The Alpha’s Untamed Human

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Book #1 of the DESTINY Series (Can be read as a standalone story)

In a world where the existence of the Supernatural is hidden from humans, an unlikely friendship blossomed between Emma, the werewolf and Taylor, the human.

Emma and Taylor grew up together and shared everything, the good and the bad.. Except the nature of Emma and her kind.

This friendship is put to test when Emma finds her fated mate and despite being clearly distraught by it, she moves miles away with her mate in less than 12 hours.

Convinced that her friend is not happy with this imposed "tradition" of love at first sight, Taylor travels across the country to bring Emma back..

But she might get more than she bargained when she puts foot in the middle of a decade long war and meets the mysterious Dean, the brother of Emma's mate.

Join Taylor and Emma is their journey into adulthood, love and heartache



“What do you mean Dean? “she asked hesitantly

“We are two adults. Clearly there is attraction and a fire between us. Why don’t we explore that?”

“I am not sure I understand”

“What is there to understand Taylor” he whispered as he caressed her cheek with one hand, and with his other hand pulling her closer to him. They were so close they could be kissing any moment now. Taylor gulped. She could not take her eyes of his.

“Taylor, let’s go to my place…”

Taylor immediately stiffed, she felt as if he just slapped her.

“Let me get this straight. Are you proposing a one-night stand?”

“No of course not. I am just saying let’s have fun as long as we want. No string attached.”

“Excuse me!” she snapped at him “You still don’t understand, do you?! God you are so dense! I am not this type of person. I don’t think s****l relationship is something to take so lightly”

“Taylor what is wrong with telling you that I am attracted to you…”

“And that you want me in your bed. Nothing is wrong right! Let’s f**k and enjoy while it last… Or even better let’s f**k until your “mate” comes along and then you will dump my sorry ass as quick as possible…” yelled Taylor not caring that the people next to them on the dance floor were staring at her outburst.

“Come on Taylor. You were joking about Guy #15 with Emma. You are clearly a serial dater just like I am. Why would you be offended by what I said? “

Taylor was shocked. She pinched her nose in disgust.

Yes, she went out with guys, but she went out with them looking for love, for a deep connection... for a future relationship… for her love story... For her happily ever after…

And what a fool she was to think that he might be her love story… She was stupidly falling for him while he was just attracted to her… He just wanted to sleep with her…

She was mad at him… But she was more mad at herself!

