Protecting The Hybrid


18+ Please be advised this book contains multiple mates, s****l assault, talk of suicide and non consensual s*x.

*This book is not required to understand the rest of the series*

Amber, since the moment of her 15th birthday, has lived in a perpetual state of fear. Within her, dwells not only the spirit of a wolf, but also the formidable presence of a great dragon. As a unique Hybrid, she possesses powers that, if wielded by the wrong hands, have the potential to unleash destruction.

Alongside this burden, Amber carries a curse that binds her fate to finding a mate and being marked before her 22nd birthday. However, her potential partners are not exempt from the curse’s grasp. Should they fail to break it in time and wholeheartedly embrace every part of Amber, they risk becoming agents of her ultimate demise.

The world trembles under the imminent threat of an insidious evil, a force that seeks dominion over all species. In this desperate hour, the power of Amber, as majestic dragon, and her devoted mates holds the key. Yet, burdened by curses that bind them, they stand at a precipice. Can they unravel the enchantments that entrap them and find solace in each other’s embrace before it’s too late?

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Dear Cruel World, My name is Amber, in case that means anything to you. As I ponder on my life, I have reached the conclusion that tonight will mark the end of my miserable existence. To any unfortunate wolf who stumbles upon my lifeless body, I offer my condolences. Allow me a moment to explain the reasoning behind my decision. I am not your typical wolf. I harbor a significant secret that sets me apart. When I turned 15, my family went to great lengths to ensure my safety, as well as the safety of others. All because of my secret. The fear I instilled in my parents and the threat I posed to our kind left them terrified. Tragically, the camp we called home fell victim to a rogue attack, resulting in the brutal murder of my parents. The loss was devastating. So, what am I hiding? I am a crossbreed, a fusion of two different breeds or species. I possess the spirit of a dragon and a wolf, which I view as both a blessing and a curse. According to legend, a hybrid wolf possesses the power to overcome a formidable dark force. Lucky me, right? When the hybrid marks and mates with other wolves, it grants them an incredible amount of power. However, if this power were to fall into the wrong hands, the potential consequences could be catastrophic, leading to widespread destruction. It gets better. My life expectancy is limited to 21 years unless I am marked and mated with my mate. My 22nd birthday is just a few weeks away, so much for a good life. The legend tells the story of my partner, who takes the form of a wolf possessing the essence of a knight wolf. It is only when we come together that I am able to realize my true purpose and overcome the challenges that lie ahead in order to survive. My parents never failed to remind me about this. One significant obstacle presents itself - the presence of my dragon spirit renders me incapable of detecting the scent of my mate. Only when my dragon spirit takes control will my mate be able to recognize me. Time is running out for me. If my mate doesn't mark me soon, the dragon spirit will dominate, and I'll lose control of my soul. But it gets better. If, by chance, the incorrect wolf marks me, their ability to control the dragon will result in a complete possession of my being. So there you have it, the nasty dark secret. After carefully considering my options, I have come to the decision that I will maintain control over my life, and unfortunately, this has led me to choose to end my life. The mountains and wilderness create a sense of infinity, as if they have no boundaries. The dragon spirit, which has been gaining control over me, has been causing me to lose hours of time without any recollection. The dragon cannot emerge victorious. I have created a tea that is poisonous and its effects should become apparent within the next few hours. There is a growing sense within me that I am gradually drifting away. I feel genuine remorse for my mate for not being able to wait any longer. Sincerely, Amber

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