Mafia's Property


It is a story of how Gangster ladies and mafias gentleman meet each other. It explain this how they fight and how they solve a crime. It written here how the ladies meet each other and how they build there gang into the Top 1 in all gangster in the world. But the most exciting part are the ladies and gentleman are all college students. You can't imagine how they manage their gangster life and student life.

Let's read and Knows the story behind the Mafias Property.

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Mafia's Property
Genre: Drama, Action, Thriller, others. Synopsis (Why do I need to wear this? I ask to my mom. Princess you need to wear that, its a special day you know. Mom said. But mom I don't like the color white! I blurted. Just wear that princess, just for me pretty please. She puppy eyes. I rolled my eyes, my mom is like a teenager. OK Fine! ) As I finish to make up my self, I wear the beautiful dress that my mom gave to me. I also wear some accessories and white sandals to match the outfit. Actually its my mother weddings, and I don't like the atmosphere of it. It reminds me of someone that I don't want to remember. I kind of like my soon to be step dad, his kind and he love my mom very much. I want my mother to be happy again that's why I didn't say anything when she said she want to marry uncle Kevin. He is Kevin Chen Oxford, he owns a different academy all over the world. He's a millionaire and he gave me what I want. I'm not spoiled but he offers and gave me everything I need. As the ceremony start, I am second in the row to walk through our seated chair, and of course my mom will walk through the altars. When I'm about to seat, I glance at my soon-to- be father and nodded to symbolized that I am supporting there weeding. He must take good care of my mother because he know what I can do to him if he hurt her. I can see that my mom is happy with him. I can see the love on their eyes. I got teary eyed for what I've witnessing. My mom is so lucky to have him, and uncle Kevin is so lucky to have my mother. They are so lucky to have each other. I think of my self, why Am I not so lucky to have him. Why Am I not worthy to have him. Why did he leave me? For what reason he's gone? All the memories of him keeps flowing on my mind. I always keep saying that I've move on, but why do I feel so hurt every time I remember him? I snapped for all my thoughts when everyone clapped there hands and saying congratulations. Time travel so fast, I didn't even notice that Mom and uncle Kevin kiss each other. Congrats Mom, congrats uncle Kevin or should I say Dad. I greeted them with a chuckled. Thanks princess, Uncle Kevin and Mom said in unison. I chuckled. Welcome Mom and Dad, but mom I need also to go because I have so much things to do. I can't eat with you tonight I need to pack my things for tomorrow. Tomorrow? You will go back to Philippines princess? Mom asked. Yes mom I need to go back to the Philippines, I will handle our businesses their. And also I want to focus on my studies. I reply back while turning my back on them. As I got out in the church, I hurriedly pick my car and drive. My friends or should I say gang mates saying that their are some young mans that want me to recruit them on our group. So I decided to go to our Hide Out. We are the Top 1 in all the Gangster in the Gangster world,of course there are so many different organization like mafias, but I don't know the name of the other organization. We name our organization BLACK ANGELS because the one that handling this are all lady's, but we have a boys members also they are our back up every time we have a mission. We don't let our gang mates to be connected on mafias. Because first of all they doing some illegal stuff and that's forbidden on our rules. We don't do illegal businesses, we build our organization to help the government to catch the culprit and to help those needed our help. As I past through the Dark Village, I drive left and someone knock on my windows car. I am now in the Black gate of our Hide out. I used my mask to hide my identity .It seems that the body guard didn't recognize my car. (Oww I forgot, this is the first time I used this car, that's why he didn't recognize. ) I open my window and when the body guard saw me, he recognize my mask and salute to me. My mask color is black, and the mask cover my half face and it has Black Heart on the side of my left eye .I nodded to him and start my engine. As I open the door, I change my facial expressions into No emotion. Good afternoon Empress. Good afternoon miss. All the people that look at me bow their heads and greet me. Most of them called me Empress because I'm the Queen of all the gangster in Underground World. They are afraid of me and they respect me. Most of them join the organization because of me, I help them because they are to weak to defense their selves. I open our door in the meeting room, as I look around there are seven person that standing in the corner. (Red who are they? I ask as I sit down on my chair. They are the persons that want to be recruited in our organization, Empress. Red reply.) We didn't call our true names here, because