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17 High School was in chaotic momment. Two candidates for the most dominant and respected student to the next student council president were building a dispute. The arch foe met again in the election debate which was displayed in front of all students. The problem was that feud was not in good manner at all. They fought in childish way and without in smart political debate. The debate between the two was very childish and riot. They met again and made their school furious with a deliberate fight.

They always fought everytime they met, and once, there were something wrong inside their heart when they far away from each other. Until they found the answer.

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Herb 1.You Get What You Want
The enemy, (n) the predicate with a million of the probable changes. Among those that most earthy in high school seventeen, Serabi – this is people’s name, with his quirky attitude – is the most phenomenal. With a million absolute possibility, he was pointed as representatives reservoir aspirations for students. We can call it Student Council president. Still called as candidate. Serabi was marked. He thought he could be the upper hand and manages all the votes as absolute when elections with a win, but every single one is useless. Even though he succeeded in making art festival to be the most interesting art festival in school history ever. By the channel and his ability to steal people’s heart, Serabi successfully invited band at that time was booming on tv . There will be an enemy that lurks. This enemy was trickier than the other candidates. Although his apparently very earthy, with cute curly hair and the minimalism height, but people couldn’t doubt his ability. His face pretty sweet. First ever assumptions, Serabi thought this kid is a victim of acceleration as most of his friend. But it turned out that he was older than Serabi. The most loathsome at once laughable was ... this enemy had lisp letter of “S”. His name is Geo. His full name is Geometri. He is the third child, so his name is Geometri. He has one older brother, the former president of student council too. His name is Geomeka. The other sibling of his is basketball team’s president, his older sister, named Geomedwi. They are twins. Geomeka is a boy. Geomedwi is a girl. Because of that qualified position, Geometri as the youngest brother of famous duo student in school finally wants to show him up. He might prove his own existence, that he also could be famous without make a piggyback by his sibling’s popularity. Actually Geometri was not clear of his gender, that was what Serabi said million times. Serabi had never seen him naked, so he was still doubt what gender Geometri actually. In addition to his name after the something written in the book – who Serabi deliberately forgotten as he wants to move on and being a human completely – Serabi also did not like this kid. Sometimes he was surrounded with the girls, sometimes by the guys. He had already known Geomeka’s friend, and Geomedwi’s also. “You start to make a problem again, Kindergarten student?” Serabi’s sound looked so pitiful, and swear. Geo turned hopeless. His cute curly hair swayed, blown off by the wind on tha hot day. Serabi said Geo was kindergarten student who forced to move on. He said, Geo should not be graduated from kindergarten because he have couldn’t say “S” letter perfectly.             “What problem I did to you?”             “Are you seeking for attention to the teachers?”             “Did you do the same, right?”             “What for?”  “And you, what for?”             “Why you shout at me?”             “Wait, me?”             “I just answer you!”             The vice headmaster of student’s problem who found out that incident massaged his temple exasperatedly .This duo was always make a fuss. Even though they could also become a qualified student model. By the force of vice headmaster’s authority, Mr. Guntur finally chuckled softly.             “If both of you still making a fight, I dare to kick your ass and ban both of you to participate as the student council candidate!”             “Hah?”             “Eh?”             Both of them shocked, looked at the Vice Headmaster with their pleading gaze – which was too disgusting because both of them are boys.             “He have strarted the fight first, Sir!” Geo pointed, ignored the hurtful expression of Serabi.             “Why me?”             “You are the one who said that I am a kindergarten student!”             “Is that the truth. isn’t it?”             “Ehem!” Mr. Guntur cleared his throat again. Serabi kept his mouth shut. Geo looked down deeply. Because of this f*****g boy, his prestige as the sweet student model for two generation threatened to be desposed.             “He have started the fight first, Sir!”             “Why me?”             “Both of you...” Everyone waited for the time when Mr Guntur showed his absolute vonis which is rarely be showed to his student. Geo knew his position. Sensitive. Then, with his intuitions as a student, Geo turned around and escaped. Serabi shocked. He also wanted to do so, because the aura was starting to feel suspicious. Then, with a reflex, he screamed hardly.             “Where are you going? Don’t go away! I haven’t finish yet!”             Mr. Guntur smiled sadly, looked at those two highschooler who ran away. Once they shouted each other, but it didn’t make sense that they kept their distance away. Serabi worried. And then, with his innocence... once again Serabi might stay together with Geometri again.             “Why you follow me?”             “What follow?”             “And then, why are you here?”             “This is school!”             “From many places in this school, why you choose to go to here?”             “Go away from me!”             “What?”             “Why you still don’t understand that I want you to go?”             “Are you being a dictator?”             “Are you disturbed?”             “You are too much!”             “That’s my idea! What do you want?”             “Good! So, don’t dare to be a president of student council!”             “Are you scared?”             “Why I must scared? We are not even equal...”             “But why are you being worried?”             Geometry groaned. Having argue with serabi wouldn’t ever finish. He should cooling down, remembered it had to go according to the plan. Don’t because of this trivial matter with an arch-foe, his dream as student council president failed!             “Hey, that’s the duo!”             Serabi dan Geometri looked up spontaneous. Two boys waved to them. Serabi exhaled. Not again with that boy! Please, he just want to relax a momment! Don’t want to be disturbed with astral human who spoke annoying.             “What are you doing?” Serabi shouted.             “You’re so sensitive...”             “Call me Abi!”             “What the f**k with that order?” That boy grunted and threw back his shoulder. Serabi know this kid well. His cousin. Younger than him one year, however because of family tree, so Serabi should call him “ brother” although the hierarchy not so! Milo, as a junior so often seen his big cousin love to make oration steped down. His family a little strange.They were excited to name their children with the name of food and drink. Milo held with another guy intimately. The smaller boy, with round eyes and mousy.             “Let’s get down, Kalka! I’ll introduce you to my younger cousin!”             “Younger?”             “Yes, he was born before me, but he’s a younger brother for me!”             Serabi didn’t want to make a chat with someone who annoying in his mind now. He want to go. Geo felt the same. When Geo will run away, Kalka’s finger stoped him.             “Kak Geo jangan pergi dulu, ya! Ada yang ingin saya tanyakan.”             “Geo Brother, don’t go away! There’s someone I want to ask to you.”             Geo couldn’t refuse his junior. Kalka was being his junior since middle school. Although they were not too close, but Kalka is a very polite junior.             “You’ve already known Ge Bro?”             Geo always annoyed when he listened this junior’s word. This junior was too ignorant, and there are some issues that he have big potency in basketball area although he never interested with that play.             “Yes, Milo. Geo Bro is my senior in middle school.”             “Ouch, I can guess in middle you’re so cute, right!”             “Milo don’t say that again! Embarassing!”             “Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!”             Serabi’s eyebrow rised. Suddenly he felt illfeel to this duo who too flirting in front of him! His plan to run away was bigger, moreover when he saw the ‘lisp’ S didn’t responsive at all.             “You want to be here and see two gays being intimate?” Serabi shouted. Geo shocked.             “Gay?”             “Look at them!” Serabi pointed. He’s not a hater to that community. He just his cousin’s hater. Milo’s hater, the boy who spoke too easy.             “Do you want to join with us, Ge Bro?” Milo rised his lips, smiled seducely. Geo grinned. He also not a hater. One day if he can be president of student council, he will embrace all of the student, whatever their orientation!             Long live, Geo!             "I will hire you as a success team later if I run for candidate!" He pointed out.             Milo nodded, patting his chest proudly. Next to him, Kalka smiled agreely. Serabi glared in disbelief. Last night, he persuaded Milo with millions of sweet word, hoping his cousin who have easy seduction would be willing to make cooperation. Unfortunately, Milo refused. "No, ah! It's more fun to play with Kalka!" "I don't have time! My time playing with Kalka is far more valuable!” "No payment? Alright then, I'll just play with Kalka!" That was said by Milo last night. But now... Serabi very clearly heard Milo agreed to be the team success for the opposing party? Milo is being asked him for civil war! "How come you became his success team anyway ?!" Serabi protested. Milo nodded calmly. "So being your success team isn't interesting, anyway!" "Which one?" "You are temperament." "Ha?!" "Now, nothing's been done, yet and you start to grumble!" Milo pointed at Serabi's face. Serabi shouted his mouth, canceled further protests. Besides ... right now everything is in a very annoying condition. He was basically threatened for disqualified of president’s student council candidates because of annoying boy beside him. But the the most person he aimed for to be hurrah team, the evil whisperer suddenly prefer the enemy.             Maybe last night he slept on wrong pillow, and now being unlucky! "Do you want to be removed from family register?" Serabi began to shake.Milo shrugged his shoulders. "We even aren’t in the same family register!" "Insolent Milo!" "Ouch, thanks! Don't praise, geez! I become embarrassed!"             Serabi slapped his forehead. Tired. Milo embraced Kalka and chuckled, while the lisp boy who since a momment ago turned his head suddenly gaped. He felt the winning because Serabi was beaten by many people now! "I don't want to fight with you first!" Serabi started to be emotion. "Who wants to fight who, anyway, you know!" Milo could be a bastard on earth, and Serabi suddenly amused.             