© Zoey Sauten 2020

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Chapter 1
“Taylor! Breakfast” shouted Emma while flipping the scrambled eggs and pouring two cups of coffee. Emma was already in her black blazer and pants, her long strawberry blonde hair styled in a high ponytail and her makeup done.   While Taylor emerged from her room with her hair all over the place, her jeans on but still wearing her pajama top.  “Jeezz Emma you sound like my mom” “Well, after being your roommate for five years now, I do understand your mom and she deserves a medal for surviving your bad morning moods” replied Emma giggling “Both of you can expect a medal for Christmas then.” said Taylor laughing before taking a sip of coffee. “You should know by now Emma that I am not a morning person” “Oh, I know Taylor. But I cannot let you miss work. And I cannot leave to my work without waking you up, otherwise you would sleep through the day.” “What would I have done without you Emma” teased Taylor “Probably not much my friend” said Emma laughing Looking at her watch, Emma gave Taylor a quick hug and took her laptop bag heading to the door. “Must go to work. See you tonight at my parents for dinner?” “Yes sure, I wouldn’t miss our Traditional Thursday family dinner. As Emma left, Taylor finished her cup of coffee and breakfast thinking about this nice routine they have established together in the past five years. Emma and Taylor are friends since they were ten years old. They met at school when Taylor’s parents moved to this town for a new start and they have been inseparable since then. Teenage aches, boys’ problems, school, they shared everything. And after high school graduation, they stayed in their hometown and decided to become roommate. It was not easy to convince Emma’s family who lived in the “Mystic Moon” Gated community and wanted Emma to stay there. But together, the girls managed to convince everyone. If opposite attracts in friendship, they were the definition. Emma was the grounded one, always the voice of reason, always liking consensus. With her tall figure, delicate face features and alabaster skin tone, she could be taken for a model. But she was instead a software engineer, a brilliant one as she got promoted to head of department just recently, at the age of 24 years old. Taylor, on the other hand, was a free-spirited girl. Unlike Emma, she did not finish college. She dropped from college after the first year because she decided that she wanted to become a carpenter. She opened her own woodshop with a couple of friends and her small business has been booming ever since. She never followed rules and is never afraid to pick up a fight to defend her friends. With her chocolate caramel hair, big hazel eyes and her strong energy for life, she always attracted attention wherever she goes. Even though she was shorter and curvier than Emma, and just a human, she was physically stronger than Emma. Later that evening, Taylor was enjoying dinner with Emma’s parents & brother. “So how was work today Taylor”, asked Patricia Emma’s Mom. “No mom you should ask her, how is her love life” teased Peter, Emma’s brother. “Or rather ask which number she reached now!” Mrs. Jackson shushed Peter. “Behave kid” “I have reached number 21 and counting. I do not despair and I will find Mr. right. “ Taylor did not miss Peter rolling his eyes and immediately replied “ yeh yeh I am not like you. I don’t believe in this first-sight Mate stuff so I have to work hard to find my soulmate” said ironically Taylor Even though Taylor & Emma are best friends, Emma has been keeping one big secret from her. That she is a werewolf. That all the residents in the Mystic Moon gated community were werewolves. That this “gated community” is actually a werewolves’ pack. It is forbidden to reveal the existence of the supernatural world to humans. This is one of their most sacred laws.  If a werewolf disclosed intentionally or by accident their existence to a human, the human is killed on the spot to preserve the secret. As for the werewolf, he or she is shunned away and becomes a rogue. When you are a rogue it is like a death sentence, you will die either killed by another rogue or just by another pack when you trespass on their territory. But the Jackson family considered Taylor as one of their own. They welcomed this friendship between Taylor and Emma, a friendship that started at the public school where Mystic Moon pups went as well. Taylor started hanging out after school at the pack house, she had sleepover in the pack, and she made friends with all the kids there. The residents of the Mystic Moon pack were happy to have Taylor in their territory even if it meant they needed to be extra careful to make sure their secret is safe. Taylor was oblivious of the true nature of the Mystic Moon community. However, as she would regularly visit and even participate in their activities, she did notice their peculiar customs and rituals.  Especially the soulmate ritual when people would look each other in the eyes and shout “mate” and just like that they become a couple. Taylor has grown to believe that they uphold some cultural traditions from their ancestors or maybe are part of a somehow weird sect as all those living in this gated community shared the same beliefs and special traditions. But she loved them all very dearly and she learned to respect their traditions. When it comes to love, Taylor believed that the probability of just randomly meeting her soulmate is very low. And the probability of love at first sight is even infinitesimally small. She knows what she wants and unfortunately it is not the guys she went out with. Usually she gives them a chance over two dates and if she does not see a fit, she just moves on. The longer relationship she ever had was a five-month relationship. Peter was like a brother to Taylor and he knew everything about her dates and misfortune. That is why he liked to tease her and call her “serial dater”. “How are your parents doing” asked James, Emma’s father, changing the subject. “They miss you all. But they are happy with their decision to move to Miami for an early retirement.  They promised me that they will come for Thanksgiving and Christmas to keep the tradition of celebrating with the Jacksons.” Dinner was animated with small talk. While laughing and talking together, Emma’s mum asked the girls whether they bought new dresses for the party. “What party?”  asked Taylor looking at Mrs. Jackson & Emma with inquisitive eyes. Emma looked guilty. “What did you do Emma?” asked Taylor warily. “Well it is just that you got an invitation from Derek to attend our ball. You know the one organized every 3 years where our communities in the US come together? Where young members of our community between the ages of 20 & 35 meet up?” “Oh Emma it is a definite NO. You know me! I do not like such formal parties. Plus everyone is ogling each other waiting to scream “Mate”.” “Come on Emma, you will not decline an invitation from Derek. You know he is our community leader and he treats you like family. He will not take it well.” “If you wanted me there, you would have told me earlier” “Actually, I didn’t tell you because I want you there! Last time I told you a month in advance and you nagged and nagged and nagged to no end! Knowing that afterwards you still attended the ball. So, by telling you last minute this year I don’t get to hear your nagging for long” “Sometimes I wonder whether you understand what best friend means” teased Taylor “You know what? I have nothing to wear since you did not tell me. So, I have a good excuse.” She continued “yeh right, you have enough cloth to choose from and anyway we can go shopping tomorrow during my lunch break… I need you there with me Taylor, what if I meet my mate? Please say you will come with us?” begged Emma. Taylor looked at Emma’s pleading eyes and sighted. She nodded her head. “YEsss” screamed Emma so happy to go to this important party with her friend. “Oh by the way Taylor I need to remind you..” “ Yes, I know” Taylor cut her off.  “I have to just talk with you & the members of this community. I am not allowed to talk with the others. Some of the invitees might not be happy that an outsider to your communities is in attendance, and I should not engage in any dispute with them. I know the drill not my first party at your gathering.” “ So Peter, looking forward to also settle down and meet your mate? You are getting old. It’s time to settle down” Added Taylor trying to change the subject Peter’s face turned blank. He was a hopeless romantic and has been looking forward to finally meet his soulmate. “I hope this time I will finally meet her. It is not that easy to meet our Soulmate, some never run into them and this is why we organize those balls and meet ups.” said Peter, his voice laced with sadness “well I hope you do find your mate Peter. She will be lucky to have you. But don’t worry, if you both don’t find your mates, we will open the three of us our own retirement center for “mateless” people. We will even keep the famous self-defense & fight courses.  It is going to be a challenge after a certain age, but definitely funny” She said giggling.

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