Master Spirit Beast Trainer

weak to strong

They would never believe that a mini rabbit could have such an astonishing speed! It was far beyond what they had learned in the Holy Saint School.

Brian soon discovered where Robin was. He looked extremely angry and provoked now.

Under the roar, the black vicious dog directly used a pair of huge claws to slap Robin from both sides at the same time.

However, Robin’s tiny pink legs kicked down hard.


He jumped into the sky in an instant, easily avoiding the attack of the black vicious dog’s claws.

Robin’s legs seemed to be small and tender, but they indeed contained an unimaginable terrifying strength. The kick on the head of the black vicious dog, instantly made his head suffer a heavy blow. His chin was knocked on the ground and pierced into the earth. The blood flowed constantly.

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Chapter 1 Cute Pink Mini Rabbit
"Wow, what a cute mini rabbit! Hey, your spirit beast is really lovely." An adorable girl with big eyes was stroking the rabbit beside Arthur's feet. Arthur felt his lips twitching. Whenever he saw this rabbit, he did have the urge to beat someone. Others’ spirit beasts were powerful animals, such as Golden Lion, White-stranded Tiger, Clouded Leopard, Red-horned Wolves... But what he had was just a rabbit. If it were an ordinary rabbit, Arthur could have gritted his teeth and accepted it. However, this was not a simple creature, but a cute mini pet rabbit! But that was not the most frustrating point... The thing that drove Arthur mad was its color- Pink!!! As long as he thought of himself, as a young man with a little pink rabbit behind him all day long, Arthur really felt like killing someone! If he had not reincarnated, this little cute rabbit would have been a perfect tool for attracting girls, but here was Holy Saint School, a school of best tamers! Every student here aimed to cultivate their own spirit beast into the best. Students had better performance if their spirit beasts had higher combat capability. Thus, Arthur's little cute pink rabbit was doomed to be the direct reason for his eternal bottom in the test. And the main reason why his life was so sad was that his predecessor was really bad at taming. Arthur couldn’t figure out how he had entered this school yet. After entering Holy Saint School, the academy would conduct a talent test. They had uniformly assigned spirit beasts of the same breed to each newly enrolled student and asked them to raise the spirit beasts for a week to check their talent of taming according to the final status of the spirit beasts. The higher the talent was, the better spirit beast the student could have after the formal enrollment. Unexpectedly, in this talent test, Arthur's predecessor made an unprecedented astonishing feat. He... directly let his spirit beast die! This had caused a huge sensation in the Holy Saint School. Since the school had been established, there had never been a student who could feed the spirit beast to death in just one week. Originally, according to the rules of the school, Arthur’s predecessor would have been expelled. However, without knowing the specific reason, the school committee didn’t dismiss him, but they didn't dare to assign a spirit beast to him neither. Therefore, they only assigned a mini rabbit to him. Since then, Arthur's predecessor had become a big name in the Holy Saint School. As long as people saw the little pink cute rabbit behind him, they would know his "glorious" deeds. Perhaps because Arthur’s predecessor could not bear this pressure, he had finally chosen to commit suicide. After his death, Arthur took the opportunity to cross over. Now the monthly test was coming soon. If Arthur's score was still at the bottom, he would really be expelled from Holy Saint School this time. "The actors in the fiction novels are so awesome and powerful, why am I so miserable?" Arthur rubbed his eyebrows and suddenly looked at the spirit beast behind the cute girl. It was a monkey. Although it didn’t look very mighty, it was much better than his cute pink mini rabbit. "Hey, since you like this rabbit so much, do you... want to swap?" Arthur rubbed his hands in glee. "Don't even think about it." The cute girl picked up the monkey behind her and stared at Arthur like he was a thief, for fear that he would grab her spirit beast. Arthur was speechless for a while. Before he became “him” here, most girls had no resistance to such cute things. But here, regardless of men, women, the young, or the old, everyone only had one goal – cultivating and getting stronger. Just take the girls of the Holy Saint School, for example, all of them aimed to successfully graduate and become true tamer. Even if they liked Arthur’s little pink cute rabbit, they would not lose their mind to exchange. Because Holy Saint School would take the combat capacity of spirit beasts as the factor of the performance. "Is this really the earth?" Arthur had kept doubting this after he came here because the earth here was so different from that he had known. The earth before was dominated by science and technology, but now it had an aura, and at the same time, there were many strange races that only existed in novels. No matter it was human beings or creatures from other races, they all focused on cultivating spiritual energy, which led to many new professions. The tamer was indeed one of the hot professions on the earth today. "Forget it, it’s more interesting to mix the wine. Even if I can't be a tamer, it's not bad to be a bartender." Arthur comforted himself. His predecessor was not all bad, who did have a good talent in bartending. After being here, Arthur also inherited this talent. Bartending was one of the main courses in the Holy Saint School. Of course, what they created was a kind of medicated wine for spirit beasts, not for human beings. Medicated wine could not only enhance the intimacy between humans and their spirit beasts but also stimulate the growth of spirit beasts and improve their talent. It was said that those professional bartenders were able to make medicated wine that could enhance the capacity of spirit beasts. However, it was very difficult to make that kind of wine, not to mention the high cost. Generally, ordinary bartenders couldn’t make it. Arthur then took out a clean crystal shaker and began to make medicated wine. There was various mixing equipment for mixologists in the laboratory, which could be used for free. After the proficient mixing, a glass of light red medicated wine appeared on the table. The strong and spicy aroma of the wine wafted, making the spirit beasts in the laboratory itch to try.

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