Geo chuckled. He likes to see this view. Milo and Kalka, yes what they called again? Geo walked softly. His height does not exceed Kalka’s. His fingers outstretched, and then pinched Kalka’s cheek exasperated.             Milo glared angrily.             Serabi gaped. "How dare you ... eh, Ge Bro touch my Kalka!" "What are you doing?" Geo chuckled again, then patted Milo's shoulder for a moment. He wants to protect many things now, especially his good name as a candidate for the new student council president. "Milo and Kalka are doing well, yeah! Don't go near the tiger, you'll be bitten! ” He said. Milo nodded spontaneously. He failed to be angry. Geo never had plan to took away Kalka from him. Kalka just nodded and giggled. Milo realized something. Geo and Kalka much alike. Perhaps they are twins who separated at birth?             "I'm not getting angry, I'm not getting jealous!" Milo nodded slowly.             "Eh?"             "The thing is Mas Ge has no intention of taking Kalka."             "How do you know?"             "From the look in his eyes. No gaze wants to pounce. "             Geo nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it's not the same as your gaze at Kalka."             "Ouch, ouch! I am embarrassed!" Serabi as an antagonist who had been neglected and disposed started couldn’t stand this anymore. The three boys was too weird! They didn’t show any manly attitude at all. Which one was too sweet to timid, the other one in a easy and flirty without same, while most intrigued to Serabi was his arch-foe. Geometri.              “You crazy!” Serabi decided to go, left that annoying trio to cool his head. He should thought about the war strategy. If needed he might make Geo was kicked and disqualified so student’s voice absolutely support him. After Serabi left, Milo, Kalka, and Geo immediately made a strange gathering. They squatted spontaneously, in a circle, and whispered. Geo realized he had made Serabi angry this time. "So what's the story?" Milo pretends to be interrogating. "What do I do?" "Why is Serabi so stubborn? And why are you fighting?" "He really does run away!" "Looks like I know the reason!" Kalka applauds spontaneously. Milo looked at him with a smile. "You know everything, right! I became proud of you! " Geo dumbfounded.             "What do you know, Kalka?" Geo answered calmly. Kalka nodded, then took out his cellphone. He opened f******k, then because the school's wifi was so slow because it was used by a million people, the website just circled in an irregular direction. "What do you want to explain, Kalka?" Milo waiting unpatiently. "Wait, Milo! I want to open Facebook." "If you want to update the status, just do it later, Kalka!" "Ouch, Milo! Not it! But I have been friends with my middle school friends, and in the past... I've seen Abi... " "It's called Serabi, Kalka!" Geo and Milo answered together. "What's the matter, Bro?" Milo turned to Geo. Geo exhaled, then started telling the stories. Waiting for f******k’s Kalka to load was too long, so it was better to tell the story right away! "We've known each other since middle school." Geo made a confession. "Ha? How come? Both of you not in middle school, right? Where did you meet? When brawled between schools, huh?" Geo grabbed Milo's head spontaneously. Kalka glares not accept. Geo grinned, looked at Kalka and chuckled. "Spontaneous, Twin! Your lover, by the way, really digresses! It makes me want to hit it off!” He said defensively. "How do you know?" Milo rubbed his head. Kalka helped wipe the place. Luckily they were indeed shameless towards others. "If you forget, I can make you remember again, Mil! I and Kalka are in middle school. You and Serabi are in junior high school. Our school once competed in basketball. Remember?" Previously, Milo was not interested in basketball, but he once watched a game. That's also because he was forced, rather than having to work in groups! "My memory is like a goldfish, so I forgot, Ge Bro!" Milo pretentious innocent. "Our school was disqualified. Remember?" Milo patted his forehead. He remembers! Remember! If It was not mistaken, it was so chaotic in the past! The police even intervened specifically. Milo could not forget, because he was also the target of used mineral water bottles. The pain hit the nose. The two teams were disqualified because of the behavior of supporters who could not be sportive. The game that day was canceled, failed, broke up! "Actually, I also participated first. I sat on the bench. Got hit by a bottle of mineral water ... "Kalka confided.             Milo held Kalka's fingers spontaneously.             "I also got hit like that! Does that mean we are a match, Kalka? "             Geo couldn’t stand it anymore. Seeing these two guys who are so lovey-dovey, without caring they are the same s*x, without caring about the insults of others around them... frankly... Geo was very impressed. "From that moment on, he always stuck out when he saw me!" Geo exhaled. "Geo Bro, are you going to compete?" "No, I'm the chief supporter that day." "And Kalka joined basketball too?" Milo made another dime. His head turned towards Kalka for the umpteenth time. "Yes, but I'm on the bench." "Why?" Milo protested. "Kalka is very good at putting the ball in the ring. Accurate!" "Because I am weak, Milo. I was reluctant to take the ball, and the ball in my hand was also easy to grab. That day I haven't had a chance to compete, and since then I don't want to take part in basketball anymore." Looked like Geo wasn’t the main character in this story if Milo and Kalka meet! If it was like this, Geo wants to overtake Serabi right now! To Be Continue...

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