they might know our identity. We call each other here by our code name. Just like michelle her code name is red, and of course for all my gang mates. Red is my right hand and Gray, Blue, White, Purple and Green are the members. They are all my friends they are so innocent in the outside but they are brutal on the inside. Also they have different obligations to do. Red is Michelle, Gray is Kacey, Blue is Agatha, White is Brittany, Purple is Maegan and Green is Xyleen. Please be seated gentleman, I said and look at them. They all seated. OK please introduce your self and where are you came from? The Leader I think say and introduce his gang mates. (We are the BLACK SERPENT. I am the leader and my name is Sin, And they are Earl,Rie,Pin,Elle,Nat and Tim he introduce. And we came from the Philippines Empress. He said OK but why do you want me to recruit you on our organization? Give me a valid reasons. I said We wanted to help you for catching a criminal/culprit and also we wanted to be your back up in every mission you take - Earl reply. Do you have any reason why you wanted to recruit? I ask again. We heard about your Gang and we wanted to help you, there's no other reason beside that - Sin said.) OK you are now all officially a member of Black Angels. I nod at them, and they all smiled back and mouthed thank you. "At the Condo" I am so tired that I just want to sleep, but I need to pack my thing first. Hmm what should I bring? Money √ Passport √ Laptop and tablet √ I will bring some of my gangster outfit but I will move all of them in another day. Also my Cars and Motorcycle I will just tell mom to bring them in Philippines. I might needed them in my mission, especially my baby motorcycle. I don't need to bring clothes because I also have a clothed there on my mansion. I have my own mansion because mom told me that I should have one. I just need to bring my gadgets, because all of my data and information are in there. OK times up, I need to take a bath and after that I can sleep peacefully. RIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!! RIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!! WHAT THE f**k! Who the hell ruin my beauty sleep.? I open my eyes and look around. Oww there you are I capped it and throw it on the wall of my room. As I look at my phone, there so many messages and miss calls popping on my screen. I read it, while my eyes half open. (5 miss calls and 1 message Where the hell are you Scarlet - Michelle 4 miss calls and 1 message Are you still sleeping - Kacey 3 miss calls and 1 message Wake up sleepy head - Agatha 2 miss calls and 1 message We are waiting for you right now - Brittany 1 miss call and 1 message You should wake up young lady. We've been waiting for you for about an hour - Maegan 1 message We will go were ever you are young lady, so we will come with you. See you at the airport - Xyleen We will give you 30 min. young lady to prepare yourself. Hurry or else? - Michelle.) I look at the time and its already 6am? Oh my Goodness, I should hurry before those ladies beat me up on death. After 35 minutes, I'm here right now at the airport. As I see them, they glared at me. I rolled my eyes, I know I'm 5 minutes late, I read all of your messages that why I'm late. I reason out. (LET'S GO EVERYONE!!!- Kacey shouted. Shut up kacey, were not deaf you know - Agatha OK let's go everyone, our private plane are already there!- I said to them.) They all follow me, and they seat on their respective chairs. As the ladies lock their seat belts, the engine of plane started. At last, I can go back to sleep. As I turn to see the ladies they're all sleeping peacefully. "THIRD PERSON" WELCOME TO PHILIPPINES!!!- I shouted. All people stares at me including the ladies. Hehe peace! I chuckled and sign peace at them. They all rolled their eyes. I know they are so tired. But Hello we didn't do anything at the plane, we're just sleeping for 8 HOURS. At last where here, but our leader keeps her eyes fierce. She change her facial expression in No Emotion. After that incident she's change into cold and no emotion. Every time we go back on Philippines, we can't handle her anymore. She's to cold sometime to us, and we can't read her anymore. Also we didn't see her smile and laugh especially on the day of her birthday. We wanted her to be happy, but she's to broke to open her heart again. But we love and respect her, she's our strength when we are so down. She's the one that also help us when we are about to be rape. ***FLASHBACK*** After I ate dinner,I texted my friends Agatha, Brittany and Maegan to meet me at the Black Rose Club at the ********** street. I wear some seductive dress, that will match my look and wear some accessories and red stilettos to look more attractive. As I got out of my car, the three girls already waiting for me. They wearing an attractive dress that fits on them. Agatha wear a black dress, 1 inch above the knee and match a black boots. Brittany wear a mustard fitted shirt and a black high waist jeans with matching black stilettos. Maegan wear a Blue fitted dress with matching blue stilettos and also her short hair matches her look. (Let's go inside - I suggested. OK let's enjoy the party - Brittany said. We shouldn't drink to much alcohol ladies - Agatha remind us. We will drink just a little bit - Maegan reason out.) As we walk inside, all eyes turn on us. We heard different compliments and also we can see the lust of every mans eyes that looking on us. (Dude they are goddess!