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Maria Cleo was thrown inside a full girls-only boarding school after her mother re-married a rich old man. Inside the boarding school, she learns that everything isn't normal and that girls of her age are being punished, spanked and disciplined by other teachers.

As innocent as Maria is, she eventually makes through everything and get good grades but then the headmaster of the school notices her.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 1 - Introduction Maria’s POV: Just another boring Monday morning or so I assumed. After completing my morning routine, I went outside of my room to check up on my mother and of course eat some breakfast. As soon as I arrived in the kitchen, I noticed my mom speaking to someone on the phone. She was so into the conversation that my eggs turned brown. “Mom!” I screamed as I switched the stove off. My mother gasped and turned around. She placed a hand on her mouth and said, “Oh my, I’ll call you later, Mark!” Mark. I rolled my eyes at that name. “I’ll cook more you, hold up!” My mother said as she removed two more eggs from the fridge. I folded my hands across my chest and toasted few pieces of bread. “It’s early in the morning, what were you and Mark talking about?” I asked with suspicion in my tone. My father divorced my mother when I was 8, the reason of divorce is still unknown to me but my mother always told me it was my father’s fault. My mother bought me up, she took care of me meanwhile my father didn’t even come to meet me once in these six years. My mother and I weren’t that rich, but somehow it worked out every month until this Mark popped up. He began to shower me and my mother with endless gifts pumped with glitter inside them. He tried his best to butter me, but I still never liked him for some reason. “Go on, sit down, I’ll get the toasts!” My mother said as she pushed me out of the kitchen. She hated when I worked and she always told me that I was only born for studying, nothing else. What am I going to do after studying? Work! I sat down on the table and waited as my stomach grumbled. It was my summer holidays and I couldn’t wait to get back to school. I had a few friends and that’s all, nothing to much. It was going to be my 12th and last year, after that college! I loved studying despite anything. Getting a 100% is just beautiful and something very desirable for me. Never got into anything else apart from studying. No relationships, no s*x, no teenage pregnancy, no drugs, no kissing, no body contact, just some hugs and laughters. But that’s all. I am thankful that I didn’t get into anything. Especially in a boy! “Here you go!” My mother placed two plates in front of me. Once was filled with boiled sausages and the other one was eggs. She quickly went back and bought the toasts as well. I silently began to eat my breakfast until she interrupted me. “So the date is decided,” My mother said. I paused my eating and looked up to see my mother blushing and being nervous. “For what?” I asked with a mouthful of sausages. These things are so delicious. “For the wedding,” She replied casually. At that moment, I almost choked on whatever I ate. “But no, that’s way too quick, I’m not ready.” I replied while stuttering. “Yes, I know, but this is the right time. It’s summer and you are on holidays. After your school starts, we won’t have time so it will be just a small event. We aren’t inviting many people, and in a matter of days we can move into Mark’s house and leave this small house.” My mother explained. I couldn’t leave this house. This is where I lived all my life. My father bought this house and named it under my mother when they got married. “What about this house?” I asked. “We will sell it off, it’s anyways so old and the furniture is so dead. With the money, we can send you off to a university or college.” My mother added. I shook my head immediately. “No, mommy, no. You can’t sell this house!” I replied with a bit of anger. “What do you mean?” I sighed. “I don’t want you to sell this house off just yet, please. I’ll agree to whatever you want me to do and I’m even going to accept Mark as my step-father so just please don’t do this!” I replied, hoping she would understand. Her smiled vanished away. “Okay, you are sacrificing then I should sacrifice something too but what’s the reason behind this all?” She asked. I shrugged and smiled. “Nothing, I just have my entire childhood here. I don’t want it to be gone so quickly. And why do we need to move to Mark’s house, why can’t he come and stay here?” I questioned. “Because his house is more convenient and better. It’s in the center of the city rather than this old rotten house which is tearing apart. Trust me, you’ll be very happy there.” My mother placed a hand on my shoulder and assured me. “But fair warning, I won’t adjust in so quickly so it will take some time. When is the day anyways?” I asked as I continued to eat my eggs. I was totally against their marriage. I begged my mom a couple times to leave him but she always goes on about a nice guy Mark is. I don’t want another father or more step-father, that’s just gross. But what could I do now? “3 weeks from now,” My mother replied. “What? So soon?” I asked. “Yes, honey, it’s a small wedding. 