trying to get away from him. “Revenge! Stop!” I could hear my mother yell before she ran in front of him trying to stop him by blocking his path, but he didn’t care, as he pushed her to the side gentler than he had done with me. “Father! No!” This time it was my sister who came in front of me, just before my father could get his hands on me. “Get out of the way Bella!” he yelled, but she stood her ground. Then my mother ran back in front of my sister, putting her hands on his chest, as she tried to hold him back. “Don’t do this, Revenge! He is our son!” she screamed with tears in her eyes. “Our son!” he yelled as he pointed at me. “Is a murderer!” I closed my eyes feeling the whole day’s event take over me and drain all the energy from me. I sighed as I felt tears run down my cheeks. “He is still our son!” my mother yelled, not wanting to believe that I was actually capable of taking an innocent’s life. “He has betrayed this pack by taking one of its members and for this he has to be exiled!” my father screamed, making my mother shake her head violently, as she clutched his jacket, begging him not to do this. My sister looked slightly back at me. Her brown eyes were always so full of life, but now there was nothing but sadness in them. “Please! Please, he is our son,” she begged, trying to make my father look at her as the tears streamed down her cheeks. People had gathered around the whole scene in front of the pack house. They either had anger shooting from their eyes or sadness, as they saw my mother beg for my life. They all believed I did it too. They all believed I was a murderer. “He is nothing but a rogue now,” my father said in a threatening tone, making his red eyes, that were just like mine own, glow. My mother kept begging him, but he turned his back to her as he went back towards the house. My mother fell to her knees and my sister quickly wrapped her arms around her. My cousin Kyle and my best friend Carter, came towards me having a dark look in their eyes, as they lifted me from the ground. They had to make sure I was escorted from the pack’s territory by my father’s orders. “No please!” my mother screamed, as she grabbed me. My sister tried to make her let go of me, but it wasn’t until my Aunt Rebecca came to my mother and started to whisper to her, that she finally loosened her grip. Her tears were running like crazy just like my sister’s and aunt’s. Their desperate and pained looks were the last thing I saw before my cousin and oldest friend turned me around and pressed his hand on my shoulder as he escorted me away. My best friend pressed his other hand on my shoulder so I was held down and they could make sure I didn’t try and do anything. I could hear my mother calling for me, as she cried so violently, but there was nothing she could do for me now. My father had exiled me and there was no home for me here anymore. As we got to the border of my father’s territory, they threw me over the ground, so I landed just beyond the border. I rose from the ground and brushed the dirt off me before looking over at my cousin. Carter was already walking back, but he threw me one last apologetic glance before turning stone cold and turning his back on me. My cousin met my eyes before turning his back on me as well and started to walk back to the house. “Ky-“ I wanted to call out for him, but I knew it was no use. He didn’t believe me either, even if I tried telling him I didn’t do it. I shook from the sudden coldness as I felt the bond to all those people that I had known my whole life was cut. I fell to my knees feeling so paralyzed and so alone. How could my own father do this to me? He didn’t believe me when I told him I hadn’t killed her. Why didn’t he believe me? I loved her. I would never hurt her, but when they found her dead and bloody in my arms, I was already doomed. Yet he was my father. Why couldn’t he just have believed me? I felt myself suddenly full of rage as I felt all the betrayal hit me. No one believed me. Only my mother, sister and aunt stood by my side, but everyone else turned their backs to me, not even paying me any last glance. It was hurtful and it made me hungry for revenge. -Cara- “Please! Don’t kill me,” he begged me so sadly. I just smiled down at him seeing him cower in front of me, as he knew he was reaching his last moments in life. “You are a male and an alpha. Why wouldn’t I kill you?” I asked mockingly. He looked up at me with scared eyes, but I just felt powerful as I watched him realize he wasn’t getting out of this alive. “W-Why are you doing this?” he asked in a shaky voice. “Because I hate all males,” I said in a dark tone as I went behind him while he sat on his knees. “And all alphas deserve to die,” I said before letting the knife run over his throat, letting his blood spill out. I smiled as I pushed him to the ground and watched him slowly choke in his own blood. His pack was barely a pack and he was barely what you could call an alpha, but it didn’t matter. Just that he wore the title was enough for me to want to kill him. It hadn’t been a challenge at all as me and my female warriors took his pack down, but it was still a victory. I was going to end all alphas there was and then be the one and true luna over everyone. And every male who stood in my path was going to be killed as well. “Luna?” my second in command asked. I looked over at her. How long had I been standing here and looking at the body, I wondered. “Yes Scarlett?” “His death will warn the rest of the alphas in the area,” she said in a worried tone. I looked around my female warriors. We weren’t many, but we were strong, and I had faith in us. We all had our own reasons for why we wanted death over all the alphas and males. We had all been used and raped and humiliated and we had had enough of it. It was time for the females to rule. “Good,” I said before turning away and starting to walk around the dead. “Check for females and children. Those who want to join us can and those who don’t, can simply just walk away,” I commanded. Scarlett nodded before walking towards the pack house. We weren’t going to stay here long. We preferred living in the woods. Our goal wasn’t to conquer land. The land would eventually come to us, as we took down every alpha we came across, but I knew when the pack finally grew a bit more we would have to settle down somewhere, but for now, that was still not something to worry about. “Luna, what if the alphas decide to come for us?” my third in command, Zoe, asked. “They won’t know how to find us as long as we keep moving,” I told them. “We will need to rest for a while,” Zoe said. I met her clear blue eyes. They were full of determination. I knew she was right. I didn’t tire the same way as the rest of them, so I had to remind myself they needed rest after a fight like this. “I know just the place,” I said and smiled kindly at her.

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