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A primordial entity, who lost his everything that he hold dear. As the time pass he became the shadow of his former self. The once feared and respected Celestial was reborn as a human but even then his past won't let him go. Now the being with the powers of the most feared progenies, live wth us. Let's see how he a former celestial survive in an unknown world.

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At the beginning of creation itself, countless billions of years ago, before the current Cosmic Order, creation was composed of a single and sentient universe, whose omnipotent intelligence was referred to as the First Empyrean. For countless ages, the First Empyrean was the sole being in creation, until its loneliness became unbearable. It decided to create the first life in Creation to give it companions as well as servants—an act that it would later come to regret.  These servants were cosmic beings of a lesser order of power and were of two kinds: black and multicolored humanoid servants. The black servants dutifully obeyed and worshiped their creator. They even created their own servants and sought to preserve the simple order their creator had made complete and unchanging for all time. The First Empyrean named these loyal beings Primogenitus and was very pleased by their goals and desire to maintain the status quo of its reign. However, the multicolored ones had completely different values and desires from the Primogenitus. Considered "rebels" by the First Empyrean, they wanted a dynamic, diverse and continually evolving Reality where beings lived, learned, reproduced, aged and died in order to slowly improve themselves through evolution.  The rebels wanted this with the ultimate long term goal of producing superior cosmic beings with the power to create universes of their own and for the universe to evolve with them as they advanced towards that state. These were the beings whom one day would be called by lesser life forms, "The Celestials". The two opposing factions of the First Empyrean's children could not peacefully coexist and the ensuing war nearly destroyed the first universe. At some point during the war, the Primogenitus created a now-lost hyper weapon called the Starkiller, a space-borne 7,600 m tall humanoid robot that dwarfed even the Celestials themselves. It was powered by a cosmic artifact later called the Heart of The Void and operated by genetically engineered pilots. During the war, the Starkiller destroyed countless billions of Celestials and brought them to the brink of extinction. At this point, for unknown reasons, a civil war broke out among the Primogenitus that led to the Starkiller being stripped of critical parts for weapons. This division within the Primogenitus gave the Celestials a chance to recover and make their last stand. In the final battle against the Primogenitus, the Celestials detonated their ultimate weapons that tore the First Empyrean apart and very nearly killed it. In a desperate act of self-preservation, the core essence of the First Empyrean took the surviving Primogenitus and fled outside Reality. In the wake of its near destruction, the major fragments of the First Universe that were torn off coalesced into a new cosmic being, one with multiple realities composing it: Eternity. This was the birth of the second Universe and the First Multiverse. After the birth of the first Eternity, the "rebels" settled inside him, multiplied and began their vast plan to create and nurture transitory but evolving life on the newborn worlds within, a general outline of the basic plan the Celestials follow for shaping the evolution of life on a chosen planet after it develops primitive sentient life. But as they advanced they found the two sources of infinite power, The NOVA Prime and The Obscurus. These are the torn parts of the First Empyrean left behind in this universe. The NOVA Prime was a giant beast of unimaginable size, this is the being of pure energy and the Obscurus was the darkness of this universe, the energy was so volatile and filled with malice that whoever goes near him was consumed by that darkness. To save all the lifeforms from this darkness the celestials locked The Obscurus in the unknown region of the universe. With this new power source they thrive and built an empire so vast that it exceeded galaxies. As they grow they create new lifeforms and distribute them in different galaxies, so that they can grow naturally. They built a world around NOVA Prime and named it after the being which provides them energy, The Nova Empire. Atlan Nova, The First Celestial becomes The Celestial King. everyone of the celestials accepted him as their king beside one, Vodona. She was the only one who stood against him, so they fought for the throne and she was defeated. Feeling humiliated by her defeat, she swore to kill Atlan and destroy The Nova Empire. To do that she moved towards the unknown region, where she tried to control the power of Obscurus but she underestimated the volatile and malice power of darkness and was consumed by it. The integration of Obscurus and Vodona formed a dark entity known as Deviant. The obscurus gave power to Vodona, filled with this unimaginable power she started creating a new lifeform, Gourmands. The beings born from darkness whose purpose was to devour all life forms. Not knowing the calamity coming towards them, the celestials were busy celebrating the birth of their prince, Xandrax Nova, son of Emperor Atlan Nova and Empress Litta Nova. On the day Xandrax was born, The NOVA Prime himself gave his blessing to him. Xandrax was the only celestial born with a vast amount of Maqdira, the energy generated by NOVA Prime. He was the most powerful celestial.  10,786 AE(After Empyrean) The Nova Empire, VILDA Capital City. Today was a joyous day for celestials, because today their beloved prince will ascend to the throne of Celestial Emperor. The whole Vilda Plaza was crowded with people. A tall muscular man with a beautiful woman in royal attire was standing on the platform just in front of the throne, they were Emperor and Empress, Atlan and Litta. A handsome and dashing man with jet black hair and green eyes was sitting on the throne, he was Xandrax Nova. the soon to be Emperor. Atlan stepped forward and said,”My Fellow Celestials, today we are gathering here to celebrate the ascension of our prince Xandrax.” The whole crowd started shouting xandrax names. “I feel very proud today that I am giving the reign of the Nova Empire in such capable hands.” he then took his crown from his head and moved towards in front of the throne, he than slowly put the crown of NOVA on Xandrax head and the whole plaza was filled with applause and shout of xandrax name. Xandrax then raised his hand and everyone became quiet, he then stepped forward and said,”Today i ,Xandrax Nova, pledge that i will live for the empire and if situation arises then die for the empire. I will protect my people and whoever comes asking for help, this is the promise that I make to everyone. Long live NOVA”. “NOVA” “XANDRAX” “NOVA” “NOVA” “NOVA” “XANDRAX” “XANDRAX” “XANDRAX” “BOOM”  The sudden voice stopped the chanting, as they moved outside the plaza they saw a massive fleet of unknown beings was entering the planet’s surface. A figure landed on the plaza, this was Vodona. As she arrived in front of xandrax she said,”then you better die, because today i am going to destroy this empire”. Seeing Vodona in front Atlan shouted, "why are you here? and why are you doing this?”.  She didn’t say anything and just attacked xandrax, who counter attacked and fought back. This started the millenia long war also known as the Eternity War. This was the most brutal war in millennia, the flame of war consumed the whole universe, every galaxy, every planet with sentient life fought in this war. The Celestials and Gourmands fought and lost most in this war.  Seeing no end to it both sides came to compromise, but Vodona backstabbed them. In this ambush xandrax lost his mother. Filled with grief and anger he started butchering gourmands and attacked every planet they reside, alone.  In his anger, he attacked the source world. The world which housed Obscurus, there he was surrounded by enemies and due to the power of Obscurus, his connection to NOVA Prime break, to save xandrax, his father Altan sacrificed himself but even that wasn’t enough. Seeing no way to kill Xandrax, Vodona attacked him with a special mist which stripped his Maqdira and started devouring his body. Before his body was completely devoured a small spark of green light fused with xandrax, and his body was destroyed.

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