10-20 guests only and that’s all. The arrangements will be done by Mark.” My mother assured. I nodded my head, puffed out a sigh and sat back as my mother began to collect the dirty dishes. It will be all fine. — The wedding came soon and just as I expected, it was pretty small and casual. The vows were taken inside the church and the rest of the event was continued outside in a small park. I wore a pink satin dress, slight bit of makeup, and I wore a pink purse on my shoulders. I stayed far away from everyone in the corner. They all congratulated me for a new father but I wasn’t just feeling it all. My mother was looking beautiful as always, she wore a big wedding gown that probably costed a lot. I just stared at her from afar until she approached me with Mark who was wearing a suit and a tie. Mark was in his 50’s and he looked pretty good for his age but I still didn’t like him. “What are you doing here, Maria?” Mark asked in a deep tone. “Come take pictures with us!” He added. I smiled and looked at my mother. “Congratulations, mommy.” I said as I took her hand. It already felt like I was going to cry. My tears could never be controlled, they always swarmed out of everything. “Thank you, Maria.” “Start practicing to call me daddy, Maria.” Mark said. I almost puked. That was the most disgusting word I had ever heard in my life. My mother laughed and slapped his shoulders. “Father will work, if she is ready to call you that!” My mother broke of the awkward silence. I nodded my head at that. I would never even call him father. There is no one in this world that deserves to be called a father or daddy from me. There is no one who ever gave me that sort of love. “Well, you too enjoy. I’ll go see my aunts,” I said to my mother and then I escaped from their romance that they started doing in the middle of nowhere. Get a bed. Well, a few hours later they did. We had already moved to Mark’s house before the wedding so we all travelled back their together. My mother sitting in the front of his car, he was driving and I was just sitting back waiting to go to his house so I can strip and go to sleep. “It was such a beautiful day,” My mother said as she held his hand. “I agree,” Mark said. His house wasn’t far away from the venue so we reached pretty quickly and I was thankful for that. I stepped out of the car, said goodnight to my mother, hugged her and ran upstairs to my new bedroom. The next morning, I was awoken by a servant knocking my door and inviting me to have breakfast with my mother and Mark. “Do I have to do this all?” I groaned as I brushed my hair. After I got ready, I went down to see my mother and Mark already seated. My mother had that s*x glow and it was so obvious. “Come on, Maria, sit down!” My mother said as she noticed me thinking about s*x by the hallway. I brushed my thoughts away and sat down. The breakfast was soon served and it was just what I wanted. Eggs, bacon and sausages! Delicious. “Mommy, I wanted to ask you something?” I asked. “Yes, what is it?” “My school, it is starting in less then a month and I have to get some new books so I was wondering if you could take some time out and help me with that?” I said. My mother placed her hands below her chin and thought about what I just said. “Oh,” she looked at Mark. “About that, we have decided that you won’t be going to this school this year.” She continued. It didn’t take a second for me to reply back. “What?” “Mark suggested that we enrolled you in a boarding school, it all girls and it’s a bit far away from here. We are doing this because we will be traveling for the next few months and you won’t be able to focus or work it out on your own.” My mother explained. My lips parted open and I just stared at them both. Glaring more at my mother. “But boarding schools are expensive!” I exclaimed. I was brought up in not so good household and ever since my father left me, I was taught to save money only. I had skipped one year when I was young, making me older than other students, I couldn't afford to miss another one.  “Of course, I know. Mark looked at your grades and he sent them to Limelight Boarding School for girls. With the help of his contact inside, he was able to get you a 50% scholarship and the rest he is willing to pay.” My mother explained. My mouth dropped even more. I was happy yet terrified. “Really?” I asked Mark. I knew my grades were good but I couldn’t believe that they were that good to get me a scholarship in one of the most prestigious schools. “Thank you!” I said. “You’re welcome,” He replied with a smile. “The school will start in a month so you can start preparing and also say goodbye to your friends for a year! Also, we won’t be able to meet you until the end of the year, as it states in the school rules but we can call and video chat all the time!” My mother explained with happiness glimmering in her eyes. But no meeting my mother for a year? “Why is it like that?” I asked. “What?” Mark asked. “That you can’t meet your parent or anyone outside the school until the year finishes?” “It’s the rules, it’s a very strict school from what I know but I believe you’ll adjust.” Mark tapped my shoulders and gave me some courage. Who knew entering a boarding school would change my life and its perspective forever? 

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