The Gemstone Twins

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Emerald and Sapphire Gemstone are identical twins who discover on their eighteenth birthday not only were they lied to about who they were but who they have been living with their entire lives! As it turns out they both are werewolves forced into a world of magic and shape-shifting after growing up believing their parents were dead and they were raised by "Uncle Timothy" but now they know the truth.

Their parents are the King Alpha and Queen Luna who had hidden the two of them in amongst the humans with a distance cousin of their Mothers all in the name of protection.

Now they must navigate a world of wolves and the fact they are mated to the Alpha and Beta of their new pack.

Can they survive through the trials that lay ahead once the world discovers the Gemstone twins are not only alive but powerful?

Read on to find out!

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Chapter 1:

The Gemstone Twins

Chapter One:

“Emerald, Sapphire, Time to wake up!”

We both groaned. “Not now Uncle Tim!” I snarl at him fighting to keep my eyes closed just for a moment longer.

“But we are here.” He says knowing full well that will wake us up.

We both sat up in the backseat of the car and looked around us. All we can see are trees for miles.

“What is this place?” I ask in awe.

“Where are we?” Asked Sapphire.

“We are at your future home. Now don’t be afraid of anything you see today, nobody means you harm here.”

My eyes snap to Uncle Tim’s face. “What is that supposed to mean?” I demanded.

He chuckled softly. “It will all be explained in due time but for now let's go inside and meet everyone shall we?”

I look at Sapphire and she shrugs unbuckling. I follow suit and soon we are standing outside the car and walking down a dirt road. After a few minutes I see a huge mansion up ahead. I look at Uncle Tim but he seems to be worried his hands were doing his ticking thing I had become accustomed to seeing when he was worried. I held Sapphire’s arm a little tighter as we approached the mansion. There were several hundred people filling the porch and the inside of the mansion as far as we could see.

“Don’t worry they know to expect us we will meet with their leader.” He says and leads us inside and through the twists and turns and up a couple of flights of stairs before he paused at a door and knocked.

“Who is it?” Called a husky voice from the other side of the door.

“Alpha Jared, it’s Timothy with the girls sir.”

“Come in!” The voice called and Uncle Tim turned to us.

“Don’t be afraid.” Uncle Tim says softly before opening the door and ushering us into the room.

The room we just walked into was a huge office. The man sitting behind the desk was absolutely stunning. His dark skin was a contrast to his sparkling blue eyes. I didn’t have much time to appraise him as he leapt over the desk and walked straight to me sniffing and suddenly he tensed and I saw his pupils dilate and go dark.

Uncle Tim put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed making the man in front of me snarl at him before reaching out and grabbing me by the arm pulling me away from Uncle Tim. “Mine back off!” He snarled.

"Sorry Alpha." Uncle Tim says softly bowing.

What. The. f**k! I thought angrily pulling myself out of the man's grip. 

"Excuse me but I am my own person! And I am not yours! I am an 18 year old and have every right to do as I please! Besides I have a girlfriend back home!" I snapped.

His eyes snapped to my face. “You. Are. Mine!” He snarled at me.

Uncle Tim cleared his throat and we all turned to him. “Uhm girls you will not be going home this is your new home.”

“What?” I demanded as Sapphire whimpered. “Uncle Tim you can’t seriously expect us to just stay here!” I snapped.

He looked uncomfortable before he said. “I’m not really your Uncle… I am an Omega that was assigned to raise you and bring you back to your pack on your eighteenth birthday.”

My mouth dropped open and suddenly sapphire pulled away from him and ran to me. I engulfed her in my arms holding her as she was trembling violently. “Shh we will figure this out!” I whispered in her ear holding her close.

“Come and sit, we have much to discuss.” Said the man That Unc- Timothy had called Alpha Jared. He walked across the office to an armchair and motioned for me and Sapphire to sit which we did on the couch across from him. I held onto Sapphire tightly trying to remain calm.

“I am Alpha Jared, my duty is to protect everyone in my pack. You both are special and we have been waiting a long time for you both to turn eighteen. Now that you have we have to prepare for your first shift and welcome you into the pack.”

Sapphire looked at me and her face displayed the same confusion I felt. “What do you mean?” I asked turning back to him. “Our first shift? Is this like some cult and you expect us to work for you?” I demanded petting Sapphire's hair softly.

“We are not a cult, we are Werewolves. Which both of you are as well. Tonight you will have your first shift as it's a full moon and your eighteenth birthday.” He looked at me with dark eyes. “Once you have shifted you will be able to find your mates. I trust that you both will behave and abide by the rules of the pack…”

I cut him off with a glare. “You are so not bossing me around!” I snapped and sapphire whimpered again.

“Emerald I’m scared.” She whimpered into my neck.

“Hush, we are going to be fine, we will get out of here.” I whispered back only to hear a loud growl.

“You both will remain here!” The Alpha Jared snapped. “We only have a few hours before the moon will be at its peak as you both were late.” He said calmly and I could see in his eyes it took a lot of self restraint to say that as calm as he did.

“I am not doing anything you tell me to!” I snapped jumping up glaring at the man before me. “You are not my boss!”

“I am your Alpha!” He roared and I shrinked back in fear at the tone of his voice. “I am sorry Emerald but I am going to do this for your own good.”

Suddenly the door to the office opened and in walked a huge man almost as big as Alpha Jared. He immediately walked over to me and grabbed my arm which I tried pulling away but his grip tightened.

“Go with Walter!” Jared demanded.

