Mr. CEO's Timed Bride

contract marriage

She should know she just his mistress,

She should know he had a fiancee,

She should know he was hurt deeply by her five years ago,

She also had an unmentionable secret, she didn’t know who was her son’s father.

Although she couldn't help loving him, after the expiration of the three-year mistress contract, she decided to leave him.

Would he retain her?

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1 Last Day
  The night was quiet, only the sound of running water could be heard in the dimly lighted room. Resting on the edge of the bed, Cosette sat there biting her lip and pushing her messy hair back out of her face. She swallowed slowly, clenching and unclenching her fist as if in anticipation of an important decision. At that moment, the bathroom door was pushed open and a tall, manly figure emerged out of the shadows. Cosette Weitzman looked up, her fists still tightening, “Edward, we need to break up.” Cosette’s voice was beautiful and soft, but her words were like daggers in Edward Coton’s ears. “Cosette, what in the world are you talking about?” Edward stuttered out. Cosette lifted herself onto the feet, her eyes shining as she looked directly at Edward. “You know exactly what I am talking about. This arrangement was to the last three years, of which today is the last day.” Cosette turned away slightly, the corner of her lips drooping as her voice lowered, “Perhaps breaking up is not the correct words, but ending this relationship.” “Ha.” Edward sneered, stepping forward to pinch Cosette's chin, directing her eyes back to his. "Why are you counting the days? Are you that eager to get rid of me?” “I am just fulfilling what I agreed to, which were your requirements.” Cosette’s gaze was cold. Edward pressed his lips together, glaring back at her with anger. He despised the lack of emotion or indication on her face, no hint of desire or unhappiness with the current situation. He could not deny she had been the perfect lover. She was always quick to respond and never fell into the traps of jealousy like every other woman Edward had encountered. But now the lack of attachment was driving Edward mad. How could he mean nothing to her? Edwards' eyes blazed with even more anger, his grip on her chin tightening. Cosette's face began to pale, but she remained silent and unmoving, not responding to the aggression. “I hope you are not forgetting the endless hospital bills your younger brother has been bringing in. Do you really think you can pay those without my help?” Edward asked. Cosette pulled away sharply. He was not incorrect about Stuarts state or bills, but she was not one to be meddled with and she was not about to compromise her dignity to get by anymore. “That does not sound like any of your business. Let me worry about my affairs.” Cosette’s eyes flashed, breaking Edwards confidence in the last card he had just played. “For f**k's sake.” Edward shook Cosette off him, grabbing his coat off the hook behind the door and leaving the room in a hurry. He stormed down the stairs toward his car, angry thoughts lashing across his mind. Who the f**k did this woman think she was? He wondered. Did she not realized he had bought her, and she needed him? How dare she just abandon and humiliate him after all they had done for each other. He hoped she would come crawling back in desperation so he could humiliate her. He pulled out at a vicious speed, his black car engines roaring as he drove away from the villa down the straight before he halted at the end of the road. He hit the wheel a few times in frustration. Cosette had leaned back against the bed after Edward had departed but rose to her feet as she heard the engine roar as he drove off. With a sigh she reached for her coat, readying herself to leave. She packed up her few belongings into a box quickly. She had been in and out of this place for three years but barely had anything there that belonged to her. So packing was not a massive commitment. By the time the box was filled, she was ready to leave. Looking back once more at the luxurious clothes in the closet, Cosette smiled bitterly. Nothing here belonged to her, and it never had. Everything in the building, including Edward, had never belonged to her. “Cosette?” Rosie, the house maid poked her head in. “Is everything alright?” Cosette could see the concern in Rosie’s eyes, she had evidentially overheard some of the commotion. “I am well.” Cosette smiled sadly. She knew Rosie’s job could not be an easy one, Edward was often demanding and moody. “Thank you for everything you have done for me over the last few years. I hope I have not caused you any trouble.” “Trouble!” Rosie fluttered forward, grabbing Cosette’s hand with affection. “What on earth do you mean dear? I have only been doing my job!” Cosette smiled again. “I have just broken up with Edward so I am sure you will be welcoming a new owner to this villa soon. I must be going!” “It is late dear! Can you not wait for the morning?” Rosie asked, hand clasp to her chest. “I have already called a taxi; I will be fine do not worry.” Cosette replied, backing out of the door as she explained. Rosie watched helplessly as Cosette walked down the driveway to the awaiting cab driver knowing nothing she could say would stop the young woman from leaving. Arriving home, Cosette looked at her house. The magnificent scenery did not feel so magnificent today. She entered the house with a sigh, noting an unfamiliar scent meeting her. She opened a window in the living room hoping it would air out before heading upstairs to ready herself to sleep. She had an awfully hard time falling asleep that night, tossing and turning in bed until four or five in the morning. The same night at the Hilton hotel, Edward emerged from the bathroom to see Genevieve waiting for him in a seductive position at the edge of the bed. Edward could not hide the unhappiness in his eyes. “Edward, my love.” Guinevere pushing her hips forward, rising to a seating position as she watched Edward come out. She was a beautiful woman and her body was unmatched, but Edward could feel no attraction at the moment. Genevieve stood up, walking toward Edward allowing her clothes to slip down her arm. Edward put his hand up to stop her from getting closer. “Earl will give you your money. Keep in mind this shall not get out or you will be putting yourself at risk!” “Of course!” Genevieve agreed, flustered. Edward left in a huff, unable to hide his disdain for the pretentious woman much longer. Cosette would never be so arrogant, he recalled. “Damn it!” He muttered under his breath, he could not get this lady out of his head. Genevieve watched him leave the room, clenching her fist with frustration. She wanted the money but mostly she wanted Edward! Cosette woke up the following morning, feeling starved. Finding nothing to eat at home she hurried off to the supermarket. Cosette was browsing some stands when she overheard two loud younger ladies across the aisle gossiping loudly by the daily newspaper stand. “Did you see this one this morning? I cannot believe in!” One woman called out, distracting Cosette from her search for a moment. “You mean the new headline about that Guinevere Shayk affair?” The second woman laughed. “Of course! I am so envious of her imagine getting a chance with the Edward Coton?” The first lady spoke again. “She will be the hot news from here on out!” Cosette’s ears perked up at the sound of Edwards' name. Guinevere Shayk! The man certainly had a type. Cosette pressed her lips together ignoring the small storm of emotions this news had brought within her. She could not allow it to affect her, if anything it reassured her that her decision was the right one! Edward ran off directly into another woman’s arms.

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