- 1st man Yeah, let's make a move - 2nd man The Red dress is mine - 3rd man I want the short hair - 4th man) We seat on the counter and we ordered four bottle of tequila and four glass of wine. When I'm about to stand, the stranger grab my hands and lead me on the center of the dance floor. He sexy dance in front of me and he rub his thing on my private part. ( Ahh, I moaned as he rub it deeper. You like it babe, he commented. Hmm I groaned in a pleasure.) When the song ended, I look around and find my friends. Oww there they are - I mumbled. Do you want to go to my place babe? He whisper and Kiss my ears. Ahmm maybe in another time babe,I need to find my friends. I reply to him. When I'm about to leave him, he cover my nose with his handkerchief and I smell something on it. I felt so dizzy, and after that I lost my consciousness. ***2 Hours had passed*** When I open my eyes, I can't see anything . My eyes are being blindfolded, and I can also feel my hands are tide and there someone on my right and left side. I shouted but my mouth has a tape on it. Where are we? Why are we moving? I silently cried. I don't know what to do or what should I do. Where are my friends? Are they also been kidnapped? Am I the only one? I cried and cried until the car has stopped from moving. Where am I? The two man that on my both side grab my hands and lead me to where they were going. As soon as we stepped on the room, I can hear Agatha, Brittany and Maegan shouting. They are also here! But what did they want from us? The two man forcefully seat me on the chair and tide me on it. I can also hear my friends crying. As they took the tape on my mouth, they also took my blindfold. ( What do you want? - I ask who ever the person that now in front of me. We want your body, mind and soul - he said with a smirk on his face. As I look at his eyes, I can see the desire and lust on him. I can't see their faces clearly, because they have a mask. We can only see their eyes, and mouth. He moved forward to me and look me at my eyes. (WHO ARE YOU? I ask confused. Why does he look so familiar? When he makes a move, I try to untied the ropes in my hand but I can't. He make a sign to the two mans on his back and they right away leave the room. He lock the door and come closer and closer in me. When he's about to kiss me, I moved my face and his lips touch my neck. He kiss my neck and his hand traveled on the hook of my bra. As he took my dress and bra, he massage my left breast and play my right breast. He keeps on kissing my neck until he go down and keeps on kissing my body. I silently cried in embarrassment, I don't want this to happen to me. I didn't even know him, his harassing me. I keep on kicking him but its no use because I am tied on the chair. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! SOME ONE HELP US, PLEASE! I shouted. Ahhh No don't touch me. Please STOP THIS!!! As I complaining, I also hear the cried of my friends. They also harassing my friends. Please Stop, we will gave you anything you want. I pleaded to him, but he keeps on kissing and touching my body. (We just want your body babe, He said.) When he's about to open my legs, we hear a loud bang on the door and the lady with a black mask with a sign of Black heart on the left side of her eyes appeared. Even when I'm half naked, I am relief that they're someone that will help us on this hell place and on this demon person. When the man in front of me, see the mask of the lady he is shocked and got scared. Base on what I see on the man eyes. Maybe he knows who's that lady. I hurriedly cover my self with my two hands and cover my face. I am terrified for what happens. But I am glad that this lady comes to help us. As I look at her, her eyes is full of anger and hatred. (DK what have you done? - the black mask lady growled at him. EMPRESS, I am sorry I just want to get what's mine. - the man reason out. She's not yours you bastard, you harassing the girl - empress said) The man form his fist and ready to punch the lady. But when his about to punch her. She hurriedly punch the man and kick his ass really hard. She's also not satisfied for what she do, she grab the mans hair and tied him on the chair. She's about to punch and break his fave, but I stop her for doing that. (Please Stop, you might kill him - I said to her.) I got scared when she look at me, I step backward when she's about to step forward .There something in her eyes that will makes your knee trembled. She lend me her hands, and she reassured me with her beautiful eyes that she's here to help me and not to hurt me. As she help me to stand, she turn her back and about to leave me but I grab her hand and whisper. (Thank you for helping me, - I said to her. She just nod at me. Can I know your name? I asked. I can't tell you my real name - empress said.)

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