Sold To The Alpha


[ Strictly 18+. Contains dark, triggering stuff and s****l abuse.]

He looks at me with a fierce look telling me I'm next. Aries takes threatening steps towards me and pulls me up by my hair.

" I didn't do anything sweetheart but your mother here loves to provoke me. See , she called me a r*pist , it would be a disrespect if I don't prove her right , wouldn't it ?" he smirks looking at me as I begin hyperventilating.

Every inch of me trembles in fear. Picking myself up , I try to run but the crowd doesnt give me a way out.

" Please." I scream trying to run but they all just pushed me back towards the monster.

Move." I yell slapping a lady. She stumbles back but more men pull me and throw me back towards Aries.

" No escape , huh." he laughs as his hands travel to the zip of my dress.

" No , please. Someone help me." I scream.

" Don't struggle Aurora. Your little brother is watching us , I'm just trying to prove his momma right." Aries chuckles dumping me on the ground.

" Leave me." I scream as he gets on top of me opening the buttons of his pants.


He is the Wicked Alpha who only knows about heartbreaks when it comes to the topic of love. She is the mute little girl who has spent nearly her entire life in a cage with a brutal monster.

What will happen when these two are brought together into a mate bond? What more has destiny in store for them? Read to find out! ♡

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AURORA'S POV " Aahhh, please don't. Please." the girl screams for mercy as Master chuckles in response. The wicked glint doesn't leave his eyes as he strikes the whip on the girl's back again. She screams in agony as I put my palms on my ears trying not to hear her. I shift back as far as I can in my cage not removing my palms from my ears. Tears are streaming down my cheeks and stopping near my lips giving a salty taste in my mouth but I'm too scared to remove my hands and wipe them off. " This is what wh*res like you get." the man, our master yells walking away not before giving her a kick in the belly. The girl lying on the floor covered with her own blood was Lily. I remember master bringing her home and treating her like a doll but things changed three days ago when she said she was pregnant with master's child. Master was so furious that he had beaten her black and blue and it didn't stop till today. I pity her but I'm in no position to help her either. All girls here are either by choice or force. Some sold themselves to master so their families could get money and some were abducted forcefully but me . . . I was given away for free by my own family members. I still remember the blank look on my parent's faces when they pushed me towards my master telling him to take me away and do whatever he wishes. I remember the tears in my brother's eyes as he stood there helpless of father's words, I remember my two-year-old brother's sobs when Master dragged me away from them. I wasn't sold, I was given off for free. My father is filthy rich being the alpha of a huge pack but I didn't know what got me into being their loveless child. " Wake up you sl*ts." Master growls throwing buckets of cold water in the cages. I shiver as the cold water comes in c*ntact with my bruises and exposed skin. Master smirks looking at my battered form. " You nasty piece of sh*t. If you don't get sold by this week, I'm fixing you for the v*rgin sacrifice. I'll get a good price for you." he laughs maliciously and all I can do is whimper and look down. I've lost the power to speak six years ago. Six long years and I haven't uttered a word to anyone and it's all because of him. He promised to come back to me, he was my savior, my guardian, my protector but he never came back. I've spent two years in this cage at Master's place here, the cages everyone has are small enough to only fit yourself in and move a few inches front and back. I've been sitting on the same place for two years . . . waiting for him. And every night, when I bring sleep to myself by crying I imagine being in his soft warm arms. His fingers tickled me if I questioned him too much, his thick black hair which I loved to run my fingers through, and his smile which melted my insides like ice cream. I sigh knowing that he won't come. My hopes are now fading away just like my interest to live. The bell near the door rings as a sign of a customer entering. Girls shift closer to the front of the cage so that they are bought and they can escape the master's monstrous t*rtures. I squeal softly shifting back as far as I can. Heavy footsteps sound as the ground vibrates, a strong masculine scent fills in the room making shivers run down my spine. " Ahh, my lord what brings you here ?" Master's sugar-coated voice sounds as I wrap my arms around my knees pulling them to my chest. " I need a new pet." A deep, husky voice says. I internally gasp taking in the voice. It sounded so deep and manly. " Oh, you're at the right place, my lord. I have the best pets in the town. Take a look, my lord." Master says as they walk in the room. Tears begin streaming down my face as bubbles of nervousness burst in me. I didn't know why these tears were pouring out but I couldn't make any move to wipe them. " I like this blonde." the voice mutters. " Sure my lord. As you like." Master mumbles as I hear the opening of the cage. " Hello, there you little thing." I gasped looking at a young man sticking his nose to the cage to look at me. He has dirty blonde hair and twinkling baby blue eyes with dimples adorning his cheeks. He looks like a kid himself. " You know what bro, I want this little thing," he says pointing to my cage while standing up. I could not see the faces of other people in the room as my cage was right on the floor but I did notice two shiny black shoes standing in front of my cage. " Last time I checked, you weren't interested in pets." the heavy voice says, more like mocks him. " I know but this little thing is a cutie, I can keep her to just accompany me. Just take a look at the little brunette," he mutters excitedly as Master grunts. " Young lord, you won't find her of any good. She's a bad omen to everyone." Master grumbles. I see the man lowering himself to take a look at me again with a frown on his face. My thick brown hair comes on my face covering me but I peek through them to take a look at him. His frown disappears with a smile after a few seconds. " Awww, cutie pie. Don't be scared of me." he coos to me like I'm a baby. " Taylor you're acting like a child in a candy store." the deep voice grumbles causing the windows to shake. " I want her. I want her. I want her." The man named Taylor whines. " Shut up or I'll throw you from the balcony." the deep voice mutters. " I want her please. I'll go to bed early every night, no alcohol, always eating meals on time, and no careless driving only of you give me this tiny thing," he says placing his hand on my cage. Why does he keep calling me a thing? " Fine." He huffs. " Thank you, thank you so much. I love you." Taylor jumps on the floor like a child. " I'll now take two then." the voice says chuckling as Taylor lowers himself again staring at me with awe. He looks at me like children look at toys in awe. " The blonde is $150 lord and the brunette costs $200," Master says as my eyes go wide. $200? That's my worth? " Just look at her Ari, she's so innocent." Taylor gasps as his eyes sparkle looking at me. " I'll get the receipt, sir." Master mumbles walking out of the room. " I've told you a hundred times Taylor, no one is innocent in this world. " the voice growls as everything in the room vibrates. " Take a look," Taylor mutters pulling his hand down. " Taylor I said th-" his voice abruptly cuts off as I feel someone's burning gaze at me. Peeking through my hair, I see gray eyes staring at me. I couldn't figure out what they were trying to say, they seemed to be troubled themselves. ^_^ Let me know how the first chapter is. Warning : - This book is written by me, I own the copyrights of this book, and any sort of work that resembles this will be taken good care of by me. I won't tolerate people copying my work at all. I mean it. - Don't read further if you cannot handle abuse and violence. It gets hectic when people begin complaining and slapping insults at me in the middle of the book. So save your energy and mine, don't complain later, you know what it will be like because the 1st chapter itself says a lot. - All characters and events are fictional. Don't compare it to real life, you won't find it good. - No hate speeches against the author or any other reader. I'm giving all the warnings beforehand so you feeling offended later on won't be my issue- Please don't blame me for that later on.  Let's start a new Journey and hopefully it ends well just like the others.

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