The Three Alphas and Her Forbidden Mate


Sam Starling is a normal girl. Yeah she was rejected by her mate when she first had her shift, and , Yeah she was rejected second time after that. She didn't understand why the Moon Goddess would do such a thing to her. She only had the worst in life. Found in the woods all alone, just a pup. Until one night when she sees a Jet black wolf running for the mountains. Who was that? Where did they go? find out more

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Lonely Pup

My name is Sam Starling and I'm apart of the Light Pack House. I don't belong here though, Alpha found me in the woods at a very young age. That didn't stop him from making me the pack House pet. It's a long story.

Alpha Victor light took me in as a chance to get a free worker for the pack House. There are a total of 45 other wolves. He made me cook and clean right along with other chores. Luna Victoria had her three baby boys just a few months apart before they found me in the woods. The eldest name is Blake Light, at the age 20, with the blackest hair out of them all. Standing at 6"5, he was rather slim but lean. The middle name is Nick Light at the age of 19, the lightest blonde locks out of his brothers. Standing at 6"3, he was almost built like his father, with strong shoulders and a broad chest. Never fails to pick fights with Sam. The Youngest is Cameron Light, he was only 18 but still towered over his brothers. Cam is 6"7 with dark brown hair and baby blue eyes, that seem to cut through sound, seriously he can quiet a whole room. Blake was next in line for Alpha, Only because he was coming of age, But that wasn't for another 8 months. When winter is over and Spring begins.

Living in the mountains isn't easy, well it is, but you have to watch out for traps. Hunters are out everywhere now and it seems like the only safe place left was the mountains where Alpha Victors ancestors used to hide. Now it's more of a glorious castle because of how old it is. I still do all the cooking and cleaning around this place as well. No one would eat if it wasn't for me.

Every morning I wake up at dawn to make breakfast for the pack. I am not allowed to eat breakfast, so I drink tea and have a small slice of toast with butter, So it begins. I pull my hair up and put it in a messy bun. I started cooking and by the time I'm done the whole dining table is full of pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, grits, fruit bowls, orange juice, coffee, and the final touch being chocolate chip muffins. The boys will be up soon, Alpha Victor has already made his way to the kitchen. He shoos me away with one hand and tells me his laundry needs to be done. I just nodded and left as quickly as possible. I learned from a young age not to talk or question anything I was told. They would only tell me that they rescued me when I was a child because my parents didn't want me and I was troubled so now I owe them my life. I can't argue back because it'll just make the beatings worse. I hardly stand at 5"1, I have long fine hair the color fine coco, my eyes were a hazel color with specs of gold and blue. I didn't think I looked half bad.. but the scars showed and they were not pretty. I just couldn't wait until I turned 21 and maybe I'll have my mate by then.

I don't think the moon goddess likes me very much. The first time I shifted my mate rejected me and so I had a second chance. Well I blew that one too because of the fact that I never found them. My wolf was lonely, she howled at the loss of two mates but I tried to cheer her up by telling her we still have a chance but... do we? Wolfs only get two chances, what could be the possibility of getting a third chance? It's slim to be honest, no wolf has ever had a third. Well I don't believe one ever has had a third but what's the point anyways? Why bother? No one ever wanted me anyways. my own parents left me for dead. I can't trust anyone. So I'm leaving when I turn 21 and I'm going to be the lone wolf I was meant to be. Forever.

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