“No let me go!” I snapped fighting against Walter's hand on my arm but suddenly he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and started walking out of the room. “LET ME GO!” I screamed but he didn’t respond. He walked further down the hall and set me on my feet in a room and then shut and locked the door in my face. I started pounding on the door, tears running down my face fast and thick making it hard to see. “Let me out!” I cried banging on the door.

I slid to the floor, my back against the door wishing I wasn't in this damn dress Uncle Tim had insisted I wear. To think he wasn’t really my Uncle made me furious. He had lied to us all of our lives and now Sapphire was out there all by herself and I was locked in here. What was I going to do? How was I going to get us out of here? What was an Alpha anyway? He had called us Werewolves, but how could that be? Sapphire and myself were human. We have lived in the human world our whole life! For the first time in a very long time I wished my parents were here. They had died when we were very little and I didn’t have any actual memories of them and that hurt so bad. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself. After about an hour or more someone came and knocked on the door opening it and I suddenly saw yet another big bulky male walk in the room noticing me on the floor. He stooped so his face was on my level.

“Are you alright?”

When I nodded he frowned.

“Then why are you on the floor?” He asked softly.

I shrugged and he huffed and grabbed my arm pulling me to my feet. I felt stiff from sitting on the floor for so long.

“Come on Luna the Alpha is waiting for you.” He says keeping a tight grip on my arm he starts leading me out of the room.

“What did you just call me?” I asked. “My name is not Luna, my name is Emerald.” I say softly trying to pay attention to all the twists and turns he was leading me down and then down the stairs and through more twists and turns.

“Luna is your position in the pack as the Alpha’s mate.” He explains as we enter a kitchen and walk through it towards a glass door which he leads me through to a huge backyard. I noticed there were so many people, their faces blurring as I looked at the man who had my arm. “What's your name?” I asked softly.

He chuckled softly. “My name is Trey but everyone here calls me T.” He says and suddenly stops walking as we reach a huge arena looking structure. It was a wide circle and the back of it opened up to the forest beyond.

“What are we doing here?” I asked softly.

“It’s set up for your shifting ceremony.” Trey answers and I suddenly see Sapphire. I go to run to her but Trey holds my arm tightly. “You can’t go to her yet. Alpha’s orders we are to wait here until he collects us.”

I huff angrily and watch Sapphire and see her smiling like an i***t at a tall bulky man who has his arm around her waist. I growl softly watching them.

“Looks like your sister found her mate.” Trey says nonchalantly still holding my arm.

“I need to go over there!” I demand trying to yank my arm free.

“Emerald stop you will wait here for Alpha Jared.”

“At least tell me who that is holding my sister like that!” I demand seeing red as he leans down and kisses my sister. I can't stop the loud growl that leaves my mouth or the fact that I start shaking violently my body vibrating.

“s**t not yet! Emerald calm down.” Trey said, spinning me so I could no longer see Sapphire making me look at him. “I don’t want you to shift yet, you need to calm down or your wolf is going to break free. It's almost time but not yet.” He says quickly.

Suddenly I felt an arm wrap around my shoulders zapping me as I felt sparks travel from the contact setting my body on fire.

“I got her Trey, go finish getting everything set up.” Says a deep husky voice and I realise Alpha Jared was the one holding onto me.

I look up at him and suddenly blush seeing the lust in his eyes. 

“Emerald tonight after you shift you will understand and feel our connection. You haven't shifted yet so it's not as strong for you as it is for me.” He says softly his arm wrapping around my waist and pulling me flush against him. “I will run with you and your sister after you both shift.” He says and starts pulling me towards my sister who was still wrapped in the man's arms I saw her kissing

I growl seeing him lean down to once again kiss Sapphire.

Alpha Jared chuckled softly. “It’s strange me and my Beta have been single for so long and we both found our mates tonight.”

“What is his name?” I demand glaring at the man as we are almost near them.

“His name is Leonard but everyone calls him Leo.” He said fondly.

As we reach them Sapphire looks up and shrieks running and wrapping her arms around me. “Oh Emerald tonight has been amazing and it’s not even over!” She says with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Sapphire are you alright?” I asked softly, looking her over.

“I am more than perfect.” She gushes with a broad grin. “I found my mate like you did Em! He is so wonderful!” She says grinning like an i***t.

“Sapphire we need to..”

“It’s time.” Alpha Jared said pulling me from Sapphire and pulling me several feet away and I noticed Leonard was also getting Sapphire into position. Alpha Jared stood in front of the both of us and announced to the crowd. “Tonight is very special! We welcome The Gemstone sisters back to the pack and they have their first shift. After they both have successfully shifted we will go for a run through the woods and hunt. You all are more than welcome to join us should you wish to do so.”

I felt crippling pain but bit back my scream and bent forward.

“Don’t fight it Emerald, it will make the pain worse.” Alpha Jared said softly to me.

I groaned softly as I felt my bones popping and snapping that's when I heard Sapphire scream and realised she was experiencing the same pain I was.  With that thought I crumbled to the ground feeling my bones snapping and realigning. When it was all over and the pain had stopped I stayed on the ground panting with my eyes closed. 

When Sapphires screams stopped I gathered enough strength to lift my head and look over at her. Laying on the ground where she had been was a large sapphire blue haired wolf with a white chest and paws.

I looked down at my own hands and growled in shock as I saw paws where my hands are supposed to be. My paws were an emerald green as were the legs connected to the paws.

“Emerald how are you feeling?” Alpha Jared asked and I looked up at him and suddenly a loud howl left my lips and a voice started screaming in my head. “MATE!”

That's when I heard a similar howl and turned to look at Sapphire and see her staring at Leonard. Suddenly both men stripped and shifted into huge wolves. Jard walked forward and rubbed his big head against mine.

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