Behind the Beauty_ Uncovering the Talented Trophy


Victoria Wise has been married to Peyton Rollins for three years. Her hobbies are just staying at home, cooking and arranging flowers. She doesn't have any friends. In Peyton Rollins' eyes, she is a trophy wife that can't even drive.

On the day of divorce, her identity of the car-racing queen, the authoritative professor of surgery in the medical field and the famous pianist were exposed.

Peyton Rollins gritted his teeth. "How many things are you hiding from me?"

“Mr. Rollins, please stay away from me. We're not married anymore.

As a result, the man is getting farther and farther on the road of unveiling her identities. Divorcing is for a while and chasing his ex back is for life.

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Chapter 1 The Final Dinner
Grand Estate was the most luxurious mansion neighborhood in Dallas. Victoria Wise was currently dressed in an apron in the kitchen, washing her hands and preparing soup. Today was no ordinary day, as she was determined to put her heart and soul into preparing this final dinner. Therefore, her fair, delicate hands were busily dancing about with no time to spare. After a while, she brought to the table a hearty beef and vegetable soup that she had cooked meticulously all afternoon. "The soup is here." Peyton Rollins sat at the dining table, his handsome and delicate face expressionless. He glanced around at the delicious and fragrant dishes spread across the table, unable to pinpoint exactly what he was feeling. Victoria took off her apron and sat down across from him, her expression as usual. "Hubby, give it a try. How does it taste?" The man's fingertips subtly stilled for a moment when he heard the word "Hubby" before he picked up the spoon and took a light sip of the soup. "Have you prepared everything for the divorce?" As expected, she didn't hear his evaluation of her cooking. Victoria gently curved her lips into a smile. "Everything is ready. Today's meal will be our farewell dinner." Hearing her say this, Peyton should have felt relieved, but at this moment, a sudden surge of inexplicable anger welled up in his heart. Even though he was the one who brought up the divorce and left blithely, he couldn't comprehend why she was so being indifferent. It seemed to him that ending their three-year marriage was nothing more than a trivial matter to her that wasn't even worthy of her feelings. "I'll give you the house and the car, plus 7.5 million dollars." His dark eyes concealed all emotions as he spoke in a cold and clear voice. "Thanks, Hubby, but it's not necessary." Victoria smiled gently, her appearance stunningly beautiful. Under the light, her fair skin was almost dazzlingly white. Peyton was momentarily dazzled by her beauty. He then thought about how their marital relationship over the past three years wasn't quite what others had described. Rumor had it that Victoria was just a pawn Peyton capriciously brought in to thwart a family-arranged marriage. Despite that, during their three years of marriage, their daily life was filled with warmth and sweetness, as they always treated each other with respect and courtesy. Even the passionate nights they shared in bed were no less intense than those of any married couple. The fire in Peyton's heart burned even more intensely as he thought about this. His Adam's apple moved up and down a few times while he struggled to calm his emotions. "There's no need to feel burdened. We've been married for three years. You deserve all of these. Just live in the house without worry, and as for the car..." He thought about how she couldn't drive and frowned slightly. "If you don't want to learn to drive, that's fine. I'll leave the driver for you as well." It was hard to imagine that in this day and age, there were still people who couldn't drive and refused to learn it. Victoria truly was the most uninspiring and idle woman Peyton had ever met, only willing to spend her days at home arranging flowers and cooking. Meanwhile, the woman merely listened quietly as he acted on his own initiative to pave the way for her future. Indeed, she had been a housewife who only revolved around her husband and a bimbo who only knew how to spend her man's money shopping. Thus, it was no wonder that Peyton couldn't help but worry about her future. Not long after, though, he looked at Victoria's face, which was not adorned with makeup yet beautiful enough to captivate any man's heart and soul, and forcibly eradicated the strange emotions that had arisen within him. Even if they got divorced, there would naturally be other men who would line up and gladly endure hardships to continue supporting this idle person with looks like hers. Ultimately, she and he were simply not meant to be. Peyton got up. "I've finished eating. Go to bed early. We'll meet at the entrance of City Hall tomorrow morning." That night, he left home and never returned again. Victoria looked at the untouched risotto in Peyton's bowl and lowered her eyelashes, eating her own meal silently. She felt a bit sorry for herself. Tonight, she had outdone herself, preparing a table full of exquisite delicacies. Yet, the man merely took a sip of the soup and left. A moment later, Victoria picked up her phone, her fingers dancing on the screen as she sent a message to someone unknown.

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